Hall of Shame

Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 clowns really believe they are “above the law” and can do whatever they want whenever they want and continue to give the surrounding communities the big middle finger!

The State of Michigan (SoM), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and of course the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) does not seem to care or can’t control anything at this airstrip. What a complete waste of taxpayer dollars. There is zero sense of urgency, Michigan residents deserve better!

FAA Registry – Aircraft – N-Number Inquiry (html).

Some people don’t know what ‘flybys’ are, and some don’t believe that clowns at Unattended Airstrips like  Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 use this childish practice.

Continuing Revenge Flybys at Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 Airport

Breaking News Flash  – Canton Township, Michigan August 2020: Courageous, Dedicated & Skilled Michigan aviators but really wannabes quell senior citizen revolt by severely startling wheelchair bound elderly 80 & 90 year old’s recovering at local retirement and rehabilitation homes, along with local neighborhood pregnant moms, families with school children, pushing strollers, walking their dogs with bizarre repeated aerial displays going round in little circles (html) all day long. Everyone is trembling, with laughter that is, after all this is quite an unseen before spectacle of macho air power & superiority! This strange toxic behavior is so predictable, laughable, basically a pathetic plea for attention, from somebody, anybody.

Surrounding communities are wondering how this weird malignant behavior is going to change community Health, Safety and Welfare concerns going forward. Is this really how Pure Michigan is going to attract necessary talent for Michigan to ever recover allowing Community Pariah & Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel based flying Rodeo Clowns free reign at MDOT owned & operated uncontrolled airstrips such as 1d2 and beyond?

Once informed with the true medical, scientific, and technological facts & information regarding Tetraethyl Lead (TEL) & Ethylene Dibromide (EDB) poisoning from Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel are exposed, NOBODY, including those in any technical community, such as librarians, teachers, engineers, geologists, biologists, police, firefighters, doctors, nurses, technicians, software developers, students, professors, and scientists, want to invest, live, raise a family, work, play, or shop anywhere near out of control MDOT and their Cronies uncontrolled systemic lead & chemical contamination and poisoning scattered across the entire State of Michigan.

Michigan pilot gives a literal ‘F U’ to governor Gretchen Whitmer over coronavirus lockdown

Flight path literally curses Michigan governor over coronavirus lockdown, May 1, 2020 (html) | New York Post. This frustrated Michigan pilot gives a literal flying you-know-what about his States governor. “I don’t need the government to wipe my tushie every two minutes.” This appears to be typical behavior for many clowns, including MDOT, in Michigan: “Let me know what the problems are going to be and let me know what the ramifications are; I’m responsible for myself.”

Pilot spells out ‘FU’ to Governor Gretchen Whitmer over skies of Michigan, 2 May 2020 (html) | Daily Mail Online. An angry Michigan pilot has taken to the skies over Michigan to chart a flight path spelling out ‘FU’ – a crude message he says is directed at Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Many Michiganders are sure his family must be so proud of the contribution to further Michigan aviation.

MDOT Third Party Contractor Clown Slash Groundskeeper Doin’ What He Does Best at Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip

MDOT Third Party Contractor doing what he does-best

MDOT Third Party Contractor Clown doing what he does-best

First thing, get the State owned $35k lawnmower stuck in the mud. Second thing, burn out the State owned lawnmower engine. Third thing, get the State owned $200k CAT Front End Loader (FEL) to pull the State owned $35k lawnmower out of the mud. Fourth thing, illegally operate the State owned $200k CAT FEL with out proper Michigan LARA Heavy Equipment Operator certification & permits and then illegally operate the State owned CAT FEL on Public Roads during rush hour traffic! You can’t even make this stuff up! Michigan citizens are sick, tired & completely fed up with paying for this pure stupidity,  ignorance and complete waste of Michigan taxpayer money. Time to thank MDOT yet again for more of their continuing never ending Clown saga at Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airport.

Michigan Aviation Fuel Registrants, Suppliers, Exporters & Companies that Profit from Storing, Using, Sale either Retail or Wholesale Selling, Importing & Exporting of Leaded Aviation Fuel Containing Tetraethyl Lead (TEL) & Ethylene Dibromide (EDB)

Brief discussion of Michigan Aviation Fuel Registrants, Suppliers, Exporters & Companies that Profit from Storing, Using, Sale either Retail or Wholesale Selling, Importing & Exporting of Leaded Aviation 100LL containing Tetraethyl Lead (TEL) & Ethylene Dibromide (EDB)

  • State of Michigan (SoM) – Michigan Aviation Fuel (html) (pdf) (local copy pdf).
    • Aviation Fuel Registrants. These companies are registered as Aviation Fuel Registrants with the State of Michigan, and may purchase aviation fuel for re-sale. Sales of aviation fuel to these companies must include the aviation fuel tax of 3 cents per gallon and any collection allowance/credit that are applicable to the sale of the this fuel.
    • Aviation Fuel Suppliers. These companies are licensed as Suppliers with the State of Michigan. Their licenses may not include the ability to collect tax on ALL fuel types.
    • Aviation Fuel Exporters. These companies are licensed as Exporters with the State of Michigan.
  • Michigan Taxes – Contact Collections (html) | Michigan Department of Treasury (html). Motor Fuel Taxes 1-517-636-4600.
    • 2019 Aviation Fuel Informational Report – Sales and Use Tax (pdf). Beginning April 1, 2016 and each calendar quarter thereafter, each taxpayer making retail sales of aviation fuel, and each person storing, using, or consuming aviation fuel for which use tax is due, shall file this informational report. “Aviation fuel” means any gasoline, distillate, benzine, naphtha, benzol, or other volatile and inflammable liquid produced, compounded, and used for propelling aircraft. This report is due on a quarterly schedule. Due date is the last day of the month following the end of the quarter. This informational report does not constitute a tax return – do not include any remittance of tax with this report. A taxpayer (person) required to file this informational report that fails or refuses to file the report within the time and in the manner specified is liable for a penalty of $10 per day for each day for each separate failure or refusal up to, but not exceeding, a maximum penalty of $500 for each separate violation.

100LL (html) – Aviation Fuel Prices. 100LL.com is a pilot’s information service with a continuously updated nationwide airport directory with aviation fuel prices including 100 Low Lead and Jet-A, hotels, ground transportation, airport services and more. Many use 100LL.com on the ground during flight planning, or in their aircraft when deciding where to land or when changing your flying plans.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – Aviation Fuel Tax Action Plans and Status – Airports, March 20, 2019 (html).

Michigan Legislature – Section 207.1094 Aviation fuel (html).

Michigan, Connecticut Governors Recognize Value of Aviation, September 12, 2012 (html) | NBAA– National Business Aviation Association. Michigan is home to 235 public-use airports, 70 licensed flight schools, 225 licensed aircraft dealers, 6,800 registered aircraft and 16,000 licensed pilots. Michigan ranks ninth among all 50 U.S. states in the number of airports per land area, with one public-use airport for every 249 square miles. Only 19 of those airports are classified by the FAA as eligible to receive any scheduled airline service.

State of Michigan (SoM) MDOT AERO – Licensing & Registration, August 6, 2020 (html) Each of Michigan’s 234 public-use airports and heliports are inspected annually. There are currently 66 flight schools, 144 aircraft dealers (pdf), and approximately 6,500 aircraft registered in the state. The total numbers are steadily decreasing and propped up by misleading MDOT stats & data since 2012 and even prior.

Aviation fuels subject to 6% sales and use tax. Aviation fuels also subject to the environmental protection regulatory fee: $0.00875/gal.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Fact Sheet – Leaded Aviation Fuel and the Environment, November 20, 2019 (html).

Myths & Realities of Leaded Aviation Fuel (pdf) (City of Santa Monica, California html html html pdf).

Clearing the Air: The Myth and Reality of Aviation and Climate Change (pdf).
CAN-Europe (html) – Climate Action Network Europe.
T&E (html) – European Federation for Transport and Environment.

Ann Arbor (html) Municipal Airport (ARB) (KARB) (Google map)
801 Airport Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Washtenaw County (html)

AVFuel Corporation (html) – Global Supplier of Aviation Fuel (1ooLL) and Services (Google map)
47 West Ellsworth
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

How Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Aviation Works in Michigan

Michigan Congressional Delegation Lawmakers, want Delta’s request to stop Michigan flights grounded (html) | Detroit News – Airline argues that the few who are flying can drive to airports less than 75 miles away: Flint passengers can drive to Detroit, and those from Lansing and Kalamazoo can drive to Grand Rapids.

Congressional Research Service (html) – R44176 – Essential Air Service (EAS), Updated December 19, 2018 (pdf). The 70-Mile Rule and Measures to Shrink the Program. Over the years, Congress has sought to limit the scope of the EAS program, mostly by eliminating subsidy support for communities within a reasonable driving distance of a major hub airport and by imposing a cap on the per-passenger subsidy. Although numerous communities have been removed from the program, these efforts have generally failed to contain overall spending on EAS.

The Department of Transportation and Related Agencies Appropriations Act of 2000 prohibited DOT from subsidizing carriers that provide EAS service to communities in the 48 states plus Puerto Rico that are located fewer than 70 highway miles from the nearest large or medium hub airport.

These measures are meant to protect Air Carriers AND taxpayers. Taxpayers ultimately get stuck footing the bill at the Local, State, and Federal level by design.

BTW: This would eliminate large amounts of Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) taxpayer waste for phony, misleading and fraudulent justification & support for airports & airstrips on life support that are absolutely NO LONGER required, and really never have been! Michigan taxpayers have been duped long enough.

The Wealthy at Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 should have been using Willow Run (YIP) which is only seven miles away. MDOT has been duplicating facilities at 1d2 for over 25 years wasting taxpayer money at a staggering rate hidden from public view which will add to the largest total waste of taxpayer money in the History of Michigan!

Just remind yourself how messed things are and do a search using either major search engine:  “mdot lead poisoning” (html) – Google Search or “mdot lead poisoning” (html) – Bing. The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) *IS* synonymous with “Lead Poisoning” period!

Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Aviation is Broken!

Plane crashes in Northern Michigan after ‘distracted’ pilot forgets landing gear, July 12, 2020 (html) – mlive.com.

Geese cited as possible cause of 2018 helicopter crash in Orchard Lake, July 18, 2020 (html) | Detroit News. The pilot told officials he recalled “quickly moving” the helicopter back to the right to avoid the birds, and that it was the last action he could remember. Police and fire officials found the helicopter on its side near the 5000 block of Pontiac Trail. Crews put out a small fire and pushed over the helicopter so they could remove the pilot, who was conscious.

Houston area pilot warned not to fly plane before fatal Detroit crash, Aug. 1, 2020 (html) | Detroit News. A Texas pilot was warned three times not to fly his airplane before it crashed in a Detroit neighborhood in 2018, killing him and his wife and severely injuring his son. The factual report by the National Transportation Safety Board also says the pilot reported running out of fuel while struggling to get his landing gear down as the single-engine Cessna P210N approached Coleman A. Young Municipal Airport on June 24. “The pilot told the mechanic that he had just purchased the airplane and that he could not afford to overhaul the engine,” the report states. “The mechanic then placed a red ‘Do Not Fly’ placard on the pilot-side yoke.” According to the report, a couple of weeks later, Boaz came back with another oil filter for the mechanic to inspect and told him he had “looked up on the internet” how to remove metal from an engine by flushing it with diesel fuel.” While there was no metal in the filter, “the mechanic again told the pilot that he should not fly the airplane until the engine had been overhauled.”

Yet another case of Maintenance, Airworthiness and Certification by internet consensus, happens all the time, especially by clowns at unsupervised uncontrolled airstrips like Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2.

NTSB: Michigan Plane over weight limit, attempted multiple takeoffs before crash, June 20, 2020 (html) | Detroit News.

Democrats in Congress want to know why drones were surveilling protesters in Detroit, other cities, June 19, 2020 (html) | News Hits Metro Times.

Whistleblower raises concerns over unsafe landing practices at Detroit Metro Airport (DTW), August 06, 2020 (html) | WXYZ Detroit. An air traffic controller at Detroit Metro Airport is blowing the whistle on what he calls a dangerous system used during landings at the airport. Where the heck is the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) or the Michigan Aeronautical Commission (MAC) when you need them, probably already partying at Mackinac Island, Traverse City or Harbor Springs!

Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) employee who stabbed man disciplined three times for misbehavior, August 16, 2020 (html) | Detroit News. A state employee who allegedly stabbed a man last month over a dispute regarding masks was disciplined three times in two years by the Michigan Department of Transportation, according to personnel filings released to The Detroit News through a public records request. A 12-year MDOT employee of the State of Michigan was reprimanded, ordered to do training and suspended in three separate incidents between 2017 and 2018, according to state personnel records. A 77-year-old Lansing man was “an innocent bystander” that MDOT employee attacked after he was asked by a Quality Dairy staff member to wear a mask. The 77-year-old Lansing man died August  8, 2020.

Other Aviation Debacles, Surprise Some Are in Michigan . . .

Authorities seek pilot who flew under Mackinac Bridge in June, August 19, 2020 (html) | Detroit News. This was extremely reckless behavior on the part of the pilot, and it imperiled the safety of everyone on the bridge that day!

Plane flies under Mackinac Bridge, MSP wants to find pilot, August 19, 2020 (html) | Detroit Free Press.

Pilot flew airplane under Mackinac Bridge packed with hundreds of cars, Coast Guard says, August 19, 2020 (html) – mlive.com

NORAD fighter jets intercept small plane near Trump’s Bedminster country club, August 15, 2020 (html) – ABC News. The single-engine plane was not responding to communication. Jets from the North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, had to be scrambled to intercept a small plane near the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, on Saturday afternoon.

Pilot was told not to fly plane in fatal 2018 Detroit crash, investigation reveals, 08-02-2020 (html) | Click on Detroit. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) ruled the defining event of the crash was fuel exhaustion (html).

Recent US plane crashes (html). The following are the most recent fatal or significant airliner events that either occurred in US territory, involved a US carrier, or involved any air carrier flying to or from the US. In each numbered event, the airliner had the capacity to carry 10 or more passengers, and at least one airline passenger was killed.