Canton Twsp. Refuses to Publish “Public Comment” Regarding Lead Poisoning Info

A public statement was made, and a pdf file provided at the Canton Township, Michigan Board of Trustees Meeting – April 25, 2017 as a “Citizen’s Non-Agenda Item Comment” as follows:

“My name is Matthew A. Grisius. I am a Canton Township resident. I will not state my address for personal safety, privacy, and legal reasons. On Monday April 10, 2017 I sent an email to Governor Snyder and members of the Child Lead Exposure Elimination Commission which was formed by a recommendation of Lt. Gov. Brian Calley’s Child Lead Poisoning Elimination Board about a serious lead poisoning issue regarding Plymouth Canton Community School children and toxic lead emissions from the 1d2 Canton-Plymouth Mettetal Airport.

I cc’d Pat Williams and John Anthony and forwarded the email to the remainder of the Canton Township Trustees, including Sommer Foster, Anne Marie Graham-Hudak, Dian Slavens, Steven Sneideman, and Michael Siegrist via Jacqueline Shamus for their review.

I believe that Canton Township residents should be aware of the supporting facts and details of the email to Governor Snyder. The details are at”

In light of the enormous amount of uncontroversial medical evidence regarding the toxicity of lead along with repeated warnings from many organizations including the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that reiterates:

“no safe blood level has been identified for young children, all sources of lead exposure for children should be controlled or eliminated”

The many communities around the country concerned about the grave dangers posed by lead poisoning to the public health, welfare and safety, especially young children, are proactively informing the general public and for example working on legislation to prohibit the sale of 100LL leaded aviation fuel.

The Canton Township, Michigan Board of Trustees voted to reduce, edit, and censor the above “Citizen’s Non-Agenda Item Comment” to the following meaningless sentence fragment:

“Matthew A. Grisius, Canton Resident – refused to give his address, commented on Child Lead Exposure Elimination Commission.”

The above reduced/edited/censored meaningless sentence fragment is reflected in the minutes from the Canton Township Board of Trustees Board Meeting – May 9, 2017 and does NOT represent the true and actual statement made at the meeting.

The current agendas and minutes for all Canton Township, Michigan Board of Trustees meetings are available here. Previous years’ agendas and minutes should be found in the Document Center, even though it does NOT appear that the Canton Township, Michigan Board of Trustees minutes are actually stored in that location. A correct url for historical Canton Township, Michigan Board of Trustees minutes will be eventually provided if and when it is located.

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