Help Save Willow Run and the Historic Willow Run Bomber Plant, support the  Yankee Air Museum – Move 1d2 aircraft to this wonderful facility that’s only 11 miles (7nm) away and has far superior facilities!

Willow Run – General Aviation

The First Class Airport in the area:  With three Fixed Based Operator (FBO) locations to serve you, Willow Run Airport can provide all the services necessary for your flight operations. Fuel, deicing, aircraft cleaning and maintenance, catering, hotel reservations, and rental cars are just a few of the services available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

General Aviation – If flying is your passion, Willow Run Airport is your destination.  Not too big, and not too small, but just right for your flying needs.  With a 24 hour FAA Tower and multiple runways including an all weather ILS runway Willow Run can meet your needs.  Go to the “Flight Planning” page for information on FBO and other services offered at the airport. YIP is the perfect location and can easily absorb all of 1d2 operations and could really use its funding!

Changes ahead for Willow Run Airport: Runway expansion in 10-year, $182M plan

Save Rosie’s Factory: Historic Willow Run Bomber Plant | DONATE NOW, Save The Willow Run Bomber Plant

THUNDER OVER MICHIGAN Air Show – 2017 Air Show at Willow Run

Yankee Air Museum | Where History Takes Flight at Willow Run

Willow Run Airport – Wikipedia

Home – Aerospace Industries Association
The Voice of American Aerospace and Defense Industries. Today, more than 340 major aerospace and defense companies and their suppliers are members of the association, embodying every high-technology manufacturing segment of the U.S. aerospace and defense industry including commercial aviation and avionics, manned and unmanned defense systems, and space technologies and satellite communications.

Aircraft Year Book – 1927, provided courtesy of Aerospace Industries Association.

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