**UPDATE** MDOT Pays Contractor to Work on Own Plane!

  • September 7, 2017 – The airplane in question, twin rudder, yellow engine cowl, yellow landing structs was moved into the old hangar so the third party contractor can continue to work on his own plane any time he wants, just walk out of the office into the old hangar, voila! What a devious, manipulative move, still taking advantage of taxpayer dollars!Everyone around and in the airstrip knows this and chuckles at how ridiculous this is. The State of Michigan, Wayne County, and Canton Township do NOT have money to allocate to repair township roads and may be forced to depend on local dollars, BUT the State of Michigan/MDOTis paying a third party contractor to work on a personal airplane, use State trucks, on State paid time, using a State paid cell phone (248-981-8127, call off hours or weekends to see for yourself) and other taxpayer paid resources to perform the work! The third party contractor was clearly visible seen working on and repairing a private/personal airplane from the gas station across the street at Joy Road and Lilley Road. People gathered in awe and couldn’t believe their eyes. Simply unbelievable, another slap in the taxpayers face! The abuse of taxpayers money continues at 1d2! The gas station worker and some on-lookers say this is a very frequent sight at 1d2 and goes on for hours on end all the time! It is the first hangar and is very visible from all directions, locals and people at 1d2 all surely know who this is! Governor Snyder close 1d2 down!

Third party Contractor working on personal plane on State paid time!

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