The mission statement of the close1d2.org web site is about protecting children from lead poisoning!

Tell MDOT to STOP poisoning our children with 100LL leaded aviation fuel NOW!
Tell Governor Whitmer to STOP MDOT from lead poisoning our children NOW!

Mission Statement

NOTE: The single mission of this site is to eliminate Lead Poisoning of children in PCCS Schools and Plymouth & Canton neighborhoods from 100LL leaded aviation fuel used at Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airport!

This site is NOT against Aerospace & Defense, love of country, or patriotism by any means. Lead Poisoning of children has nothing to do with any of these topics!  On the contrary, we salute the many fine Airmen & Airwomen protecting our country every single day! Some of the close1d2.org volunteers & contributors thrive in the excitement of the Aerospace & Defense Industry!

Patriotism or national pride is the ideology of love and devotion to a homeland, and a sense of alliance with other citizens who share the same values. A vigorous support for one’s country and love, respect, and appreciation of Aerospace and Defense technology and engineering have nothing to do with Lead Poisoning of children in schools and neighborhoods from 100LL leaded aviation fuel used at Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airport! Please don’t confuse the issues, we certainly do not!

Many thanks to our nations 2.15m service members and the 733,000 DoD civilians protecting us everyday, please donate and support the United Service Organizations (USO) [Twitter] [wikipedia]!

Please honor our Veterans during Veterans Week 2018 [wikipedia][VA].
Never Forget:

All gave some, some gave All

National Resource Directory (NRD.gov) | Connecting our Service Members & Veterans – a Web portal that connects Wounded Warriors, Service Members, Veterans and Families with those who support them. An Online Partnership for Wounded, Ill, and/or Injured Service Members, Veterans, Their Families and Those that Support Them.

  • National Resource Directory: About the National Resource Directory (NRD) (pdf)
  • DoD Warrior Care (html) (pdf) | Proactively supporting wounded, ill, and/or injured Service members in their recovery and reintegration or transition to civilian life
  • Department of Defense Compensation and Benefits Handbook for Wounded, Ill, and/or Injured Service Members, June 2019 Edition (pdf)
  • The Official Web Site of the Military Health System (MHS) Home | Health.mil | Warrior Care (html)

A Few other useful links:

  • National Salute to Veteran Patients (html) – VA Voluntary Service (VAVS)
  • National Veterans Small Business Week (html) | U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA.gov)
  • 4 In-Demand Jobs That Value Military Skills (html), November 2018, U.S. Veterans Magazine (html), Brad Miller, TheMilitaryGuide.org

Some close1d2.org volunteers and contributors actively perform or have performed related work (non-clearance) directly or indirectly for many Airframe Original Equipment Manufacturers, Aerospace Suppliers, & Aerospace Propulsion companies including:

Airbus, Airbus Helicopters (formerlyEurocopter), BAE Systems, Bell Flight, Bell Helicopters, Blue Origin, Boeing, Bombardier Business Aircraft, COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, Embraer, GE Aviation, GE Honda Aero Engines, Gulfstream Aerospace, Honda Jet,  Joby Aviation, Lockheed Martin, MD Helicopters, MIT, NASA, Mecaplex, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) at Wichita State University (WSU), Northrup Gruman, Pratt & Whitney (P&W), Rockwell Collins, Rolls Royce Aircraft Engines, Safran Aircraft Engines, Safran Helicopter Engines, Sikorsky, Solar Impulse Foundation, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX), Terrafugia, Textron, United Technologies, and many others.

In addition to work requiring clearance [Facebook] [LinkedIn] for:

Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)(AFRL overview), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), F-35 Lightning II Program AKA Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), NASA Langley Research Center (NASALRC), National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) nee Defense Mapping Agency (DMA), United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) nee Strategic Air Command (SAC), WPAFB National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) nee WPAFB Foreign Technology Division (FTD), Wright-Patterson Airforce Base (WPAFB) (WPAFBSS) (Area A & Area B maps) (old non-working removed map links Area A & Area B not sure why?), and many others. Additional Aerospace & Defense R & D information can be located at the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), and NAVAIR News.

And other interesting US Department of Defense (DoD) (info) projects:

Some close1d2.org contributors and volunteers have been lucky enough to have spent time at R & D (skunkworks) or military flight lines and had an opportunity to meet such legends as John Glenn and Chuck Yeager [wikipedia][EarthSky][org] whom would regularly pass thru such places as WPAFB (FFO), which used to get at least 50% of the total Air Force budget. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) currently has more than 26,000 Airmen & Airwomen, civilian and contractor employees, as described by DoD WPAFB which is part of the Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC).

Other relevant web sites:

DoD – Today’s Military, Joining Overview:

The Today’s Military website is produced by the United States Department of Defense. This site is not intended as a recruiting tool for any branch of the U.S. Military. Rather, it was developed as a resource for young adults, parents and educators curious about military service.

Every day, many thousands of service members devote themselves to protecting freedoms, maintaining peace, providing relief and supporting policy around the globe. The environments can be dangerous. The conditions can be challenging. The stakes are always high. And though the majority of military jobs are not in direct combat operations, rigorous personal demands are the rule. It requires self-discipline, education, intense physical work and a dedication to excellence. Deployments can mean extended periods away from friends and family. But, for many, the benefits of service — training, honor, education, adventure, travel, pay and self-discovery — can be tremendous.

The Absolute Best Three Second Aircraft Carrier Take Off Ever!

The Second Best Three Second Aircraft Carrier Take Off Ever!

Organizing Communities, Neighborhoods, Families, and Parents to Protect Children from Lead Poisoning from Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2

Close1d2.org is organizing and forming a new volunteer community group:

HOPA – Home Owner and Parents Association (of Michigan)

“Families for a Better Community”

HOPA will consist of an ever growing number of concerned parents, single moms & dads, seniors/retirees, a former pilot who is an attorney, concerned small business owners, people in Canton, Plymouth, and surrounding communities that make their homes in apartments, condos, subdivisions, and anyone else that desires to make a positive difference in their community.

We are contacting every Home Owner Association (HOA) and group, small businesses, and all of our neighbors in the area for support. HOPA is already getting great response from the community. We hope this will be a viral rally call for all of the “Families for a Better Community” to unite!

HOPA supports a small single minded focused agenda via Close1d2.org – the following text is from letter #1 April 2017 sent to Governor Rick Snyder and other stakeholders (also see letter #2 September 2017), (also see #3 January 2019 to Governor Gretchen Whitmer, , #4 April 2019):

TO: Governor Rick Snyder et al.
RE: The purpose of this email and Close1d2.org web site is to:

Save the State of Michigan and Taxpayers significant amounts of hard earned taxpayer money while firstly protecting the Health, Safety, and Welfare of the Children of Canton, Plymouth, and surrounding communities from lead poisoning.

Taxpayers are being forced to subsidize “well to do” people that own personal aircraft by providing free airports such as 1d2 Canton-Plymouth Mettetal for personal, hobby, sport, recreational use.

Pilots should be paying for their own airports for personal hobby use rather than taxpayers like you and I that don’t fly. This is an expensive hobby that should be paid for by the people that choose to engage in it, not by outrageously including 1d2 as part of the State of Michigan or National infrastructure.

There are 22 airports within 50 miles of 1d2 Canton-Plymouth Mettetal airstrip that receive 51.4% of the total MDOT/FAA NPIAS 2017-2021 budget for the entire State of Michigan. This amounts to $365,600,480.00 out of $714,881,838.00. With rapidly decreasing personal pilot/aircraft numbers and demographics, the surrounding 22 airports can easily absorb any and all activities from 1d2.

Close 1d2 Canton-Plymouth Mettetal Airport now! – See  https://close1d2.org for details

1d2 Canton-Plymouth Mettetal Airport is completely surrounded by almost a half million people occupying their schools, homes, and businesses. Canton, Plymouth, and surrounding communities have outgrown 1d2 which is now a major health and safety debacle in the middle of a suburban ‘densely populated area’. The densely populated neighborhoods of Canton and Plymouth includes many schools with well over 6,500 students that are within a 2.5 mile radius of 1d2, with many additional other PCCS schools for a total of 36 schools, some just slightly further away.

1d2 is an unacceptable health / safety risk to Canton, Plymouth, homes, schools and surrounding communities, and represents an unwarranted tax payer burden / penalty.

The State of Michigan (SoM) must STOP the:

  • Toxic Lead Poisoning of schools via emissions from piston engine aircraft / helicopters using 100LL leaded avgas fuel at 1d2. Lead has accumulated on the community for almost 96 years.
  • Taxation – taxpayers are sick and tired of hard earned taxes sacrificed via hidden fees to support 1d2, a strictly personal hobby, sport, recreational only venue:
    • 1d2 duplicates facilities at YIP-Willow Run, ARB-Ann Arbor, and Y47-New Hudson. There are 22 airports within 50 miles of 1d2 that receive 51.4% of the total MDOT/FAA NPIAS 2017-2021 budget for the entire state, e.g. $365,600,480.00 out of $714,881,838.00.
    • Wasted tax dollars on a $2.1 million dollar 2016 1d2 budget, including a new building for SRE (Snow Removal Equipment) and lawnmower(s), and overstaffing of up to 6 or more third party mgmt. co. employees billing the SoM. What other abuses are hidden from taxpayers in the SoM budget?
    • No SoM transparency with “confidential” siphoning of tax revenues diverted to 1d2.
    • SoM / Federal tax exploitation / abuse via 1d2 Tier 1 / ‘Reliever’ airport classification.
    • Need “Pay to Play” for personal hobby, sport, recreational flying via E-ZPass Group.
  • Need to prohibit Helicopter MRO Test Flights over schools and ‘densely populated neighborhoods’ of Canton, Plymouth, and surrounding communities.
  • Need to prohibit Helicopter MRO HAZMAT Flights over schools and ‘densely populated neighborhoods’ of Canton, Plymouth, and surrounding communities.
  • Need to prohibit Experimental Amateur Built (E-AB) aircraft Test Flights over schools and ‘densely populated neighborhoods’ of Canton, Plymouth, and surrounding communities.

NOTE: the State of Michigan does NOT require ANY aircraft liability insurance to cover people, damages on the ground, or passengers.

Start LEAD remediation / cleanup now using the 1d2 $2.1 million dollar budget, turn 63 acres of 1d2 toxic lead waste into a ‘green space’ for the whole community instead of a parking lot for several dozen hangar renters and a few minor business concerns taking advantage of taxpayers via State and Federal handouts at 1d2.

Save Our Children from lead Poisoning – Close 1d2 Canton-Plymouth Mettetal Airport Now!

Donate and join the community effort to close 1d2 and make a real impact for our children!

I did not include my address or phone number. After many repeated attempts to communicate with 1d2 airport personnel, I was harassed, discriminated against, and physically intimidated because of my age. My attorney has advised me not to go on 1d2 public airport property any longer. However, anyone may contact me via email at matt@close1d2.org. Thank you very much for respecting my family privacy!