Population Density

Close 1d2 NOW! 1d2 is completely surrounded by almost one half million people occupying their homes, schools, and businesses, etc. The surrounding communities have outgrown 1d2 which is now a major safety and health debacle in the middle of a suburban ‘densely populated area‘. The ‘densely populated area’ of Canton and Plymouth includes many schools with well over 6,500 students that are within a 2.5 mile radius of 1d2, and another 30 additional schools, some just slightly further away.

What Exactly is a ‘densely populated area‘?

The FAA defines ‘densely populated area‘ as: those areas of a city, town, or settlement that contain a large number of occupied homes, factories, stores, schools, and other structures are considered densely populated.

Historical Population Density of Canton Township

 When the experimental airplane group at 1d2 started in 1961 the Canton population was 5,313 with a density of 147.58 people per square mile. The population density has increased 1650.42% since 1961.

When the local helicopter MRO started in 1980 the Canton population was 48,616 with a density of 1350.44 people per square mile. The population & density are now double.

The 2017 Canton population is now ~93,000 with a density of 2583.3 people per square mile. The township landscape is radically different than it was between 1961 and 1980! Canton Township is completely built out with the exception of 300 acres on Lotz Road. There is nowhere else to build per the Canton Township Supervisor Pat Williams.

So Exactly How Dense is the ‘densely populated area‘ of Canton Township?

To calculate how many square feet each person in Canton Township would get at the current population density of 2583.33 people per square mile:

One square mile = 27,878,400 square feet,
divided by 2583.3 people = 10791.77 square feet per person,
the square root of 10791.77 = a square 103.88 feet per side,
= one 103.88 x 103.88 square foot lot per person.

Willow Run Airport YIP is 2600 acres or 4.06 square miles, at a density of 2583.3 per square mile, the population of Willow Run YIP would be 4.06 x 2583.3 = 10,488 people living at Willow Run YIP Airport, all crammed into the Yankee Museum.

The 63 acres (.098 sq mi) at 1d2 would contain 253 lots, or 26 high tech industrial sites at 2.4 acres per site, or a large green space, which is a much better way to utilize the property for the entire community!

Here is another way to look at the comparison of 1d2 to YIP Willow Run.

YIP is 41.27 times the size of 1d2

The pink outlined area is the 63 acres of 1d2 superimposed over the 2600 acres, or 4.1 square miles of  Willow Run YIP area! 1d2 really is insignificant compared to  Willow Run YIP.

How Does the ‘densely populated area‘ of Canton Township Affect Aviation at 1d2?

Based on the calculated density of 2583.3 people per square mile, each person in Canton Township would be allocated a 104 x 104 square foot lot, it is easy to see that:

  • 1d2 is surrounded by the ‘densely populated area’ of Canton, Plymouth, and surrounding communities with no acceptable approach/departure route of flight that provides a reasonable opportunity to execute an off-airport emergency landing that will not jeopardize other persons or property.
  • Regardless of aircraft altitude, it is not possible to make a safe emergency landing for any reason without hazard to persons or property on the ground in the ‘densely populated area’ Canton, Plymouth, and surrounding communities from 1d2.

Canton, Plymouth, and Surrounding School Density

To see the closeness and proximity of schools to 1d2, the Zillow real estate site show a majority of the Canton, Plymouth, and surrounding schools and their relative closeness to 1d2. The Zillow map does not show all schools for some reason, but it does show that 1d2 is extremely close and practically right on top of several, and dangerously close to the rest of the schools. The Zillow map also shows how the entire surrounding ‘densely populated area’ schools are packed in based on that population.

No matter which way airplanes and helicopters takeoff or land from 1d2 they fly directly over the Canton-Plymouth Schools leaving behind toxic lead dust!

Schools too close to toxic lead emissions from 1d2

1d2 is Completely Surrounded by Schools

1 – Hulsing Elementary School
2 – Plymouth Christian Academy
3 – East Middle School
4 – Allen Pre-School
5 – Smith Elementary School
6 – Ibister Elementary
7 – Pioneer Middle School
8 – Gallimore Elementary School
9 – Miller Elementary School
10 – Plymouth-Canton Educational Park (Canton High School, Plymouth High Schools, Salem High School)
11 – Eriksson Elementary School
12 – Johnson Elementary School

This image shows how dangerously close each of these schools are to toxic lead emissions from 1d2. Use the Zillow Canton Township- Plymouth School map to see more schools in Canton Township, Plymouth, and the other surrounding communities in our ‘densely populated area’.

Here is another view to illustrate just how close PCCS Schools are to toxic lead emissions from 1d2. Plymouth-Canton Educational Park is less than 2.5 miles away!

Schools Way Too Close to Toxic Lead from 1d2

Canton Township ‘densely populated area’ Historical Growth

These tables using 2010 census data illustrate the phenomenal growth since 1961!

YearPopulationYoY %Running %Density
per sq/mi
19605,313147.58EAA 113
198048,616339.69%815.04%1350.44Helicopter MRO

Canton Township, Plymouth, and Surrounding Communities ‘densely populated area’ Historical Growth

The density of surrounding communities and the average density:

2010 - MunicipalityPopulationDensity
per sq/mi
Canton Twsp90,1732,504.81
City of Plymouth9,1324,132.10
Farmington Hills79, 7402,396.00
Garden City27,6924,717.50
Northville Twsp28,4971,700.00
Plymouth Twsp27,7981,746.30