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August 2020 (Week #30) – Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 Airstrip Still Open for “Business as Usual”  – Dumping Tetraethyl Lead (TEL) & Ethylene Dibromide (EDB) on PCCS Schools, Surrounding Communities, and Businesses

Since contacting Local, County, and State officials Monday April 10, 2017 to Monday, August 3, 2020,  it has been:

  • 3 years, 3 months, 24 days
  • 39 months, 24 days
  • 173 weeks
  • 1211 days
  • 29,064 hours
  • 1,743,840 minutes

Sometimes it’s difficult to really care about so many important individual issues when more than 1,000 Americans are dying every day, secret police are taking out their frustrations on suburban moms with rubber bullets, batons, teargas & pepper spray, U.S. economy plunged a record-shattering 32.9% annual rate, 19th straight week with more than 1 million people applied for jobless aid as layoffs keep rising while benefits expire, Detroit Automakers lose Billions, while Commercial Air travel not expected to recover until 2024. The catastrophic plunge in US GDP underscores unprecedented economic hit experts say will take years to fully recover from, and shows no signs of abating anytime soon!

But, it is comforting to local communities to know that the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) owned & operated Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip and MDOT regulated Crony Executive Heliport MI79 (html) (pdf) (html) (html) (html) are both still open for “Business as Usual”, a great uninterrupted summer vacation for all the privileged few at the airstrip. It seems that “Fixing the Damn Roads” is not a real taxpayer priority having been continually delayed, now even further extended by MDOT!

Silly hangar parties, clubhouse coffee klatsch gossip gatherings, even barbecuing next to the runway! No Sense of Urgency, or care in the world, certainly not about OTHER people’s neighborhoods, schools or vulnerable populations e.g. babies, children, pregnant moms, etc.

BTW: Critical new Henry Ford Medical Center (html) construction seems to have been halted, nobody wants to invest, live, work, shop, play, or raise a family anywhere near MDOT Cronies armed with Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel Tetraethyl Lead (TEL) dumped on everyone across the state.

Civil Air patrol (CAP) Clowns, CFI Flights (html) and other ‘Revenge Take Off and Landings’ from 7:30am until 9:30pm including many sad pathetic very specific local Special Interest & Industry Lobbyist ‘blow hards’ enabled, endorsed and supported by senior MAC & MDOT administration for sure. Never seen such an arrogant hostile bunch of wannabes that give responsible airmen and airwomen everywhere a bad name! Waste of oxygen and taxpayer money that’s for sure, they’re just embarrassing themselves and their respective communities on a continual basis. They wouldn’t do this in their own backyards (NIMBY), but they will do it in others’ (html) (html) (html) (html).

The real truth will ‘come out in the wash’ as they say (html) so everyone in the State of Michigan and across the country can see the true measure of MDOT & their Special Interest & Industry Lobbyist Cronies a combined group of sad little pathetic people that the local communities are dealing with, you can’t even make this stuff up.

See new section: “Michigan is Broken” (html) for embarrassing details that all Michiganders should know about to protect their neighborhoods, families, and vulnerable populations such as pregnant women, babies, children, schools and families!

See news section “Hall of Shame” (html) used to illustrate what kind of Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2, MDOT and Special Interest & Industry Lobbyists clowns the local schools neighborhoods and families  are dealing with here.

Previous Updates

# July 2020 – Fourth of July Holiday Weekend included “Business as Usual”. Regular traffic from 7am to 9pm on SEMCOG Ozone Action days (html) Sunday July 5, 2020 thru Tuesday July 7, 2020 (html), but does NOT apply to MDOT Clowns, Wealthy Special Interests & Industry Lobbyists ever (html) (html) (html), sad but true loophole to protect the privileged few & their expensive hobbies. See Michigan Air Quality: Air Quality Index (html) for details.

# June 2020 ended with the Civil Air Patrol (2CP) pinheads, the CFI morons (91) based at 1d2 (JXN / ARB) and the regular cast of other 1d2 clowns (7W, 09, etc.) continuing their pathetic ‘revenge’ take-offs, some literally 200 feet over homes and neighborhoods drowning out outdoor conversations, a real showcase of flying junk and true community role models that they are. They seem to be angry about something, havin’ a little hissy fit it seems. The community knows the sight, sound and stench of these malcontents [define] all too well, all thanks to the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), especially from Plymouth-Canton Community Schools (PCCS). Thank you MDOT, really, thank you very little!

Michigan is Broken: Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Malfeasance Continues Rampant Non-Essential Hobbyist, Sport, Recreational Airport Funding at Taxpayer Expense!

Currently there are 19 self-sustaining Commercial airports (html) supported by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) that benefit all Michigan taxpayers. This is great news and taxpayers will take all of the self-sustaining Commercial airports that keep society moving, growing sustainably, generating verifiable tax revenue & jobs. BTW: none of these airports need any help or intervention from MDOT to operate smoothly, just ask any of them! Most would prefer MDOT stay at ‘arms length’ as nobody can figure what they really do anyway besides doing the self-congratulatory ‘Living Legend’ strut very well.

However, Michigan really does not need more than one single, yes you read it correctly, one (1), a single Non-Commercial Non-Essential Hobby Sport, Recreational MDOT supported airport per Michigan county for a total of 83 Non-Essential Non-Commercial airports, bringing the Grand Total of ALL Michigan Airports to 19 Self-Supporting Commercial + 83 Non-Essential Non-Commercial Non-Self-Supporting Hobby, Sport, Recreational airports = 102 airports for the ENTIRE State of Michigan! Think about it, really, it just does NOT make any pragmatic sense and is completely indefensible without any real evidence and hard facts to have any more than 102 airports total.

There is no need for taxpayers to tolerate supporting more than 103 airports in the entire State of Michigan, period!

Even this is being overly generous as several Michigan counties do not have ANY registered aircraft at all! But alas, Michigan could say that the entire state could be connected via aviation, albeit in an out-of-date antiquated way where eVTOL or Future Vertical Lift (FVL) technology will render these antique Tetraethyl Leaded 100LL based junkpiles and relic airstrips obsolete, totally useless for future innovation & technology growth as they are now today. In fact, when people realize the many negative aspects they feel ‘chased’ away from even being close-by due to Health, Safety & Welfare well-being reasons, from totally unsustainable Tetraethyl Lead & PFAS dumps.

MDOT currently contributes, sponsors, supports, funds, requests and/or provides grants or Federal taxpayer dollars on behalf of, manages, owns or continues to dabble & needlessly interfere in the operation of and waste taxpayers hard earned money, State & Federal, for hundreds of airports, the majority of which are Non-Commercial, Non Self-Sustaining, many just airstrips, additionally the vast majority cannot exist on their own without ‘protection & oversight’ from the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Clown Patrol, and are certainly NOT important or even relevant to ANY National or State Transportation Plan, real or imagined, and never have been.

Currently there are 210 Non-Commercial  airports (html) supported by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the vast majority provide absolutely NO verifiable benefit for Michigan taxpayers at ALL, ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH, NADA! They do not have anything to do with jobs or revenue at all.

Airports like Golf Courses are a wonderful thing for a very select few, and should be paid for by the people that use them, certainly NEVER paid for by Michigan taxpayers. This has NEVER been a taxpayer problem, MDOT has quietly, cleverly, almost secretly saddled Michigan taxpayers with the largest waste of taxpayer dollars in the history of Michigan. MDOT & MAC are after all are in reality ‘retirement homes’ for Special Interests & Industry Lobbyists, complete with multiple conflicts of interest.

Rapidly shrinking personal aviation demographics & severely reduced market demand are well known and common knowledge known by practically everyone in the Aerospace, Aviation & Defense industry for over a decade, yet MDOT has failed to adjust or even try to compensate budgets appropriately, recklessly continuing to waste tax payer dollars at the same woefully out of date levels of over a decade ago just because they can.

The financial aspects & implications of this continuous decades long downward spiral of Non-Commercial Non-Essential Hobby, Sport, Recreational aircraft owner & operator demographics as well as the Health, Safety and Welfare dangers of Tetraethyl Lead & PFAS are both common knowledge and are very well known in the Aviation, Aerospace, and Defense communities for well over a decade!

Supporting Non-Commercial Non-Essential airports or increasing the numbers of aircraft & helicopter owners or operators has NEVER been a taxpayer problem, however MDOT malfeasance, mismanagement, negligence, malpractice and abuse of power cleverly disguised Non-Commercial Non-Essential airports & their other related issues as taxpayer problems!

MDOT has ignored their ‘Duty to Intervene’ in terms of Health, Safety and Welfare as well as their fiduciary responsibility to taxpayers. One of the highest legal duties of one party to another, being a fiduciary, requires trust & being bound ethically to act in the other’s best interests, MDOT has blatantly shunned ethics altogether and continues to acquiesce betraying the public trust.

The whole group of clowns, that is the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), the Michigan Aeronautical Commission (MAC), and their Special Interest and Industry Lobbyist cronies, pals, and buffoons are truly a State of Michigan embarrassment and a National scandal & disgrace.

Time to remember that over 11,000 families lost their homes in the Edenville Dam area with yet another declared state of emergency, all while schools and roads crumble yet MDOT budgets continue to thrive, even expand and grow consuming scarce 2020 Federal CARES (html) (map) dollars! Canton-Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip received $30,000.00 Federal CARES act money and used it for weekend overtime to cut the lawn and install new landscaping mulch for MDOT advertised Special Interest & Industry Lobbyist parties!

The total number of aircraft in Michigan as shown by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Registry – Aircraft – State / County Inquiry (html), is less than 7,080 and shrinking quickly, which btw includes all hot air balloons (html) (html) (html) (pdf) (pdf) [Wikipedia] [Wikipedia]. Balloons are fully registered aircraft by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and are subject to regular airworthiness checks by authorized personnel. Balloon pilots need to have different levels of experience before they are allowed to progress to be commercial Balloon pilots, this is carefully controlled & monitored by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as is anything else that appears in the sky, even some ‘aircraft’ that do NOT require any certificate, uh minimum ‘license’ or permit to operate, and these other ‘aircraft’ are barely ‘aircraft’ at all.

NOTE: the total number of FAA registrations in Michigan is way less than the number of families that lost their homes and livelihoods, over 11,000, while the extremely high costs to operate & maintain 210 Non-Commercial Non-Essential Michigan airports for the miniscule total number of Michigan aircraft are certainly not borne evenly, justly or even rationally.

To see just how totally outrageous MDOT is see the comparison that shows MDOT unrealistic budget ambitions are almost equal with the State of California (html), yet Michigan has one quarter, yes 25% of the requirements of California! It’s easy to see how MDOT funding is way out of control (html)! It is just sickening to see Michigan Schools & Infrastructure suffer at the expense of blatant MDOT malfeasance & abuse!

Time to FORCE Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) like the rest of the world with transparency, accountability, consequences for ethics violations, abusing & breaking rules and laws, while cleaning up the MDOT trail of Tetraethyl Lead & PFAS cover-ups, Poisoning & Contamination, and STOPPING the continuous waste & abuse of taxpayer time, effort & resources across the State of Michigan.

It’s way past time to cut taxpayer losses, consolidate & downsize MDOT spending, staffing, useless consulting budgets & fraudulent ambitions and align MDOT with real-world taxpayer realities. The time to #DefundMDOTClownPatrol is NOW!

The State of Michigan is Falling Apart at the Seams, So Michigan Aeronautics Commission (MAC), Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) & Michigan Association of Airport Executives (MAAE) Plan Five Day Party at Exclusive Mackinac Island, Michigan Four Star Luxury Resort!

The entire United States including the State of Michigan is Falling Apart at the Seams, especially our schools & infrastructure. Michigan airport employees are starting to suffer from COVID-19 impact as well.

  • Are layoffs coming to DTW? (html) | Fox2 Detroit.
  • DTW announces layoffs; number of employees affected not yet determined (html) | WXYZ.
  • Detroit airport announces layoffs (html) – mlive.com.
  • Layoffs, separations coming to Detroit Metro Airport due to financial hit from COVID-19 pandemic (html) | Click on Detroit.
  • Layoffs coming to DTW as airlines struggle to stay afloat travel reductions (html) | Fox2 Detroit.

What does MDOT, do they manipulate a vendor Boondoggle & plan it as an MDOT office party to “Party Like It’s 1999” as is their usual modus operandi.

The Michigan Aeronautics Commission (MAC) Meeting (pdf) Wednesday September 16, 2020 is at Mackinac Island, Michigan. The 2020 meeting will be in conjunction with the Michigan Association of Airport Executives (MAAE) Fall Conference on Mackinac Island, how convenient.The MAAE annual meeting is to help Assisting Airport Executives in Fulfilling Their Responsibilities to the Airports & Communities They Serve.

The MAAE Annual Fall Conference held in September of each year and provides an excellent opportunity for Airport Managers, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and State Office of Aeronautics Representatives (More MDOT Clowns along for yet another free-ride fancy office boondoggle), airport engineers, consultants and airport equipment and service providers to meet, exchange ideas and discuss problems and solutions facing Michigan airports.

The 2020 Annual MAAE Fall Conference, September 14-18, 2020 will be held at Mission Point (html). Truly, a First Class Award Winning hotel on the shores of Mackinac Island. Voted ‘Best Place to Stay in Michigan’ by Condé Nast Traveller (html). Mackinac Island, Michigan (html) (html) (html) (html) (html) (html) (PureMichigan). I guess all State departments of transportation stay at Four Star Luxury Resort Hotels for ‘business meetings’ right?

Gimme a break pullleeeze! Michigan is falling apart at the seams, however MDOT just got a quarter billion dollars, yes $256 million Federal CARES Act dollars, so it’s time to celebrate some more at taxpayers expense.

This is the typical bootlicker ‘business meeting’ complete with Sponsorships, Door Prizes, Lighthouse Tours and Golf Outings, where all the important MDOT business is conducted! Many say Mission Point is the best ‘alternative’ to the Mackinac Island Grand Hotel (html) [Wikipedia], if you can’t afford, or in this case if you can’t get away with it, e.g. ‘expense it’. Somehow, unbeknownst to anyone else, besides MDOT, Specials Interest & Industry Lobbyists groups or Highly Paid & Trusted Consultants this meeting must be a mandatory requirement for either the State of Michigan or a National transportation Plan or both!

When it comes to Consequences and Public Funding | General Aviation News (html), some in the industry call this the Kabuki dance — posturing between the airport consultants and the government’s gate-keepers, the people in a state’s division of aviation who dole out the funding. That consultants are very good at this dance can be seen at any given annual conference for a state airport association. The largest sponsors and exhibitors are invariably the consultants. It also comes as no surprise that there exists a revolving door between the bureaucrats who control who-gets-what and the management of leading consulting firms.

Wow, you can’t even make this stuff up . . .

Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Dupes Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) & US Department of Transportation (US DOT) for More Than a Quarter Billion Dollars, $256 Million Dollars and Counting!

Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) – funding airports like propping up zombie companies with zero accountability to taxpayers! Once you get the MDOT stink on you it’s almost impossible to get it off.

The United States will slowly recover but is in challenging financial trouble for the next decade or more. The report “An Update to the Economic Outlook: 2020 to 2030” (html) (pdf) by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) states their belief that the unemployment rate won’t recover for the next decade.America’s recovery from the pandemic recession could last well through the better part of the next decade, according to the Congressional Budget Office’s 10-year forecast published Thursday July 2, 2020. The CBO now forecasts the unemployment rate will remain above its pre-pandemic level until after 2030!

Noted US economist says a full US recovery is unlikely before 2022 — and warns of a stock-market correction before year-end (html) | Markets Insider. Most experts agree, it will take a long time for life to return to anything near normal.

Meanwhile real US gross domestic product, the broadest measure of the economy, will be an average 3.4% lower over the next decade than what was originally predicted in January. This means the U.S. economy will grow by over $7.9 trillion less than was originally expected. It will take until 2028 until GDP will grow in line with long-term trend growth again.

But wait, that’s not all: This recession could nearly quadruple the federal budget deficit this year, pushing it to a whopping $3.7 trillion, according to projections from April. MDOT fails to ‘get’ the memo everyone else got.

Lest we forget, 1.3 million more Americans file for unemployment benefits in July as states reverse reopening (html) | MSNBC | Stephanie Ruhle.

USDOT $10 Billion Dollar ‘Relief’ Package

U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao Announces $10 Billion in Relief for America’s Airports (html)| US Department of Transportation. “This $10 billion in emergency resources will help fund the continued operations of our nation’s airports during this crisis and save workers’ jobs,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao. The CARES Act also provides funds to increase the Federal share to 100 percent for grants awarded under the fiscal year 2020 appropriations for Airport Improvement Program (AIP) and Supplemental Discretionary grants.

Under normal circumstances, AIP grant recipients contribute a matching percentage of the project costs. Providing this additional funding and eliminating the local share will allow critical safety and capacity projects to continue as planned regardless of airport sponsors’ current financial circumstances. It appears MDOT believes that a long stay at a Four Star Luxury Resort Hotels for ‘business meetings’ is critical, while employees at  DTW lose their jobs.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao Announces $477 Million in Infrastructure Grants to 264 Airports in 44 States (html)| US Department of Transportation. This is the third allotment of the total $3.18 billion in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funding for airports across the United States. See the complete listing of grants (html).

This large amount of taxpayer dollars is in addition to the previous announcement that U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao Announces $477 Million in Infrastructure Grants to 264 Airports in 44 States (html) | US Department of Transportation.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) CARES Act

FAA 2020 CARES Act Grants – Airports (html). The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act (H.R. 748, Public Law 116-136) (pdf), signed into law by President Donald Trump on March 27, 2020, includes $10 billion in funds to be awarded as economic relief to eligible U.S. airports affected by the prevention of, preparation for, and response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • FAA Map of CARES Funding (html).
  • CARES Act airport allocations – Central States (html) including Michigan – Google My Maps.

MDOT Bloated Phony Grants & More Wasted Tax Dollars

USDOT Announces Over $1 Billion in Grants to 439 Airports in 50 States (html).

“The 439 grants will ensure that airport sponsors can make the necessary improvements so their airports can operate in a safe and efficient manner for years to come,” said FAA Administrator Stephen M. Dickson.

Michigan airports awarded $256 million in coronavirus crisis aid (html)- mlive.com. The Federal Aviation Administration funding will support airports experiencing severe economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

$256-million dollars in grants will be distributed to help airports get through the crisis and prepare for when people resume normal air travel.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every business sector — big and small — across Michigan and these grants will provide much-needed resources to help airports across the state weather this public health crisis and be prepared when more people resume air travel,” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer in a written statement. “I want to thank our congressional leaders for securing this critical funding.”

You might think that 264 airports / 44 states = 4 airports per state? And you might also think that all of the airports accommodate normal air travel, right?

Or maybe you would think the median or average distribution of funding w/b each of 44 states would receive funding for 4 airports for a total of 264 airports. NO, Michigan had 90 airports or 22.5 times the National average for state that did receive funding! A quarter of a billion dollars, $256 Million dollars in addition to the already bloated many Millions of dollars of wasted budget, we can’t be sure where the money is wasted due to lack of visibility as to the true amount. First, nobody knows how much is being spent, and secondly nobody knows where it is being spent! Thirdly, the grants are based on out-of-date amateur estimates that no longer apply, clearly deceiving taxpayers along the way. Here’s some back of the envelope calculating:

$477m, 44 states, 264 airports
$477m / 264 = 1,806,818.18 US average airport payout
$256m / 90   = 2,844,444.44 MI average airport payout
MI 90 airports = 34% of total airport 264
MI $256m 53% of total grants $477m

44                264          100%   $477m            100%
MI               90            34%     $256m             53%

Of the 439 AIP Grants MDOT also received more additional funding:
AIP                     SUPPLEMENTAL     TOTAL
Michigan  $47,278,711        $9,366,667                 $56,645,378

Astonishing amounts of money! Just because MDOT ‘requested’ and ‘received’ money does NOT constitute an ‘endorsement’, ‘approval’ or any indication of ‘validity’ from US DOT or FAA at all, for what was requested! Using the 80/20 rule, generously,  for MDOT:

MDOT Commercial Airport requests – 80% might be valid, 20% probably phony?
MDOT Non-Commercial airstrip requests – 80% probably phony, 20% might be valid?

Nobody knows for sure, there is ZERO transparency in the MDOT Fiefdom [define], MDOT is basically an area over which someone exercises control [NOT taxpayers] as or in the manner of a [personally biased non-essential hobby, sport, recreational MDOT aviation] Feudal Lord. MDOT is propping up ‘Zombie Airstrips’ all over the State of Michigan.

Taking advantage of Taxpayer generosity is no longer an option at a time of shrinking budgets, especially at the expense of education, jobs & a sustainable future for all Michigan residents.

MDOT continues blatant malfeasance, abuse, malpractice, negligence with multiple conflicts of interest, using outdated exaggerated National Airspace System (NAS) inventory assets & stats:

  • MDOT continues to invest in outdated, unsustainable technology they and their friends, family, contractors, consultants, Special Interests & Industry Lobbyists are personally heavily over invested in equipment & facilities that have no verifiable ROI for generating revenue or jobs growth for Michigan taxpayers.
  • Many close-by alternate ‘real’ airports that highlight Canton Plymouth Mettetal (1d2) is unneeded based on Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements and guidelines, however MDOT & MAC members DO live close by to ‘protect’ their turf.
  • MDOT supports 100’s of Non-Essential Non-Commercial Hobby, Sport, Recreational airstrips that are NOT taxpayer concerns.
  • Own, finance & operates airports for the wealthy (html) including Canton Plymouth Mettetal (html) (1d2), Linden’s Price’s Airport (html) (9G2) (html), how many others are? Even Michigan lawmakers can’t figure it out!
  • Ignore ‘Duty to Intervene’ in fiduciary responsibility to taxpayers Fraudulent non-verifiable biased amateur estimates, e.g. made by people that own & operate aircraft, based on obsolete decades old market size & demand that is common knowledge and well known in the industry.
  • Ignore ‘Duty to Intervene’ in terms of Health, Safety and Welfare of vulnerable populations
    • Conspire, acquiesce with other State of Michigan Departments, bureaucrats & politicians to actively coverup Leaded Aviation 100LL Tetraethyl Lead & PFAS contamination & poisoning referencing Blood Lead Level (BLL) data from 1,043,391 Michigan children to 448 nearby airports in Michigan (html), as well as a subset of airports with detailed data on the volume of piston-engine aircraft traffic.
    • Aggressive Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip expansion & growth directly correlates to 47% increase (html) in the number of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) students at Plymouth-Canton Community Schools (PCCS).
  • Allow private Executive Heliport, Helicopter Sales/Demo Office, & Industrial Helicopter MRO to operate & actively test in densely populated neighborhoods with many schools, unlike anything else in the US! MRO was allowed to issue Experimental – Amateur Built (E-AB) inspections, approvals, etc.
  • MDOT Retirement Home & Concierge service for Special Interests & industry Lobbyists creating one gigantic MDOT ‘conflict of interest’.
  • Abuse Federal, State & Local funding including CARES Act money with Four-Star Luxury Resort Hotel parties, weekend overtime for lawn cutting and installing landscaping mulch, paying & supplying equipment including cell phones, etc. to State compensated third party Contractors, Special Interest & Industry Lobbyists to work on their own aircraft and others, hosting, advertising & facilitating semi-private Special Interest & Industry Lobbyists parties on State owned property.
  • Ignore ‘Duty to Intervene’ Failed to notify Michigan Medical Systems & General Public of Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel Tetraethyl Lead Poisoning dangers, Duped Henry Ford Medical System with Plymouth & Canton townships, exposing government failures at every level across multiple departments.
  • MDOT actively providing false contacts, web sites, addresses, emails & phone numbers owned by Special Interests & Industry Lobbyists NOT owned or operated by the State of Michigan. Actively supporting, facilitating, executing weekend Special Interest & Industry Lobbyists Activities, Events, etc.

MDOT Enabled by Problems at Every Level of State Government

Reports and references are available here:

  • US Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Office of Inspector General (OIG)
  • DOT Employee Whistleblower Protection (html)
  • Report Fraud Hotline – Report Fraud, Waste & Abuse (html)

BTW: the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) appears to have more OIG reports than any other US Agency at (1336). There is also an unusually large number of Michigan aviation related reports (html).

January 28, 2020, Audit Initiated of FAA’s Oversight of the National Airspace System Inventory (html) (pdf). OIG initiating an audit of FAA’s oversight of its National Airspace System (NAS) inventory. The audit objective was to determine if FAA has effective oversight controls for managing the NAS inventory, including controls to appropriately account for excess, obsolete, or unserviceable items.

The results were disturbing. Recent reports from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and an independent public accountant have found weaknesses in the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) internal controls for tracking inventory. In December 2019, OIG reported that the Agency’s Logistics Center does not have a detailed aging report for tracking its inventory supporting the National Airspace System (NAS), which might include items that are 30 or more years old. As such, OIG could not determine if FAA had overstated the inventory value, reported as $656 million in 2018. In addition, in a review of FAA’s financial statements for fiscal years 2018 and 2017, KPMG LLP found that the Agency’s controls were not designed and implemented to ensure the accuracy of inventory data.

April 20, 2020, Memorandum to the Secretary: Supporting DOT’s Efforts To Meet CARES Act Responsibilities (html) (pdf). Additionally, as the Department is aware, the volume of CARES Act funds and the speed with which they must be disbursed puts them at a higher risk for fraud, waste, and abuse. The volume of CARES Act funds and the speed with which they must be disbursed puts them at a higher risk for fraud, waste, and abuse.

June 17, 2020, Memorandum to the Secretary: Key Potential Risk Areas for the Department of Transportation in Overseeing CARES Act Requirements (html) (pdf). By maintaining focus on these risk areas early on and putting in place key internal controls, DOT can promote efficiencies; help ensure compliance; and better prevent fraud, waste, and abuse.

Congress Created Virus Aid, Then Reaped the Benefits | US News (html) | AP News (html).

Unfortunately, much of the CARES Act funding is bogus and hurts taxpayers with fraud, waste, and abuse. Besides the ridiculous MDOT funding levels based on phony decades old amateur stats, here are more examples:

Similar MDOT ‘Like Examples’ of CARES Act Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Why Is Humboldt County’s $17M Windfall in CARES Act Funding for COVID Relief Going to the Airport, Of All Places? (html) | Lost Coast Outpost | Humboldt County News. If that sounds like a lot of money for our little regional airport, well, it is. The figure represents four times the airport’s annual operating expenses. All of which raises the question: Is the airport really where federal relief funds are most needed right now? Our local airport isn’t the only one to haul in an unexpectedly large sum. Regional airports across the country have received what Politico dubbed (html) “CARES Act Bonanzas,” with figures that left airport administrators and industry experts scratching their heads (html). ‘Windfall’: Funding formula allows some small airports to cash in big on stimulus money. Some facilities receive enough money to pay for decades of operations – others just a few months, many shouldn’t receive any taxpayer dollars at all.

Feds sending $108 million to Ohio airports as part of CARES Act (html) | Ohio | thecentersquare.com. The Buckeye State received less than half of that of Michigan, where 94 airports received a total of nearly $257 million.

Avoiding Improper Use of CARES Act Airport Grants (html) – Law360.

FAA takes back 80% of CARES Act funding for Merced Regional Airport (html) | YourCentralValley.com.

California City of Santa Monica might forgo airport grant to guarantee 2028 closure (html) | Santa Monica Daily Press.

Why some small airports got Cares Act bonanzas (html) – POLITICO.

Covid-19: GAO Can’t Solve the $2.7 Trillion Federal Aid Mystery (html) – Bloomberg. A lack of transparency and accountability means few know where federal money is landing, what impact it’s having and how the effort to battle the virus is going. Last week, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued the first comprehensive analysis (html) (pdf) of how trillions of dollars of taxpayer money is being spent to protect Americans, the economy and public services from the ravages of Covid-19. Its broad conclusions aren’t reassuring.

U.S. GAO – Airport Infrastructure: Information on Funding and Financing for Planned Projects (html) (pdf) (highlights pdf), Feb 13, 2020. “Inadequate funds” translates to “Taxpayer Dollars Wasted” with no ROI especially for Non-Commercial superfluous duplicate airstrips that generate no revenue or jobs, e.g. located within short distances of other airports that do generate revenue and jobs.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Transportation Research Board, Financing Airport Improvements (html) (pdf), 2019-3-15.

U.S. Airport Infrastructure Funding and Financing: Issues and Policy Options Pursuant to Section 122 of the 2018 Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act (html) (pdf), appendixes (pdf)| RAND. Smaller airports by definition have a smaller user base that offers fewer opportunities for raising revenue. These airports are therefore more reliant on federal grants than larger airports for paying the high fixed costs related to runways, taxiways, aprons, safety, and security. Taxpayers should NOT be paying for any of these Non-Essential Non-Commercial Hobby, Sport, Recreational airstrips and the associated high fixed cost necessities.

A ‘rare’ good example use of FAA funds: Final Environmental Assessment (pdf): Runway 14-32 Closure and Removal, Willow Run Airport (YIP), June 2014, Ypsilanti, MI. Prepared on behalf of: Wayne County Airport Authority  (WCAA) Wayne County (html), Michigan (html).

Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Financing Small Commercial-Service Airports: Federal Policies and Options (pdf), April 1999. Applies to Commercial, NOT Non-Essential Non-Commercial Hobby, Sport, Recreational airstrips that fall thru the cracks and leech taxpayer dollars on useless MDOT “Pork Barrel” projects.

Michigan State Airport System Plan (now called MASP) from 1990 (pdf). Canton-Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 wasn’t even on the radar so to speak. Report shows roughly 1 airport per county for counties with aircraft requirements including existing Very High Frequency (VHF) Omni-Directional Range (VOR) VORs requirements are probably pretty much still the same. MDOT aggressively expanded 1d2 because several MDOT & MAC members live close by, and otherwise is not strategic or required for any transportation plan at the State or National (Federal) level, and never has been.

State Aviation Journal (html) – might help to try to figure out what the MDOT Clown Patrol is thinking, but then again probably not?

It’s not even possible to make this stuff up, zero checks & balances, incredible largest waste of taxpayer money in the history of the State of Michigan that continues!

Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Immune From All COVID-19 Limitations

In a matter of months, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has killed more than 112,000 Americans, cost more than 41 million people their jobs, based on initial jobless claim filings, and completely upended the longest economic expansion in U.S. history.

An unprecedented physical and financial toll over the very short term that led Congress to pass and the president to sign the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act into law more in under two months.

Now the State of Michigan, counties, and municipalities are deep in red ink, hemorrhaging money and the State of Michigan Department of Transportation continues to fund & operate Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip, a major source of Tetraethyl Lead Poisoning in densely populated neighborhoods closely surrounded by many schools abusing Local, State and Federal taxpayer money openly laughing.

Plymouth Canton Community Schools (PCCS) facing massive state funding decrease (html) – Plymouth-Canton Community Schools (PCCS) leaders brace for potential devastating cuts to state funding. The severity of funding cuts was uncertain, however, estimates as high as $2,000 per student are possible while MDOT flaunts the abuse of Local, State and Federal dollars for weekend overtime to cut the lawn and add new landscaping mulch to facilitate, plan, execute and support Parties (Fly-Ins) for Wealthy Special Interests & Industry Lobbyists! This most certainly is MDOT malfeasance of the highest degree on display!

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) continues their decades old journey wading further and further into the private sector, and has not learned a thing continuing to support and subsidize un-needed non-essential Recreational, Sport, Hobby Airstrips across the State of Michigan. When the MDOT folly is revealed it will amount to the largest single waste of taxpayer money in the history of Michigan, millions and millions of taxpayer dollars with no provable benefits or ROI, only biased phony stats and fabricated testimonials made up using amateur estimates with multiple conflicts of interest. MDOT continues to condone, support, acquiesce, and even openly advocate and encourage sickening Michigan residents with Tetraethyl Lead from Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel damaging & destroying the Health, Safety & Welfare of vulnerable populations.

Second week in June, absolutely nothing has changed, a regular stream of aircraft including helicopters, gyrocopters, even what appears to be training and/or instructional flights from the same habitual repeat idiots that operate mainly from locations in Ann Arbor & Jackson, it’s business as usual while Michigan struggles to recover, attract necessary capital, business and talent required to ensure the Health, Safety and Welfare of all Michigan residents. Well, citizens can forget all the MDOT malfeasance, all bets are off as Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 gets ready for one of many wealthy Special Interest & Industry Lobbyist private parties (Fly-Ins) in June advertised on the MDOT web site.

It’s all about Privilege, Wealth, and Connections judging by the number of Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Administration and Michigan Aeronautical Commission (MAC) officials that live close by protecting their ‘sponsored’ non-essential Hobby, Sport Recreational select ‘pet project’ airstrips of their choice across the State of Michigan. In the case of Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip, MDOT/MAC officials live very close minutes away in Dearborn, Canton, Plymouth Townships etc.

First week of June 2020 – Absolutely nothing has changed. Sun up to Sun down fun for all at Mettetal, even buzzing local neighborhoods in complete darkness. More Special Interest & Industry Lobbyist social events, e.g. barbecue, picnic, pancake breakfast Fly-Ins on State owned Property scheduled for June 2020 giving local communities the big middle finger, of course at the expense Community Health, Safety and Welfare of the surrounding densely populated neighborhoods and schools. The State of Michigan, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) either will not or cannot control anything that goes on at Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip.

Nobody will miss any of these hostile clowns once they can no longer destroy the Health, Safety and Welfare of Canton and Plymouth Township Michigan. Taxpayers will realize they’ve been duped by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) for the last 20 years. It’s just a matter of time until all these turds (html) get flushed from our neighborhoods and communities, the sooner the better! Nationwide Flint Michigan is synonymous with Lead Poisoning and Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Owned & Operated Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 is synonymous with Tetraethyl Lead Poisoning!

Why is Michigan in The Airport Business? (html) – Michigan Capitol Confidential. Michigan Lawmakers have been asking questions but not finding answers. Nobody can get straight answers (from the Michigan Department of Transportation MDOT) about what the costs are and why taxpayers and the State of Michigan continue to be ripped off by MDOT malfeasance, negligence and malpractice.

With more than 200 airports in Michigan available for public use, which is way too many per capita btw, nobody in the State of Michigan is convinced that State ownership of any of these ridiculous airstrips is critical. Besides Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2, Linden’s Price’s Airport (9G2), largely serves the needs of a private group of people who own homes with attached hangars, adjacent to the state-owned runway. Non-essential Hobby, Sport, Recreational airstrips, a travesty and blatant abuse of taxpayer money the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) thinks they can continue to fund, operate, and hide.

James Hohman (html) [Facebook], director of fiscal policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy (html), said operating the airports without annual subsides is laudable, but “these are private purposes that can be provided by the private sector without the state needing to get involved.” Taxpayers demand investments in Schools & Infrastructure for the good of all, not continued special MDOT treatment for wealthy Special Interests & Industry Lobbyists across the State of Michigan. Favoritism, bias and multiple conflicts of interest appear to be the typical MDOT modus operandi and show a continuing pattern of negative MDOT behavior resulting in the largest waste of taxpayer dollars in the history of Michigan.

May 2020 – was a certainly busy month at the Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2. The clubhouse and playground-airstrip is OPEN and busy for regular take offs and landings for wealthy and well-connected special interests, industry lobbyists, and MDOT pals and cronies continuing their tradition of Tetraethyl Lead Poisoning of local children, neighborhoods and families.

Activity continues thru Sunday May 31, 2020, Saturday May 30, 2020 starting in morning hours continuing thru even hours, no change in status. There are tailgate parties in rows between hangars not easily visible from Lilley road, some hangars have living room furniture, refrigerators, and couches. Very similar to plush living quarters, many with spare cars, motor cycles, utility vehicles, scooters, golf carts, etc. Most if not all boats and recreational watercraft have been removed and launched already.

Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 openly ridicules and mocks the FAA including local Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO), laughs at FAA “Safety Classes” and boasts of FAA, aka “the Feds”, and their inability to enforce any rules as 1d2 locals are protected from Federal abuse or intervention at a State of Michigan Department of Transportation owned and operated airstrip. This includes not only MDOT clowns & bullies and their appointed third-party contractors, but also Special Interests, Industry Lobbyists plus family and friends, plus local Helicopter Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) [Wikipedia] [pdf] idiots that should have never been allowed to operate in densely populated neighborhoods surrounded by schools under any circumstances.

Memorial Day Weekend – State & local governments are collapsing due to drastic budget cuts & unplanned service interruptions to essential services such as police, fire, hospitals, local health services and schools while MDOT owned Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip continues unfettered take-offs & landings from the same clowns all day long, many ~300 feet over neighborhoods, local fire stations, many local rehabilitation & retirement homes plus many schools, starting in the morning and lasting after 10pm, well into the darkness whenever weather permits. Truly a bunch of out dated, out of touch, irrelevant, clueless hostile arrogant clowns. None of this MDOT sponsored garbage has any relevance or ROI to taxpayers in Michigan at all, NONE whatsoever!

MDOT makes archaic public statements regarding misleading test findings, facts, statistics and conceals information related to Tetraethyl Lead Poisoning from Leaded 100LL Aviation fuel. Michigan taxpayers must be given accurate, complete and timely information to understand, respond to and limit the impact of Tetraethyl Lead Poisoning from Leaded 100LL Aviation fuel and its devastating effect on Vulnerable populations across the State of Michigan.

May 7, 2020 is still very busy with many convertible Corvettes & Mercedes Benz’s owners enjoying unfettered take offs/landings (planes & helicopters), taking selfies, golf carts, riding bicycles & off-road vehicles & motorcycles and enjoying a generally sunny picnic-like atmosphere during a ‘lock-down’ for everyone else.

MDOT continues to perpetrate the largest waste of taxpayer money over the last 25 years sickening local communities, defying logic, all common sense, financial, scientific, and medical facts, all with no end game in sight. It’s desperate times like these that make it clear to examine every line-item in any Michigan or MDOT budget for waste, abuse and mis-use of taxpayer funds at every airport & airstrip with any MDOT involvement across the entire State of Michigan.

MDOT has run rampant for too long prioritizing MDOT personal agendas at the expense of Public Education and the Health, Safety and Welfare of children, neighborhoods and families. The special interests and industry lobbyists that benefit from using these facilities must pay for them themselves, NOT Michigan taxpayers.

It’s also clear that air pollution, like that from 100LL Lead Aviation Fuel exacerbates Covid-19 (html)(html) (html)(html) – A recent study found that even small increases in fine particulate matter, known as PM2.5, have had an outsized effect in the US. An increase of just 1 microgram per cubic meter corresponded to a 15% increase in Covid-19 deaths (html) (pdf), according to the researchers at the Harvard University (html) T.H. Chan School of Public Health (html). Areas With More Air Pollution Do Have Had More Covid-19 Fatalities (html). COVID-19 PM2.5 Project (html) – Exposure to air pollution and COVID-19 mortality in the United States (Updated April 5, 2020). The latest on the coronavirus (html)  | News | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Is air pollution making the coronavirus pandemic even more deadly (html)?

Experts are predicting that the crisis (medical & financial) will persist for two more years – Covid-19 Pandemic Likely to Last Two Years, Report Says (html) – A report from University of Minnesota (UMinn) Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) –  COVID-19: The CIDRAP Viewpoint (pdf) predicts the coronavirus pandemic is likely to continue in waves that could last beyond 2022. Additionally, the Pandemic’s Long-Term Pain Is Just Becoming Clear to Markets. Investors Beware, Virus’s Long-Term Pain Just Becoming Clear (html). Study sees need for some social distancing into 2022 to curb coronavirus (html). Projecting the transmission dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 through the postpandemic period (html) (pdf) | American Association for the Advancement of Science. Analysis suggests states need to plan for second wave of COVID-19 (html).

It’s certainly way past due to shut down Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip to protect the Health, Safety and Welfare of surrounding communities and protect Michigan taxpayers hard earned money!

Global COVID-19 Negative Impact

COVID-19 has brought the world economy to a near-standstill and caused the fastest drop in financial markets since the Great Depression. Many experts believe that in 12 months’ time when things might seem to normalize, normal is going to be very different from what it was 12 months ago. Hopes of a quick recovery are fading, and the world economy is bracing for a slow and potentially prolonged recovery.

It seems that everyone has gone through the initial panic phase, over the next several months everyone is going to see a lot of economic data, and this data invariably will be shockingly disastrous.

WHO Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Dashboard (html).

Global coronavirus cases surpass 5 million, Johns Hopkins data shows (html). New coronavirus cases across the world jump by the most in a single day, WHO says (html). Global coronavirus cases surpass 5 million (html) | Fox News. Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Dashboard (html).

Economic figures show grim toll in Europe and US from virus (html) –  This is the saddest day for the global economy we have ever seen in the 50 years that economists at High Frequency Economics have been following the data, they wrote in a report. Even then, the statistics do not capture the enormity of the crisis. The quarterly figures cover January through March, and many of the lockdowns in Europe and the U.S. were not imposed until March — the second half of March in a multitude of places in the United States.

Global Pandemic shows contrasts between US, European safety nets (html) – The American welfare system is less generous and a recession can be much harsher on U.S. workers. In downturns, U.S. employees can lose their health insurance if they lose their job and there’s also a greater risk of losing one’s home through foreclosure. The U.S. tends to rank below average on measures of social support among the 37 countries of the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation, whose members are mostly developed democracies.

The U.S. came last in people living in relative poverty (html), meaning living on half the median income or less, with 17.8%. Countries like Iceland, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Finland have less than 6%. Nearly half of Americans receive health insurance through their employers (html), while another 34% get benefits through the government programs Medicare and Medicaid. Separately, 6% are insured individually and 9% in 2018 had no insurance at all. In the United States, Social Security contributions amounted to 6% of GDP in 2018, according to the OECD (html). In France it was almost three times higher, at 16% of annual GDP, while in Germany it was just over 14%.

  • German factory orders plunge, portending lean times ahead (html) – ABC News.
  • A Mile-Long Line for Free Food in Geneva Switzerland, One of World’s Richest Cities (html) – The New York Times.
  • Coronavirus: Aviation power plant producer Rolls-Royce to cut 9,000 jobs amid virus crisis (html) – BBC News – Rolls-Royce has said it will cut 9,000 jobs and warned it will take “several years” for the airline industry to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Britain’s Aviation power plant producer Rolls-Royce said on Wednesday it would cut at least 9,000 jobs from its global staff of 52,000 and could shut factories to adapt to the much smaller aviation market that will emerge from the coronavirus pandemic (html) | Reuters.
  • Australia Faces ‘Unprecedented’ Economic Hit From Coronavirus: RBA Minutes (html) | Investing News | US News.
  • Japan’s economy slips into recession amid pandemic (html) – UPI.com.
  • UK jobless claims surge by record amount as pandemic hits (html) | AP News. UK jobless claims rise by 70% in April to 2.1 million (html) | CNBC.
  • COVID-19 at least 10 times deadlier than typical flu, analysis finds (html) – UPI.com.
  • ‘This Virus May Never Go Away,’ WHO Says (html) | World News | US News.
  • Premarket stocks: Germany falls into recession – (html) (html) – Europe’s top three economies, Germany, France, Italy, are now in recession. The real shock is still to come.
  • Lloyd’s of London: Coronavirus will be largest loss on record for insurers worldwide (html)
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF) head says half of all countries have asked IMF for bailout (html).
  • Bank of England projects worst UK economic slump since 1706 (html).
  • Coronavirus Update: EU Faces ‘Recession Of Historic Proportions,’ Forecast Warns (html).
  • EU forecasts ‘recession of historic proportions’ this year (html).
  • Canada loses record 2 million jobs, Ottawa extends costly wage subsidy program (html).

United States COVID-19 Negative Impact

The United States, one of the hardest-hit nations, accounts for 31% of the more than 5 million global coronavirus cases with more than 1.6 million confirmed, according to the new Johns Hopkins University United States COVID-19 Dashboard (html). Record numbers of people have died globally; the U.S. death toll is rapidly increasing as well.

Special NOTE: Lives Lost: At veterans’ home, towering legacies of the dead (html) | AP News. Memorial Day even more poignant as veterans die from virus (html).

Poll: Most Americans say economy is in a recession or depression (html) – UPI.com

How private jet owners got a subsidy from coronavirus relief funds (html) | NBC News. By Stephanie Ruhle, Jonathan Allen and Michael Cappetta. Article illustrates one of the many ways the wealthiest Americans have benefited from programs to help workers.

  • The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) agency admitted the real unemployment rate likely still exceeds 16%. The jobs report had a ‘misclassification error.’ Here’s what happened (html) – The Washington Post.
  • Here’s why the real unemployment rate may be higher than reported (html) | CNBC.
  • Curb your enthusiasm about the new unemployment numbers (html) | TheHill.
  • President Donald Trump hails jobs report, but unemployment rate still high (html).
  • This Bull Market Isn’t as Big as You Think (html) – WSJ.
  • President Trump Touts Strong Jobs Report, Flubs Some Facts (html) – FactCheck.org.
  • Coronavirus Threatens to Widen Racial, Ethnic Health Insurance Gaps (html) | Healthiest Communities | US News THE CORONAVIRUS pandemic leave many without health insurance and worsen already stark racial and ethnic divides in health care, experts warn.
  • US coronavirus deaths: Over 1,000 reported in the past 24 hours (html) – CNN
  • Coronavirus could hit US economy by $15.7 trillion, Congressional Budget Office projects (html) | The Independent. United States Congressional Budget Office (CBO).
  • Despite reopening, some jobs lost to virus are gone for good (html) | AP News.
  • Around 1.8M filed for first-time unemployment last week, continuing downward trend (html) | MSN. Around 1.8 million Americans filed for first-time jobless benefits last week, hinting that the worst could be over for the labor market.
  • Another huge blow to US workers expected in May jobs report (html) | AP News. While some job numbers in Michigan show minor improvement, the economy has sunk into what looks like a deep recession, and most economists foresee unemployment remaining above 10% — its peak during the Great Recession — through the November elections and into next year.
  • Labor Dept.: 1.9M more Americans have filed for unemployment (html) – UPI.com.
  • During Coronavirus, the U.S. Safety Net Is Failing Workers (html) | Bloomberg.
  • Finance Jobs in New York, NYC: Analysis Hints Recovery in 2026 (html) – Bloomberg. NYC’s Finance Jobs Won’t Recover for Six Years, Analysis Shows. Currrent predictions indicate that employment levels will be back to 2019 levels in approximately six years.
  • Coronavirus Live Updates: Infections Spike and Wane Unevenly Across the U.S. (html) – The New York Times
  • States, cities plead for virus aid as Congress faces crises (html) – ABC News. Counties across the nation are slashing sizable chunks of their government work force. States are staring down red ink as the fiscal year comes to a close.
  • Virus leaves the US travel industry struggling to recover (html) – ABC News.
  • Don’t Expect a Quick Recovery. Our Survey of Economists Says It Will Likely Take Years. (html) | FiveThirtyEight. Tthe recovery from the COVID-19 crisis is going to be a very, very lengthy process.  The United States will see serious effects for years and years to come.
  • What happens if there is a coronavirus recession and what can we expect? (html) – CNET.
  • IRS Fails to Pursue Thousands of Rich Tax Cheats, Watchdog Says (html) – Bloomberg. IRS Is Letting Some of the Highest-Income Americans Get Away Without Paying Taxes (html) – Government Executive. The United States Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration found (pdf) high-income individuals owe a majority of the tax debt from that population. The Internal Revenue Service is struggling to address the high-income population due to a lack of prioritization and a significant reduction in staffing, the watchdog found. The agency has lost about one-fifth of its collection workforce, or about 2,000 employees.
  • Why activists are pushing for rent forgiveness during the pandemic (html) | CNBC.

Instagram founders (Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger) launch COVID-19 spread tracker Rt.live (html) | TechCrunch. Rt: Effective Reproduction Number. Rt Covid-19 – These are up-to-date values for Rt, a key measure of how fast the virus is growing. It’s the average number of people who become infected by an infectious person. If Rt is above 1.0, the virus will spread quickly. When Rt is below 1.0, the virus will stop spreading.

Wealthiest hospitals — including Providence Health System — got billions in bailout for struggling health providers (html) | The Seattle Times. Wealthiest Hospitals Got Billions in Coronavirus Bailout (html) – The New York Times. Twenty large hospital chains received more than $5 billion in federal grants even while sitting on more than $100 billion in cash.

  • COVID-19 Accelerates Aircraft Retirements and Long-Term Storage (html) | Aviation Week Network.
  • Boeing cutting more than 12,000 U.S. jobs with thousands more planned (html) – Reuters.
  • American Airlines plans 30% reduction of management, administrative staff (html) | CNBC. American Airlines to Cut 30% of Management and Administrative Staff (html) – WSJ.
  • EasyJet to cut workforce by 30% as coronavirus pandemic weighs (html) | CNBC. Coronavirus: EasyJet plans up to 4,500 job cuts (html) – BBC News. EasyJet to slash workforce by 30% (html) – CNN. EasyJet to slash workforce by 30% as it prepares for years of weak demand ahead.
  • United cuts 13 execs as travel demand ‘a very long way from where it was’ (html) | CNBC. United and other airlines have been urging employees to take buyouts and other voluntary separation packages. United Airlines layoffs: Senior-executive cuts announced (html) | USA Today. Photo Gallery: Coronavirus: Airlines all over the world park planes as pandemic plays out.
  • Why the Economy Is Headed for a Post-Coronavirus Depression (html) | NY Magazine. Economist Who Called the 2008 Crash Says We’re in for a Long Depression.
  • Stock Bulls, Rallies, Stimulus and Federal Reserve: Latest Views (html) – Bloomberg. The Really Big Stock Bull Case Says Fed Stimulus Doesn’t Go Away. The Central Bank’s balance sheet has ballooned to $7 trillion, with roughly $3 trillion added in just three months — roughly triple what was added in the year following the financial crisis in 2008. Federal Reserve largess, alongside trillions of dollars in payouts from Washington, has been as a crucial element lifting stocks. Markets have become addicted to stimulus with no end in sight.
  • An analysis by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (html) of more than a dozen models shows that the number of deaths will likely surpass previous record numbers by June 20. American virus deaths at hundreds of thousands: What does a number mean? (html) | AP News. 2019 Flu season killed 62k, SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 killed well over 100k in first five months!
  • Coronavirus bankruptcy: Hertz, J Crew, among businesses who have filed (html) | USA Today.  Bankruptcy cases, store closings pile up as coronavirus wreaks havoc for J.C. Penney, Hertz, many others. Fed: Sharp economic decline in May leaves businesses ‘pessimistic’ about recovery (html) | TheHill.
  • The National Debt and How It Affects Investors (html) – The Street.
  • Southwest Airlines Will Fly Again (html) | The Motley Fool – According to the TSA, air travel demand was down 92% in the first 18 days of May. Southwest Airlines (NYSE:LUV), currently the most valuable U.S. carrier by market capitalization, has seen its stock fall 49% during the last three months as the coronavirus pandemic has essentially halted passenger air travel worldwide. Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) CEO Ed Bastian thinks it will be two or three years until business gets back to pre-coronavirus levels. American Airlines (NASDAQ:AAL) and United Airlines (NASDAQ:UAL) are also in financial trouble.
  • Coronavirus: CDC quietly releases detailed guidelines for reopening US (html) | CNBC. Coronavirus US: CDC quietly releases state reopening guidance (html) | Daily Mail Online. CDC quietly releases detailed plan for reopening America (html) | NBC News.
  • New Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report posted May 14, 2020: CDC Activities and Initiatives Supporting the COVID-19 Response and the President’s Plan for Opening America Up Again May 2020 (pdf).
  • White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett: Unemployment rate could be ‘double digits’, 20% or higher in November (html) | TheHill.
  • Global COVID-19 Risk Ranges Up to $82 Trillion. Nobody in the United States should underestimate the total global risk. Anyone who expects a fast recovery out of this mess is delusional (html).
  • Another 4.4 million Americans file for unemployment, bringing pandemic total over 40 million (html) – CBS News.
  • Job market remains grim even as U.S. tentatively reopens (html).
  • United State Census Bureau New Household Pulse Survey (html) Shows Concern Over Food Security, Loss of Income (html). Among the population of adults 18 and over, 47% either lost employment income or another adult in their household had lost employment income. About 10% of adults reported that they did not get enough of the food they needed some of the time or often.
  • Fed’s Powell says US economy faces ‘whole new level’ of uncertainty amid coronavirus pandemic (html) | Fox Business.
  • The United States Federal Reserve (html) released “Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2019, Featuring Supplemental Data from April 2020: May 2020” (pdf) this week pointing out that 39% of households making under $40,000 a year lost at least one job in March alone.
  • Welcome to the First Global Depression of Our Lifetimes (html) | Time– Unbelievable sight of people in the United States waiting in long lines to receive a food bank donation in 2020!
  • ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Fraud Reported as Jobless Claims Reach 38.6 Million (html) – The New York Times. ‘Hundreds of millions’ in bogus jobless benefits paid out (html).
  • New layoffs as states reopen a troubling sign for coronavirus recovery, experts say (html) | Fox News.
  • American billionaires got $434 billion richer during the pandemic (html) | CNBC.
  • Hertz Files For Bankruptcy After 16,000 Employees Were Let Go And CEO Made Over $9 Million (html) | Forbes – Hertz has notified 12,000 employees in North America that that they were losing their jobs, and another 4,000 are on furloughs. Its US workforce stood at 38,000 employees at the start of the year, with about a quarter of them represented by unions.

Previous Updates . . .

  • Coronavirus peak: Is America ready for second wave in the fall? (html) | USA Today– Aftershock: If coronavirus swells in a second wave later this year, will the nation be ready?
  • Millions of older Americans face food insecurity (html) – UPI.com
  • Poll: 37% of unemployed Americans ran out of food in past month (html)
  • Health insurance: Study shows nearly 27 million Americans may have lost job-based coverage (html).
  • Lost Your Health Insurance Amid Coronavirus? Your Options (html) | Time.
  • 3 million more US layoffs intensify fears of lasting damage (html) – ABC News.
  • Fed warns of ‘significant’ financial vulnerabilities from pandemic (html) – Reuters – It is the latest signal from the Fed that the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis will be a long & arduous journey.

The US Labor Department stated that the economy shed more than 20.5 million jobs in April, sending the unemployment rate to 14.7 percent — devastation unseen since the Great Depression. 33 Million Americans Filed for Unemployment Since Outbreak (html) | Time.

Economic News Releases (html): U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Future Air Travel: Four-Hour Process, Self Check-In, Disinfection, Immunity Passes (html) – The new protocols and standards are being defined following feedback from associations representing the different travel sectors including International Air Transport Association (IATA), the Airport Council International (ACI), Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), United States Travel Association (USTA), Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the European Travel Commission (ETC), and the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

3 Bitter Truths About Coronavirus Job Losses And The Economy (html) | Forbes – The Three Bitter Truths: Despite the rosy scenarios, research and data clearly indicate that (1) a huge portion of the job losses are indeed permanent; (2) the coronavirus recession—arguably a depression—will last much longer than many are prepared to admit; and (3) the unemployment numbers are actually higher than currently reported.

The bitter truth (reality) is that:

  • 42% of all coronavirus job losses will be permanent.
  • Coronavirus recession will last far longer than anyone will admit.
  • unemployment is currently closer to 25% instead of 14.7%.

COVID-19 Recession: Affects on Health Insurance Coverage (html) (pdf) – RWJF– Twenty-five million workers or more could lose employer-based health insurance due to COVID-19-related unemployment. How the COVID-19 Recession Could Affect Health Insurance Coverage (html) (pdf) | Urban Institute.

Unemployment Numbers ‘Will Get Worse Before They Get Better’ Mnuchin Says : Coronavirus Live Updates (html) : NPR– The worst of the nation’s historic job losses are yet to come, according to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who told Fox News Sunday that “the reported numbers are probably going to get worse before they get better.” White House considers more coronavirus aid as jobs picture worsens (html).

How Much Is a Human Life Actually Worth? (html) | WIRED – The NUMBERS are STAGGERING. On May 7,2020 2,231 Americans died of the disease Covid-19, bringing the total number of deaths in the United States over 78,000, and more than 279,000 worldwide. Consumer spending, business investment, manufacturing—everything is in freefall, and it’s not likely to get better until 2021, even if the pandemic eases and doesn’t snap back with a second wave. (Pandemics tend to snap back with second waves—especially when social distancing ends too soon.)

The Bailout Is Working — For the Rich (html) — ProPublica.  The economy is in free fall but Wall Street is thriving: The bailout is working — for the rich (html) – Raw Story. The economy is in free fall but Wall Street is thriving, and stocks of big private equity firms are soaring dramatically higher. That tells you who investors think is the real beneficiary of the federal government’s massive rescue efforts. This marks a period of unfathomable pain across the country not seen since the Great Depression. Many aspects of the coronavirus bailout that assist individuals or small businesses, meanwhile, are short-term or contingent. Aid to small businesses comes with conditions on what they can do with the money. The sums allocated by the CARES Act for stimulus and expanded unemployment insurance are vast by historical standards. But the relief they provide didn’t prevent tens of millions from losing their jobs. The assistance runs out in weeks, and the jobless live at the mercy of a divided Congress, which will decide whether that help gets extended and, if so, for how long.

Unemployment surged to 14.7% in April, highest since Great Depression, as coronavirus triggered 20.5 million job losses (html). Coronavirus pandemic could force half of small businesses to close within 6 months, study finds (html) | Fox Business.

April jobs report 2020: Unemployment surges after colossal layoffs in April (html) – Even as hospitals struggled to serve an influx in patients, health care workers suffered layoffs (html),with outpatient services like physicians and dentists’ offices cutting 1.2 million jobs in April.

The U.S. continues to lead the world in coronavirus deaths, with a daily average of 2,000 fatalities in April. And more than 134,000 COVID-19 deaths are projected by August 4, according to the University of Washington’s predictive model (html) used extensively by the White House (html).

State and local governments are hemorrhaging tax revenue, damaging their budgets, and their leaders are warning of layoffs and cuts to services they provide such as policing, other emergency response services and education as a result (html). U.S. states and local governments could need close to $1 trillion in aid over several years to cope with the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic (html).

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)  – State Aid to Local Government Update (html) – State aid plays a vital role to local governments—cities, towns, counties that need reliable revenues to deliver services, ranging from public safety to education to health and human services. In many cases this can amount to almost half of their local own-source general revenues.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) | Informing debates. Shaping policy. Producing results. New CBO Projections Suggest Even Bigger State Shortfalls (html) – State budget shortfalls from COVID-19’s economic fallout could total $650 billion over three years, we estimate based on new economic projections (html) from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). 2017 Federal Aid to State and Local Governments (pdf) – Michigan received Federal Grants totalling $22,874 (Millions) that amounted to a 41.9% share of State Spending.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act provides Assistance for State and Local Governments | U.S. Department of the Treasury (html) – more details on how the US Treasury Department is Taking Action on behalf of State and local governments.

Survey: Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Painful City Budget Shortfalls (html) | Cities | US News – Nearly 100% of cities with populations above 50,000 will experience revenue declines tied to the coronavirus, according to survey data (pdf) released jointly by the United States Conference of Mayors (html) and the National League of Cities (NLC). “Cities will have to make painful decisions that will affect real people’s lives and the safety and well-being of their communities if Congress does not help,” Rochester Hills (html), Michigan, Mayor Bryan Barnett, who is also the president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, said in a written statement.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Current Projections of Output, Employment, and Interest Rates and a Preliminary Look at Federal Deficits for 2020 and 2021 (html). The CBO is currently anticipating an average unemployment rate of 14% for 2020:Q2. The numbers are again off the charts, higher than anything the U.S. has experienced since World War II.

The United States economy is shrinking and collapsing as never before (html). More than 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment. Millions of small businesses have requested forgivable loans to stay alive. And US GDP could decline at a breathtaking annualized rate of 40% during the second quarter. That’s why the Federal Reserve said (html) recently that the health crisis “poses considerable risks to the outlook over the medium term,” a period that Fed chief Jerome Powell defined as “the next year or so” (pdf).

“The worst of the unemployment crisis still lies ahead,” Joe Brusuelas (html), chief economist to the middle market at RSM (html), wrote in a report. “The distance between promise and reality for the working class of the economy has never been starker or more painful.”

The U.S. jobless figures brought the total of people filing for unemployment to 30 million in just six weeks. Other data showed consumer spending plunged a record 7.5% in March from the month before, a dire blow for an economy where such spending makes up 70% of the total.

Record 30 Million Americans File for Unemployment in Six Weeks Amid Coronavirus Outbreak (html); consumer spending slumps (html). Nearly 1 in 5 workers, almost 20%, who had a job in February have filed for unemployment since mid-March. Unfortunately, these figures understate how many people are currently jobless.

Hopes for a quick, V-shaped recovery are bleak, with many expecting the economic shock generated by the pandemic to stick with the U.S. – and the world – for years to come. The recovery will continue to be extremely painful for months to come, as businesses crippled by lack of sales struggle to reopen and possible next-waves of the virus result in further economic shutdowns and encompass more people than the entire population of Texas.

Bank of America CEO Says Economy Won’t Fully Rebound from Coronavirus Fallout Until ‘Late Next Year’ (2021) (html) – An economic analysis from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which was published on Friday, suggested that unemployment could remain close to 10 percent by the end of 2021.

Nearly 4 million more Americans have filed for new unemployment claims, the Labor Department said in an update Thursday (html). The department said 3.8 million filed new claims for the week ending April 25. Ten million new claims were filed in the first two weeks of April alone and about 30 million have done so in the last six weeks.

Experts feel the Labor Department figures are likely lower than true unemployment numbers, since jobless systems in states like New York, New Jersey and Michigan have been overwhelmed by applicants. The United States Commerce Department also reported (html) the U.S. economy shrank by almost 5 percent over the first quarter, from the start of January to the end of March. Many financial analysts estimate 20% of small business loan recipients will go bankrupt soon.

Here are 10 takeaways from the worst jobs report in US history (html). No ‘V’-shape return from devastating U.S. job loss, Fed policymakers say (html) – The Fed has slashed interest rates to zero, bought trillions of dollars of bonds and extended credit to local governments and businesses in an effort to prevent financial markets from imploding and keep the economy from even worse devastation. The U.S. April jobs report clearly shows effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on workers across the country (html), Reuters Graphics (html).

AP Exclusive: Docs show top WH officials buried CDC report (html) – “Guidance for Implementing the Opening Up America Again Framework”. CDC Business Plans (html) (pdf). CDC Documents – Decision Trees (html) (pdf).

  • The United State Department of Homeland Security (DHS) provides this essential worker advisory memo (pdf) along with 7 different categories of essential workers (pdf).
  • To learn more about The Heroes Act, check out this brief fact sheet (pdf) that describes that $200 billion will be used to “ensure that essential workers who have risked their lives working during the pandemic receive hazard pay. Here is the full Heroes Act bill (pdf) that the United States House of Representatives passed recently.
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) income limits for Federal stimulus checks (html). Also see United State Treasury news release about Social Security Recipients Will Automatically Receive Economic Impact Payments (html).
  • A distinct possibility: ‘Temporary’ layoffs may be permanent (html).
  • Opening Up America Again (html) | The White House (html).
  • As U.S. jobless claims surged in March, some states lagged with payments (html).
  • A devastating jobs report for April will show virus’s impact (html).
  • As U.S. states start to reopen, Fed official sees little sign of economic resurgence (html).
  • Great Depression-like U.S. job losses, unemployment rate expected in April (html).
  • US weekly jobless claims total 3.169 million, seven-week tally hits 33.5 million (html).
  • Millions more Americans file for jobless benefits; productivity tanks (html).
  • Record government and corporate debt risks ‘tipping point’ after pandemic passes (html).
  • States Burn Through Cash for Unemployment Payments (html).
  • Battered states, cities struggling to pay bills (html).
  • US weekly jobless claims total 3.169 million, seven-week tally hits 33.5 million (html).
  • U.S. unemployment rolls seen swelling as coronavirus restrictions bite (html).
  • ADP private payrolls April 2020 drop by record 20.2 million (html).

Michigan School Funding COVID-19 Negative Impact

Plymouth Canton Schools facing massive state funding decrease (html) -Plymouth-Canton Community Schools (PCCS) leaders brace for potential devastating cuts to state funding. The severity of funding cuts was uncertain, however, estimates of as much as $2,000 per student.

Whitmer: Congress can prevent deep cuts; K-12 is priority (html) | AP News. The State of Michigan is facing a nearly $6.3 billion revenue hole over this fiscal year and next. It has become impossible to support existing essential services like health care, education, public safety and public transportation during this crisis. The next State of Michigan budget won’t be complete by the July 1 deadline. While the State of Michigan has received $3 billion from the federal coronavirus rescue package, however, it cannot be used to cover shortfalls, deep cuts to essential services will be required to make ends meet.

  • Michigan Education Association (MEA)
    • Push for federal funding to address budget shortfall (html).
    • Rally (Virtually) for Federal Education Funding this Friday (html).
    • Opinion: Federal relief is critical to lessen school budget blow (html).

Executive Budget Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021 (pdf), State of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer, Governor, Chris Kolb, State Budget Director.

  • Plymouth-Canton Educational Park (P-CEP) | Plymouth-Canton Community Schools (PCCS).
    • P-CEP STEM Academy Is A 2019-20 PLTW Distinguished District (html) | Plymouth, MI Patch. Congratulations to all who support and empower the Plymouth Canton Community School System (PCCS) students in the STEM Academy! P-CEP STEM Academy is one of just 143 high schools across the U.S. to receive this honor.
    • See Plymouth-Canton Educational Park (P-CEP) Senior Send Off Slide Show (html) | Plymouth, MI Patch. The P-CEP Senior Send Off 2020 (Google Slides, 123 slides).

Coronavirus Is Creating A Financial Crisis For American Schools (html) : NPR. A looming financial meltdown for America’s Schools: state income and tax revenues crashed creating a school funding crisis unlike anything seen in modern history.

CDC’s New School Guidelines Call For Classroom Lunches, No Extracurricular Activities | Considerations for Schools (html) (pdf) | CDC.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Plans to Force Public Schools to Share Aid with Private Ones (html) – The New York Times. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says she will force public school superintendents to share coronavirus rescue funds with private schools, some of which are facing ruin. Now there is even less money for individual schools including public school systems like Plymouth Canton Community Schools (PCCS) that require funding to operate at minimum levels.

While other Michigan schools are making cuts, Ann Arbor isn’t ready to hit the panic button yet (html) – mlive.com. This comes with the caveat that state funding will NOT be reduced. Without certainty of how much funding could be reduced next year, it’s critical for school districts and other government entities to continue to push for CARES Act funding to reduce damage next year 2021. The State of Michigan Senate Fiscal Agency’s economic outlook and budget review released on May 14 (pdf) shows a $1.2-billion deficit in school aid funding for the 2019-20 school year, along with a $1.1-billion decrease in school aid anticipated for 2020-21.

Schools nationwide brace for cuts from new financial crisis (html) – ABC News. More than 13,000 public school districts face the possibility of sharp budget cuts as state tax revenues decline because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Plymouth teacher concerned about return to school (html) | HomeTown Life.Plymouth Canton Community Schools (PCCS) educator: Teachers’ health overlooked in talks to reopen schools.
  • Getting back to school: Students will wear masks, but what do you do about buses? (html) | MSN. No more school cafeteria. No more milling in the hallway. No more whispering to the person seated next to you.
  • Coronavirus: School lunch programs going broke because of kids’ hunger (html) | USA Today. School lunch programs are losing millions feeding hungry kids; they could be broke by fall.
  • U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, Dept. Of Education Discloses Illegal Seizure Of $2.2 Billion From Student Loan Borrowers (html) | Forbes.
  • Schools Plan to Reopen as Watchdog Finds Major Facility Problems (html) | Education News | US News. A new U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report confirms an estimated 36,000 schools nationwide need to replace heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems.
    • U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) – K-12 Education: School Districts Frequently Identified Multiple Building Systems Needing Updates or Replacement (html). GAO-20-494: Published: Jun 4, 2020. Publicly Released: Jun 4, 2020 (Highlights pdf) (Full report pdf). School districts spend billions of dollars a year on building and renovating facilities at the nearly 100,000 K-12 public schools nationwide. We surveyed districts and states about common school facilities’ issues and priorities.
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci says whether schools reopen in the fall is ‘complicated’ (html) | CNBC.

Michigan COVID-19 Negative Impact

A global pandemic is decimating the global economy while the Michigan economy continues to collapse. COVID-19’s effects show Michigan leaders learned little from the Flint Lead Poisoning crisis (html). Many US jurisdictions are facing unprecedented rising costs from the health pandemic and plummeting revenues in the economic shutdown. Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Michigan (html) | USA TODAY Network.

  • Michigan COVID-19 Dashboard (html).
  • State of Michigan | Coronavirus – Coronavirus (html) – MI SAFE START PLAN (pdf).
  • Michigan’s Coronavirus Dashboard (html) | Bridge Magazine.
  • Here’s how all 83 Michigan counties are divided into regions in Gov. Whitmer’s reopening plan (html).
  • MI Start Map (html). MI Safe Start Map – Track the risk phases of COVID-19 indicators in the State of Michigan.
  • Child Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Michigan (html) | Center for Health & Research Transformation (CHRT) at the University of Michigan (UMich). CHRT 2018 Annual Report (pdf).
  • Michigan is expected to lose a seat in Congress. Here’s why that’s a huge deal (html) | Michigan Advance.

Whitmer OKs coronavirus tests without doctor’s order; new dashboard shows risks and trends (html) | Crain’s Detroit. Coronavirus dashboard: The governor also announced a new online dashboard that illustrates COVID-19 risks and trends in Michigan at MIstartmap.info. The dashboard was developed through a collaboration between the Michigan departments of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO) and the University of Michigan (UMich) School of Public Health (html). The data is divided into Michigan Economic Recovery Committee (MERC) regions.

State Governors warn of major cuts to teachers, firefighters, police officers and health care workers without more federal funding (html) – The dire prediction reflects what many governors across the country fear as states grapple with budget shortfalls from the economic calamity brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

Michigan School leaders seek help to avert $1.2B hit to existing budgets (html) – Michigan is facing an unforeseen budget crisis. Faced with an estimated $2 billion revenue drop in the current and next year’s state school budgets, Michigan educators said they need federal and state support to continue to pay staff, provide services to students such as meals and provide extensive safety measures for when schools reopen. Educators said they estimated seeing a $600-per-pupil reduction to local school budgets. In a school district with 10,000 students, it would amount to $6 million.

Michigan could face $2.7 billion budget deficit due to coronavirus (html) – Report: Michigan faces $2.7B deficit, School aid gap of $1.1B due to coronavirus. Michigan plans to furlough 64% of workforce, save $80M (html).

Whitmer forms task force to figure out way to reopen school in fall (html) – Michigan will partner with Opportunity Labs, a national nonprofit, to develop the plan. The group already has a detailed “Return to School Roadmap” published on its website, outlining a series of steps schools need to take as they reopen — everything from limiting the number of entrances to developing a plan to assess students’ learning progress and loss since they were last in school. Whitmer announces process for reopening schools in fall, launches Return to Learning Advisory Council (html) | The Huron Hub – Huron Township News – New Boston News. Related State of Michigan Schools documents:

  • State of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer – Executive Orders (html).
  • Whitmer – Governor Whitmer Announces Process to Chart Path for the Safe and Equitable Reopening of Schools (html).
  • Executive Order (EO) 2020-88 (html) (pdf).

Michigan Insured Unemployment Rate Continues to Rise as COVID-19 Continues (html) – Workforce Intelligence Network Workforce Intelligence Network (html) – Michigan has the second highest insured unemployment rate (IUR), or the number of individuals receiving unemployment insurance as a percentage of the jobs covered by the unemployment insurance system, reported in the country for the week ending April 25, 2020, at 23.1 percent.

More Related Jobs Resources for Michigan Residents:

  • Pure Michigan Talent Connect (html) – Pure Michigan Talent Connect – Home.
  • Michigan Workforce Intelligence Network Workforce Intelligence Network (WIN) (html).
    • Excellent reports regarding jobs that are imperative to fuel Michigan’s Future growth with funding provided by Ralph C. Wilson, Jr Foundation (html). BTW: these real jobs have nothing to do with MDOT phony aviation related jobs & technology claims trying to fool taxpayers to fulfill personal agendas! While aviation, aerospace & defense are key industry sectors they have absolutely NOTHING to do with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).
      • Connected and Automated Vehicles Emerging Technology Skills Gap Report (html) – 2020 – Workforce Intelligence Network – CAV Skills Gap Report – Upskilling, Reskilling and Employee Retention Priorities Needed to Meet Changing Workforce Demands. Report builds upon and updates the original CAV skills gap analysis published by WIN in 2017 (html). Full Report (pdf), Executive Summary (pdf),  One Page Summary (pdf), Media Release (html).
      • Cybersecurity Emerging Technology Skills Gap Analysis – 2020 (html) – Workforce Intelligence Network Workforce Intelligence Network – Cybersecurity skills gap continues to increase, as demand for professionals needed to keep region’s workforce safe and expanding. Report builds upon and updates the original cybersecurity skills gap analysis published by WIN in 2017 (html). Full Report (pdf), Executive Summary (pdf), One Page Summary (pdf), Media Release (pdf).
  • Michigan MI Career Training (html).
  • MI Apprenticeship (html) – Find Apprenticeships or Hire Apprentices in Michigan.
  • Opportunity Detroit Tech (html) – IT Apprenticeship in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Michigan Alliance for Greater Mobility Advancement (MAGMA).

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Calls Mitch McConnell’s State Bankruptcy Comments ‘Dangerous,’ Asks For Federal Support (html) – On Michigan’s state budget, Whitmer said there could be a $3 billion dollar shortfall which would be “devastating,” a situation she added is “not unique to Michigan.”  She called for the federal government to provide “additional support in the upcoming supplemental.” “Everyone of us is going to have to make tough decisions in this moment and the more flexibility and assistance we can get from the federal government the better, because COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on all of our economies,” she said.

Confirmed Michigan cases (html)  (html) 43,207 | Confirmed Michigan Deaths 4,020. Over 600 Michigan people have died in the last 72 hours.

Some say ‘data’ says most of state [Michigan] should be open (html) – State unemployment benefits now form the largest payroll in the nation, and perhaps in the history of the world. It’s estimated that jobless payments nationwide total $16 billion a week. In Michigan, the figure is $840 million weekly. This is having a crushing impact on lives, and on the ability of Michigan government to deliver services to residents. The State of Michigan government does not have the resources to replace such a large segment of the private economy. The federal government can print money and add the bill to the deficit for future Americans to pay. Michigan is constitutionally obliged to balance the budget. The State of Michigan will have to slash spending or raise taxes or both to cover a virus-related shortfall estimated as high as $3.5 billion— or more than a quarter of Michigan’s General Fund! The reality is the State of Michigan can’t afford to keep wasting money on ridiculous non-essential MDOT Hobby, Sport, Recreational airports like Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 across the State while trying to make up for the damage the COVID-19 shutdown is doing to the Michigan economy.

School Reopening Plans: ‘A Logistical Nightmare’ (html) : NPR– A Few Schools Reopen, But Remote Learning Could Go On For Years In U.S. French parents anguish over sending children back to school (html). Reopening L.A. schools amid coronavirus will be pricey (html) – Reopening schools: Whether to test students and families for coronavirus is the big question.

With a global collapse in consumer demand, about a quarter, almost 25% of the Michigan’s workforce has filed for unemployment exceeding depression-level unemployment. Many of Michigan’s largest health care systems have been overrun. Public health departments in Michigan struggling, already suffering from years of funding cuts.

Even nation’s largest health systems laying off health care workers amid COVID pandemic (html) – Two of Michigan’s largest health systems, Beaumont Health and Henry Ford Health System also announced this month they are laying off thousands of employees. While California hospitals cite $14 billion in losses, seek aid (html).

Many areas facing hardships trying to feed everybody and almost every school district in the state of Michigan is expected to have deep budget cuts.

Much of U.S. economy plunging due to coronavirus pain (html) – The unemployment rate in Michigan, among people covered by unemployment insurance, hit 17.4%, the highest in the country. Based on 2019 output levels for the state by industry, if current levels of joblessness held for a year it would cut Michigan’s GDP by perhaps 23%, knocking the state back to where it was in 2013.

Michigan sees 81K new unemployment claims, 1.2M over 6 weeks (html) – An additional 81,000 people filed initial claims for unemployment in Michigan last week, bringing the six-week total to more than 1.2 million amid the coronavirus pandemic. Michigan has had some of the highest number of jobless claims in the country. People can get benefits for about nine months, roughly three months longer than usual. They will receive an additional $600 a week through late July under the terms of a federal relief package.

More than 1M Michigan workers affected by COVID-19 now receiving unemployment benefits (html) – The Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) has provided benefits to 1,018,315 Michigan workers who are unemployed as a result of COVID-19. The UIA increases staff, extends hours of operation to meet unprecedented need. The agency also disbursed more than $1.66 billion in payments since March 15. The most recent U.S. Dept. of Labor report showed 1,178,021 Michiganders filed unemployment claims between March 15 through April 18.

Historical Demand In the weeks preceding the pandemic, the UIA received around 5,000 new weekly unemployment claims. During the Great Recession, the weekly high was around 77,000 in 2009.

Michigan Unemployment Claims during COVID-19:

  • Week-Ending March 21: 128,806
  • Week-Ending March 28: 304,335
  • Week-Ending April 4: 388,554
  • Week-Ending April 11: 222,207
  • Week-Ending April 18: 134,119
  • Five Week Total: 1,178,021

In years before outbreak, Michigan investment in public health fell (html) – State spending on public health in Michigan dropped 16% from an inflation-adjusted high point of $300 million in 2004, according to a 2018 study.

Whitmer begins 2,900 temporary layoffs amid COVID-19 pandemic (html) – Layoff notices were sent to more than 2,900 of the state’s 48,295 employees who are handling less than full capacity to save the state roughly $5 million.

Whitmer extends Michigan stay-at-home order until May 28, manufacturing reopens Monday (html) – In order for manufacturing to resume, businesses must adopt measures to protect their workers from the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Michigan stay at home order extended: Read Gov. Gretchen’s full mandate (html). Gov. Whitmer extends state of emergency until May 28 in trio of new executive orders (html) | FOX 2 Detroit.

Michigan Legislature – Executive Orders (html) are as follows:

  • E.O. NO. 2020-66– (COVID-19) Termination of the states of emergency and disaster declared under the Emergency Management Act in Executive Order 2020-33
  • E.O. NO. 2020-67– (COVID-19) Declaration of state of emergency under the Emergency Powers of the Governor Act, 1945 PA 302
  • E.O. NO. 2020-68– (COVID-19) Declaration of states of emergency and disaster under the Emergency Management Act, 1976 PA 390

“Executive Order 2020-66, which terminates the existing state of emergency and disaster declarations issued under the Emergency Management Act in Executive Order 2020-33.”

“Executive Order 2020-67, which clarifies that a state of emergency remains in effect under the Emergency Powers of the Governor Act of 1945. The order is effective immediately and continues through May 28, 2020 at 11:59pm. The governor will evaluate the continuing need for this order prior to its expiration, and if she determines that an emergency no longer exists, will terminate or extend the state of emergency declared in this order.”

“Executive Order 2020-68, which declares a state of emergency and a state of disaster across the State of Michigan under the Emergency Management Act of 1976. The state of emergency and state of disaster declared by this order will be effective through May 28, 2020 at 11:59pm, and the governor will evaluate the continuing need for the order prior to its expiration, terminate the states of emergency and disaster if the threat or danger has passed.”

Michigan recovery hinges on federal support for mayors, governors (html) – With the dramatic drop in state tax revenue and increased demand for services means balancing budgets as required by law will force states and cities to lay off vital employees, raise taxes and cut those crucial services and investment when they’re most needed. The consequences of those detrimental choices are immense, from stalling the resurgence of our economy to decimating public education, healthcare and law enforcement budgets. Without real action, we’re contending with an immeasurable setback and a long-term economic downturn — on top of the damage from the virus itself.

Friday coronavirus cases highest of the week, Michigan falls to 4th-most in U.S. for deaths (html) – Massachusetts has passed Michigan in coronavirus deaths, dropping Michigan to fourth-most in the U.S. (html) with 4,393 deaths, per the Friday, May 8 numbers from Michigan health officials. Michigan reported 50 new COVID-19 deaths and 680 new confirmed cases on Friday. In total, Michigan has 46,326 cases – seventh-most in the nation. The 680 new cases are the most in a single day since Saturday, May 2.

Michigan a top-10 recipient of federal coronavirus stimulus payments (html) – More than 4 million stimulus payments from Uncle Sam slid into Michigan mailboxes or pinged into bank accounts over the last month, the IRS says. It’s not clear how many of those payments were sent to dead people. The Treasury Department this week asked Americans who received a payment on behalf of a dead person to return it by following these directions (html) on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website.

Top 10 recipients by state:

  1. California CA, $22.5 billion, $1,656 average payment
  2. Texas TX, $18.8 billion, $1,752 average payment
  3. Florida FL, $15.2 billion, $1,655 average payment
  4. New York NY, $12.5 billion, $1,618 average payment
  5. Pennsylvania PA, $8.8 billion, $1,691 average payment
  6. Ohio OH, $8.3 billion, $1,693 average payment
  7. Illinois IL, $8.2 billion, $1,686 average payment
  8. Michigan MI, $7 billion, $1,726 average payment
  9. North Carolina NC, $6.9 billion, $1,714 average payment
  10. Georgia GA, $6.9 billion, $1,705 average payment

For more see: State & Territories – Government (html) | USAGov

Record unemployment leaves Michigan residents worrying about benefits (html) – The problem in Michigan is getting through the system. There are more than 1 million people trying to call and log on to get their benefits, and many are still having trouble.

How nursing facility providers are responding to COVID-19 (html) | Detroit Free Press – Health Care Association of Michigan (HCAM)  – is a statewide trade association representing proprietary, not for profit, county medical and hospital-based long-term skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities.

  • Worse To Come: Staggering 14.7% Unemployment Rate Will Cripple Economy For Years (html).
  • ‘A breaking point’: Anti-lockdown efforts during Spanish flu offer a cautionary tale for coronavirus (html).
  • Coronavirus: Detroit’s automakers have enough cash to avoid a bailout (html).
  • 7 questions we still have about Michigan’s plan (pdf) to reopen the economy (html).
  • Michigan hospitals getting $900 million in federal COVID-19 aid (html).
  • Art Fair canceled, UM hospital furloughs 1,400 employees (html).
  • Is air pollution making the coronavirus pandemic even more deadly? (html).
  • Unemployment levels leave Michigan families in need more than ever (html).
  • Governor Gretchen Whitmer tough enough to do what she thinks best for Michigan (html).
  • Michigan jobless claims top 1.1 million as state streamlines approvals (html) | Bridge Magazine. According to the state, $4.13 billion in unemployment benefits has been sent to Michigan workers so far.
  • Nearly 69K in Michigan filed for unemployment last week (html).
  • MI Safe Start: A Plan to Re-Engage Michigan’s Economy (pdf), Governor Gretchen Whitmer, May 7, 2020.
  • Michigan college towns were economically stable. Coronavirus changed that (html) | Bridge Magazine.
  • Over 2,200 Michigan health system workers test positive or have coronavirus symptoms (html).
  • Michigan’s coronavirus contact tracing won’t include smartphone apps (html)
  • Massive declines in community college summer enrollments foreshadow tough times ahead (html).
  • Michigan governor Whitmer taking a pay cut to offset coronavirus impact (html).
  • Coronavirus sparks California’s worst budget deficit, $54.3 billion deficit, 18 percent unemployment. (html) (html). Michigan is next on the list of enormous budget deficits.
  • Coronavirus job losses hit these 7 states hardest (html) – Michigan saw sustained jobless claims over the past month, averaging a more than 4,100% increase to unemployment claims.
  • UM: Before COVID about 14% of state residents were living in poverty, now approaching almost 30% (html).
  • Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Takes 10 Percent Pay Cut as State Tightens Budget Over Coronavirus (html) – The pandemic has placed a “real strain” on the state’s budget, with high unemployment rates combining with a shortfall in tax revenue due to businesses being shut down. Over 1 million residents in the state had filed for unemployment as of April 11.

Michigan Economic Recovery Council (MERC)

Michigan Economic Recovery Council (MERC) Advises Gov. Whitmer on Reopening Based on Risk, Workplace Environment, Geography (html) | Detroit Regional Chamber (html). Whitmer – New online dashboard provides COVID-19 risk and trend data, helps inform MI Safe Start plan (html).

Home (html) – Michigan COVID-19 Business Response Center.

Business Practices (html) – Michigan COVID-19 Business Response Center

These Best Practices documents were developed by the Michigan Economic Recovery Council (MERC). The industry-specific guides are designed for employers of all sizes to implement directives issued by the state in returning safely to in-person work.

Business Practices – Global companies have synthesized the standards and policies below as guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sector Specific Guidance – These documents were developed by the Michigan Economic Recovery Council. The industry-specific guides are designed for employers of all sizes to implement directives issued by the state in returning safely to in-person work.

  • Building & Manufacturing
  • Offices, Retail & Residential
  • Healthcare & Research
  • Dining, Travel & Entertainment
  • Other Protocol Specific Guidance
    • Working from Home
    • Other Policies

Along with additional Business Advisory Insights from McKinsey & Company (html), PWC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers) (html), and Deloitte (html).

Other Links to COVID-19 information from other Michigan business advocacy associations:

Michigan Regional and Local COVID-19 Negative Impact

The MDOT Aviation Revenue they Usually Skim Plummets to Zero; No More Hidden MDOT Slush Fund;   No where to hide wasted MDOT secret revenue sources from taxpayers; Time to trim the bloated Fraudulent MDOT Budgets!

  • News From State of Michigan Representative Matt Koleszar (html) | housedems.com.
  • Canton Township Michigan Update On Canton Leisure Services Operations (html) | Plymouth, MI Patch. Canton urges all park users to follow proper CDC protocol and recommended social distancing guidelines, but doesn’t care about Tetraethyl Lead of poisoning of it’s vulnerable populations.
  • Rivian makes cuts and names new chief operating officer (html) – The Verge. A shuffle at the EV startup’s Plymouth Township Michigan engineering and design center.
  • Ford and Lincoln cancel Rivian-powered electric vehicle due to the pandemic (html) | The Verge. But Lincoln is still working on an ‘alternative vehicle’ based on Rivian’s tech.
  • Rivian Adventure Network: Electric pickup maker hires Tesla staff to build charging network (html) – Electrek.
  • Plymouth’s 2020 Concours d’Elegance postponed (html) – Plymouth Voice. The ConcourUSA Board of Directors (html) have made the decision to postpone this years planned Concours d’Elegance at Plymouth’s Inn at St. Johns (html), due to Covid-19 pandemic concerns. The event has been rescheduled to July 23-25, 2021, at the same location.
  • COVID Cases in Senior Facilities Bring Increases to Michigan, Wayne County (html) | Drawing Detroit.
  • Wayne County Parks cancel all events through August due to pandemic (html) | State | pressandguide.com.
  • GOP rep rips Whitmer for still stalled unemployment benefits (html) | Detroit News.
  • Scammers causing even more delays for Michigan unemployment system (html) | ClikOnDetroit.
  • AG: Westland woman illegally claimed nearly $500,000 meant for veterans families (html) | Hometown Life. Committing fraud against our State or Federal Agencies that directly give back to their communities will not be tolerated. MDOT should take note of this fact with respect to their bloated phony estimates and fraudulent budgets that punish schools, neighborhoods and communities.
  • Ypsilanti’s two-year budget: limited street work, more funds for housing help (html) – mlive.com. Ypsilanti’s operating accounts for the next two years will have few frills and strategic spending projects, according to the recently approved biennial city budget for fiscal years 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. City officials prepared a leaner budget in anticipation of the economic outfall of the coronavirus pandemic which will affect the large sum of revenue that comes from the state. Ypsilanti City Manager Frances McMullan said they are anticipating a 20% decrease in state-shared revenue – the shortfall shown during the budget process.
  • Hit hard by pandemic, Ann Arbor public parking system faces big cuts (html) – mlive.com. Huge revenue hits to Ann Arbor’s public parking system due to the COVID-19 pandemic mean the Downtown Development Authority must trim its budget. DDA officials outlined a strategy this week, including $3.4 million in cuts for the current fiscal year and $11.4 million in possible reductions for the next fiscal year starting July 1, 2020.
  • Help is here for Michigan residents concerned about keeping their homes (html) | Detroit News. MSHDA – MI State Housing Development Authority (html).
  • Metro Detroit suburbs face budget squeeze in COVID-19 outbreak (html) | Detroit News. Metro Detroit’s cities and towns are planning for declines in state revenue sharing, while experiencing sharp declines in collecting permit and program fees. The sharpest economic downturn in recent history has decreased property values that will directly affect tax revenue for some time to come.
  • Detroit bus riders choose between lives, livelihoods amid COVID-19 pandemic (html) | Detroit News.
  • Annual Ann Arbor deer cull dropped from city budget for next fiscal year (html) – ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Ann Arbor’s deer cull will not happen this winter as the city takes steps to reduce its budget for the next fiscal year. The annual cull was among other items included in a recent $1.2 million budget cut for the city as part of a multi-step approach to recover from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Interim City Administrator Tom Crawford explained that the deer cull was temporarily suspended for the next fiscal year in order to help the city deal with short-term financial problems. Deer management related expenses, like data collection and the cull, costs the city $140,000.
  • Pool Closures At The City of Ann Arbor Will Create Revenue Shortfall (html) | WEMU. Public pools in Ann Arbor traditionally open on Memorial Day weekend.  But the coronavirus pandemic has forced the city (html) to cancel its 2020 pool season leading to a $200,000 revenue shortfall.
  • Coronavirus pandemic leaves nearly half of Detroiters unemployed (html). A new University of Michigan (UMich) Detroit Metro Area Communities (DMACS) survey (pdf) found 43% of Detroiters who were employed before COVID-19 are now unemployed, on either a temporary or permanent basis. The overall unemployment rate in Detroit is now around 48% — double the Michigan unemployment rate and more than triple the national unemployment rate, according to the survey. Opinion | Detroit survey shows coronavirus crisis threatens to widen inequality (html) | [Bridge Magazine.
  • Ypsilanti’s Amtrak train station grant fails (html) | The Eastern Echo.
  • Detroit Metro Airport sees 94% passenger decline in April as fallout from coronavirus crisis worsens (html) | Crain’s Detroit.
  • Coronavirus Crisis Tears Through City Budgets, Forcing Cuts And Layoffs (html) NPR – Cities Have Never Seen a Downturn Like This, and Things Will Only Get Worse.
  • State and Local Governments Are Plunging Into Crisis (html) – The Atlantic – Estimates project total losses in state and local revenue at 15 to 45 percent, shaving up to $1.75 trillion a year from the most essential things governments do.
  • A survey by the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the National League of Cities found that nine out of 10 American cities plan to make deep cuts to their budgets and services. Half of those will need to make last-resort desperate cuts to their police and fire departments.
  • Detroit families still without clean water despite shutoffs being lifted (html) | US news | The Guardian.
  • City of Ypsilanti Considering Cuts To Balance Budget (html) | WEMU.
  • Livonia braces for coronavirus impact on budget heading into 2022 (html).
  • MSU will furlough 91 workers to offset coronavirus’ impact on finances (html).
  • The Wayne Dispatch » City of Wayne Receives $296,756 in Grant Funding for the Replacement of Critical Information Technology Infrastructure (html) – The City of Wayne, received notification from the Michigan Department of Treasury Revenue Sharing and Grants Division that the City’s application submitted in December of 2019, to the Fiscally Distressed Cities, Villages, and Townships grant Program has been selected for a grant award in the amount of $296,756. MDOT owned Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip has excess equipment including lawnmowers, multiple pickup trucks, and CAT front end loaders worth much more than this grant!
  • Detroit saw the largest population decline in the country over the past 9 years (html).
  • Detroit’s population drain persists, census data shows (html).
  • Seattle drops out of top 5 for growth among major U.S. cities; here are the new leaders (html) | The Seattle Times – Detroit had the most dramatic decline, losing 6.1% of its population.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Michigan Regional Aviation Cuts

Delta will stop flying to 11 US cities indefinitely: list (html) – Business Insider. The US Department of Transportation (html) approved the cuts, scheduled to take effect on July 8, which primarily affect small regional destinations across the US.

Delta Air Lines announced the suspension of service to 11 American cities indefinitely as part of an effort to reduce its route network after a devastating first half of 2020. Effective July 8, the cuts come as part of Delta’s plan to reduce domestic flying by 80% for the second quarter and international flying by 90%.

Flint, Michigan: Flint Bishop International Airport (html) (KFNT) will no longer see Delta service to Atlanta, the airline’s Detroit hub is less than an hour drive away.

Delta to suspend flying in select U.S. cities (html) | Delta News Hub. Flint, MI (KFNT) Bishop International Airport, Flint Michigan.

Airlines seek to cut service at these cities due to the coronavirus (html) | USA Today. Cities push back as airlines seek dozens of new service cuts. Is your airport on the list? Three airports in Michigan landed some congressional support in their bid for clout with the DOT. Michigan’s two senators, Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters, teamed with Reps. Fred Upton, Daniel Kildee and Elissa Slotkin in a bipartisan protest cuts service in Lansing, Flint and Kalamazoo/Battle Creek. Their letter said the proposed cuts “do not comport with Congress’ intent to preserve aviation service” in having passed the federal stimulus bill that bailed out the airline industry.

Press Releases | Newsroom | U.S. Senator Gary Peters of Michigan. Peters, Stabenow, Upton, Kildee, Slotkin Urge Trump Administration to Reject Requests to Halt Service at Airports in Lansing, Flint & Kalamazoo/Battle Creek (html). Text of the letter is copied below and available (pdf).

Delta Airlines aims to suspend flights in Lansing, officials push back (html) | Lansing State Journal.  Sen. Gary Peters, Sen. Debbie Stabenow, Rep. Elissa Slotkin, Rep. Dan Kildee, all Democrats, and Rep Fred Upton, a Republican, Monday sent a letter to federal transportation officials asking them to preserve service to the Capital Region International Airport in Lansing, as well as airports in Flint and Kalamazoo.

$10M to help offset losses at Capital Region International Airport (html) | Lansing State Journal. More than $10 million from the federal government will help sustain Lansing’s Capital Region International Airport (html) (KLAN) during the novel coronavirus outbreak. The Capital Region International Airport will get $10.3 million of the $256 million provided to Michigan through the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act to offset any impact from the COVID-19 outbreak. The Mason Jewett Field Airport (KTEW) will get roughly $30,000 through the grant program.

The Economy Will Not Soon Return to Normal: Here’s Why (html) – Friday May 22, 2020 the FAA granted airlines the right to halt service to regional cities. As many as 60 cities face flight shutdowns, some may be cancelled for good. This includes Flint Michigan (Delta) and Kalamazoo Michigan (United) for now, and probably many more to come. An objection period lasts through next Thursday May 28, 2020 when the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) will make a final ruling. The airlines have targeted 60 cities. Airlines should certainly decide, not the government, and there should be complete transparency so taxpayers know what’s going on with their tax dollars.

Michigan Regional Impact – Taxpayers may be inconvenienced a bit, having to drive an additional hour or less, the FAA should announce more details shortly.

  • Airlines to Abandon Dozens of Regional Cities (html).
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information from the FAA (html). For latest FAA updates refer to: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update (html).
  • Essential Air Service (html) | US Department of Transportation. Essential Air Service (EAS) – Abused program shows total waste of taxpayer dollars when people can drive a car a short distance to a major airport.

Congressional Research Service (html) – R44176 – Essential Air Service (EAS), Updated December 19, 2018 (pdf). The 70-Mile Rule and Measures to Shrink the Program. Over the years, Congress has sought to limit the scope of the EAS program, mostly by eliminating subsidy support for communities within a reasonable driving distance of a major hub airport and by imposing a cap on the per-passenger subsidy. Although numerous communities have been removed from the program, these efforts have generally failed to contain overall spending on EAS.

The Department of Transportation and Related Agencies Appropriations Act of 2000 prohibited DOT from subsidizing carriers that provide EAS service to communities in the 48 states plus Puerto Rico that are located fewer than 70 highway miles from the nearest large or medium hub airport.

These measures are meant to protect Air Carriers AND taxpayers. Taxpayers get stuck footing the bill at the Local, State, and Federal level by design.

This would eliminate large amounts of Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) taxpayer waste for phony, misleading and fraudulent justification & support for airports & airstrips on life support that are absolutely NO LONGER required, and really never have been! Michigan taxpayers have been duped long enough.

It’s time to get the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) involved along with the Federal Inspector General to reveal Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) fraud on the grandest scale. Phony, misleading, fraudulent Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Michigan Aviation System Plan (MASP) (pdf) tries to support & justify Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip  generates higher benefits & ROI than Flint Michigan FNT (KFNT). The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) continues the largest waste of Local, State, and Federal tax dollars in the history of Michigan!

  • Aviation (html) | Office of Inspector General (html) | U.S. Department of Transportation (html).
  • USDOJ Office of the Inspector General (html).
  • USDOJ/OIG | Report Waste, Fraud, or Abuse (html).
  • USDOJ/OIG | Whistleblower Rights and Protections (html).
  • Oversight.gov (html) | All Federal Inspector General Reports in One Place.
  • Report Fraud Hotline (html) | Office of Inspector General | U.S. Department of Transportation.
  • FAA Hotline Information System (FHIS) | US Department of Transportation.
  • POGO.org Project on Government Oversight (POGO).
  • Report Waste, Fraud, Abuse, or Retaliation (html) | Oversight.gov.
  • U.S. GAO – Commercial Aviation: Effects of Changes to the Essential Air Service Program, and Stakeholders’ Views on Benefits, Challenges, and Potential Reforms (html).

Catastrophic Michigan Flooding – Yet Another Michigan State of Emergency

Nobody Thought Conditions in Michigan Could Get Worse, Then Two Dams Fail Catastrophically! These unsafe dams from 1930’s are common knowledge & have well known for DECADES!

  • Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer orders probe of failed dams that caused flooding (html) | AP News.
  • Michigan flood lawsuits against state, dam owner spotlight controversy (html) | Detroit Free Press. Third New flood lawsuit claims Michigan mismanaged dam.
  • State of Emergency in Michigan After Dam Failure and Catastrophic Flooding (html) | NBC Nightly News (html) – YouTube – heaping misery on coronavirus-hit communities. ‘Catastrophic’ Dam Failures In Michigan Force Thousands To Evacuate (html) | NPR. Michigan dam failures force 10,000 to evacuate and leave one city under 9 feet of water (html) – CBS News. Mich. governor says state will seek ‘legal recourse’ over failed dam (html).
  • Video shows Edenville Dam as it breached in historic flooding (html) | Detroit News.
  • Dramatic video shows moment Michigan dams burst (html) | New York Post.

Another chapter in the never ending saga of some good old fashioned Michigan Corruption at work involving DECADES of reckless neglect, ignoring basic infrastructure & environmental pollution. The result is Negligence & Malpractice on a scale never imagined, now a town and most inhabitants lives are virtually destroyed.

This common pattern, is identical to Michigan Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) lack of accountability and transparency ignoring Michigan Citizens Health, Safety, and Welfare, not to mention the single largest waste of Michigan taxpayer dollars in the history of Michigan!

Michigan Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) continues supporting, approving and funding non-essential Hobby, Sport, Recreational airports & airstrips like Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 for cronies, families, friends of Special Interests, Industry Lobbyists & third party contractor pals.

  • President Trump grants Whitmer’s request for emergency declaration over flooding (html).
  • Investigators to examine safety issues that may have worsened Michigan flooding (html) – YouTube.
  • Dam owner Boyce Hydro LLC, state regulator Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) spar over flood blame (html).
  • Sanford Dam also failed, state says (html).
  • Satellite images capture flood devastation in Mid-Michigan (html).
  • Midland digs out from ‘sobering’ flood damage (html).
  • Lawsuits seeking class-action after Edenville Dam failure filed in court (html).
  • Second lawsuit filed against operators of 2 Mid-Michigan dams (html)  | FOX 2 Detroit.
  • State of Michigan found Edenville Dam failed safety standards four months before flood (html).
  • Edenville Dam power license revoked for failure to reinforce structure (html).
  • Federal Register (html) :: Boyce Hydro Power, LLC; Order Proposing Revocation of License (html) 02/26/2018.
  • Owners of dam flooding Midland ignored federal regulators for years (html).
  • Central Michigan dam that failed was cited for years for safety violations (html) | Bridge Magazine.

Exposing Michigan Pollution & Toxic Waste

What about the pollution and toxic waste? State of Michigan authorities, including businesses, investors, start-ups, bureaucrats and politicians are extremely worried about long-standing environmental failures that continue to bubble to the surface across the entire state! Michigan’s ‘green ooze’ may be ‘tip of iceberg’ of state’s toxic sites (html) | Bridge Magazine. Is this what Michigan IS famous for?

  • How air pollution exacerbates Covid-19 (html) – BBC Future.
  • Air Pollution May Make COVID-19 Symptoms Worse (html) | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine (html).
  • Air pollution linked with higher COVID-19 death rates (html) – Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (html).
  • University of Michigan study finds PFAS possible contributor to early menopause in women (html) | Click on Detroit.
  • In April, the Michigan PFAS Action Response Team announced a $4 million grant program to support monitoring and testing for PFAS contamination for municipal airport operators. Michigan PFAS Action Response Team launches grant program for testing at municipal airports (html) | Click On Detroit. Eligible applicants are current or former Part 139 commercial service airports in Michigan that have used or are suspected to have used Class B Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) to comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements. NOTE: Federal, State and Military aviation facilities are not eligible for the grant funding. Co-located municipal airport operations can apply.
    • MDOT has known about problems with PFAS for decades. MDOT only slightly acknowledges the existence of PFAS and its relationship to aviation only after being forced, and only slightly and not for too long either otherwise the public will notice. There is no mention anywhere on any MDOT web sites about PFAS or Tetraethyl Lead Poisoning, only Special Interest & Industry Lobbyist group sponsored social events featuring phony pancake breakfasts, barbecues and Fly-In picnics at the expense of the local Health, Safety and Welfare of the surrounding communities.
  • PFAS Response – PFAS Response (html) | State of Michigan.

Previous Updates

  • Column: As air pollution worsens COVID-19, we must move to cleaner energy (html) | Michigan Advance.
  • Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, AGs call on EPA to strengthen PFAS rules (html) | Michigan Advance.
  • Whitmer – Child Lead Poisoning Elimination Board (html) (pdf) Executive Order 2016-9 (pdf). It’s time to step up and take action against MDOT Lead Poisoning negligence and malpractice.
  • Lead Emissions and Population Vulnerability in the Detroit (Michigan, USA) Metropolitan Area, 2006–2013: A Spatial and Temporal Analysis (html) (pdf). International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) | Free Full-Text | Lead Emissions and Population Vulnerability in the Detroit (Michigan, USA) Metropolitan Area, 2006–2013: A Spatial and Temporal Analysis (html) (pdf). Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2017, 14(12), 1445; https://doi.org/10.3390/ijerph14121445. United States studies have not been required to monitor and report on and have purposely avoided airports & airstrips using Leaded100LL Aviation Fuel to keep facts and details hidden from the public over a decade.
  • Linking Source and Effect: Resuspended Soil Lead, Air Lead, and Children’s Blood Lead Levels in Detroit, Michigan (html) | Environmental Science & Technology
  • 2020-02-28 – Disparity in Risk Factor Severity for Early Childhood Blood Lead among Predominantly African-American Black Children: The 1999 to 2010 US NHANES (pdf).
  • Is Midland’s floodwater contaminated? Regulators don’t know, wait to test (html).
  • Michigan: threat of toxic contamination looms after dam failures trigger flooding (html) | US news | The Guardian.
  • Flood Raises Fears of Pollution at Michigan Toxic Waste Site (html).

Previous Michigan Updates . . .

  • Michigan Congressional Delegation Lawmakers, want Delta’s request to stop Michigan flights grounded (html) – Airline argues that the few who are flying can drive to airports less than 75 miles away: Flint passengers can drive to Detroit, and those from Lansing and Kalamazoo can drive to Grand Rapids.
  • Delta, others wrestle with too many planes, too many pilots (html) – Reuters – Delta told its 14,500 pilots that it expects to have 7,000 more than it needs in the fall.
  • Airport standstill puts hit on Wayne County’s budget (html).
  • Detroit Metro Airport hit hard by coronavirus pandemic (html).
  • Think things are bad for airlines? It’s about to get worse (html).
  • U.S. aviation sector cuts more jobs amid travel meltdown (html).
  • American Airlines And United Report Nearly $4 Billion In Combined Losses (html).
  • Many Airlines want government to loosen minimum flight rules as passenger numbers drop (html). Now is the time to end MDOT lack of transparency and virtually NO accountability to tax payers for good.
  • How Airlines Park Thousands of Planes (html) – YouTube – The coronavirus has devastated the airline industry. U.S. air travel has dropped 95% compared to last year and the number of flights scheduled globally is down by 63%. More than 16,000 of the world’s commercial aircraft are grounded. These planes can’t just sit idle, they need routine maintenance and a place to be stored. And when you suddenly have thousands of planes with nowhere to go it becomes a logistical nightmare. Here’s a look at how airlines parks thousands of planes and the outlook for the grounded fleet.
  • Grounded passenger jets are causing an unexpected bottleneck (html).
  • Boeing CEO predicts COVID-19 will force a major airline out of business (html). Boeing CEO tries to smooth over tensions with airline chiefs after saying a US carrier may go bust (html).
  • Air Canada to lay off 20,000 workers as pandemic collapses travel industry (html) | CBC News Canada. 20,000 Layoffs Coming At Air Canada (html) – Simple Flying.

Blue Angels to fly over Detroit on Tuesday in salute to front-line workers (html). Blue Angels to fly over Detroit to thank coronavirus essential workers (html) – Flyovers to lift morale, salute heroes at forefront of COVID-19 (html) – Military crews from the Selfridge Air National Guard Base will take to the skies in A-10 Warthog aircraft Monday in an effort to help lift morale in cities across Michigan and salute heroes at the forefront in the fight against COVID-19. Blue Angels & National Guard Flyovers Tuesday In Michigan (html) | WWJ Newsradio 950.

As local governments tighten their belts, not all share in the sacrifice (html) -MDOT continues wasting & abusing taxpayer dollars used for MDOT, Special Interest & Industry Lobbyist pet projects & ridiculous Non-Essential, Hobby, Sport, Recreational airstrips across the State of Michigan!

Other Counties, Cities, Townships, Schools, Universities are suffering along with the rest of the State of Michigan, most certainly Canton Township Michigan:

  • Plymouth Canton Schools facing massive state funding decrease (html) -Plymouth-Canton Community Schools (PCCS) leaders brace for potential devastating cuts to state funding. The severity of funding cuts was uncertain, however, estimates of as much as $2,000 per student.
  • Canton in no hurry to fill vacant public safety director position (html) – Canton Public Safety Director position will remain vacant for foreseeable future.
  • Canton furloughs staff amidst decline in revenue due to COVID-19 (html)
  • Canton Township, public safety director part ways after lawsuit (html)
  • Canton-based Yazaki lays off 723 workers as COVID-19 crisis continues (html)
  • Canton manufacturer closing facility, eliminating 66 jobs (html)
  • Canton Stupidvisor: if Art Van closes, it won’t be empty long (html)
  • Ordinance makes Canton Leisure Services facilities and parks smoke free properties (html), but leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel Tetraethyl Lead poisoning of vulnerable populations and neighborhoods is OK with Canton Township Stupidvisor!
  • The Eagle to suspend print editions, publish online (html) – Plymouth Voice– Electronic editions of The Eagle (html)
  • 2020 Art in the Park in Plymouth canceled due to coronavirus pandemic (html)
  • 2020 Ann Arbor Art Fair canceled due to coronavirus concerns (html).
  • Several 2020 Canton Township summer events canceled or postponed (html)
  • Oakland County quadruples its aid to small business (html).
  • COVID-19 Forces Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (AAATA) , also known as The Ride,  To Lay Off 44 Employees (html) | (WEMU).
  • Eastern Michigan University (EMU)  announces expense reductions due to ‘significant losses’ from COVID-19 (html).
  • University of Michigan (UMich) Public Affairs And Internal Communications (html) officials freeze staff, take pay cuts, forecasts losses up to $1 billion in losses (html) (html).
  • Westland furloughs 77 city employees as coronavirus pandemic continues (html).
  • Livonia city worker furloughs spurred by COVID (html).
  • Third of Livonia City Workers Furloughed During Coronavirus (html).
  • Flood of business bankruptcies likely in coming months (html).
  • Wayne Co. faces $152M revenue loss for 2019-20 fiscal year due to COVID-19 (html).
  • Ann Arbor’s recovery from coronavirus ‘will be a marathon,’ city predicts huge revenue losses (html).
  • Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan says federal aid may offset worker pay cuts (html).
  • Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan: Detroit will run $100M deficit due to COVID-19 outbreak (html).
  • Wayne County announces $3 million in relief for residents (html).
  • Westland will give some of its coronavirus relief to residents (html).
  • Wayne, Oakland counties update COVID-19 numbers 5/9 (html) – Daily COVID-19 numbers: Wayne County passes 900 deaths.
  • Ann Arbor projects nearly $16 million in budget reductions resulting from COVID-19 impact (html) – mlive.com
  • Western Michigan University (WMU) football coach Tim Lester takes 25% salary cut (html) – WMU athletics to cut $6 million from budget; football coach Tim Lester has salary slashed.
  • 200 Oakland County employees see furloughs, hours cut due to COVID-19 (html).
  • Employees taking reduced pay, work schedule at Eastern Michigan University due to coronavirus pandemic (html) – mlive.com.

Stay tuned for more MDOT related insults, non-sense, and taxpayer dollars wasted . . .

References – COVID-19 Negative Impact

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more references to come . . .

Previous COVID-19 Effects on Michigan

The new novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 – the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 disease, the coronavirus crisis that’s devastated global markets, overwhelmed hospitals and left millions without jobs, while the entire World is aware, it appears that MDOT didn’t get the memo (html)  and continues to fund, operate and support the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (html) at Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip as if nothing has changed. Another nice sunny day, another day off to enjoy themselves at taxpayers Health, Safety, Welfare and Financial & Economic expense.

Michigan Gretchen Governor Whitmer (html) has issued several important Executive orders (html) Declaration of State of Emergency (EO 2020-04) and an Expanded Emergency and Disaster declaration  (EO-2020-33) stating that “The economic damage—already severe—will compound with time. On March 19, 2020, economists at the University of Michigan forecasted that as many as 1 in 10 Michiganders could be unemployed by the fall and that economic sectors that feature substantial social interaction could contract by as much as 50%. As a result, many families in Michigan will struggle to pay their bills or even put food on the table.”

  • President Donald J. Trump Approved Michigan’s Disaster Declaration (html) | The White House | (htmlFEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • US weekly jobless claims double to 6.6 million (html)
  • A record 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment last week (html)
  • Michigan among top 5 states for confirmed coronavirus cases – mlive.com (html)
  • Michigan adds 300 more COVID-19 cases, ranks 9th in world in total cases (html)

In this time of National Health, Economic, and Social Disaster and as recession grips economies around the globe, the State of Michigan appears more vulnerable than other States. Brookings Institute (html) places a COVID-19 recession will likely hit hardest (html) include the State of Michigan which has nine of the top 200 most vulnerable areas, including Detroit-Warren-Dearborn, with one of the top five especially vulnerable sectors of the United States: transportation employment (3,381k, 2.3%).

The bottom line is: under NO circumstances whatsoever, particularly in this extended time of crisis, should Michigan taxpayers be footing the bill for a Non-Essential Hobby, Sport, Recreational airstrip that has already created a Tetraethyl Lead Poisoning Health, Safety and Welfare nightmare.

  • Canton Township, MI – Official COVID-19 Resource Center (html)
  • State of Michigan – Coronavirus – Coronavirus (html)
  • Coronavirus Rumor Control (html) | FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) (html) | (CDC) Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Coronavirus disease 2019 (html) World Health Organization (WHO)
  • COVID-19 Map – Johns Hopkins (JHU) Coronavirus Resource Center (html)

check back, more outrageous, unbelievable  MDOT non-sense updates to come . . .

Previous Updates

Still Open for “Business as Usual.” — Wealthy Cirrus & Helicopter owners, Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and other Special Interest & Industry Lobbyist clubs and groups continue their Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel Tetraethyl Lead Poisoning barrage on the Canton & Plymouth Communities, neighborhoods and PCCS schools thru a very busy Sunday March 1, 2020. Truly arrogant, entitled, vengeful, vindictive evil clowns, and creeps believing they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, to whomever they want.

The 1d2 people that live locally are embarrassed, humiliated and ashamed that friends, neighbors and the surrounding communities know they’re responsible for poisoning everyone with Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel Tetraethyl Lead with their hobby, sport, recreational activity. Others that live outside the local communities really do NOT care at all since it’s not in their backyard, on top of their schools, families and children, and their neighborhoods and friends.

It seems this is how these 1d2 people roll [define], embarrassing themselves and other respected & responsible aviation communities across the entire United States.

The State of Michigan continues in providing absolutely NO protection for vulnerable populations from MDOT owned uncontrolled airstrip that cannot be controlled whatsoever.

There is absolutely no sense of urgency, no public comments, and certainly no protection for vulnerable populations whatsoever from any official Michigan source! The MDOT “Tetraethyl Lead is Harmless” campaign & reign of “Tetraethyl Lead is innocent” continues.

Another busy year goes by as the “MDOT Pure Michigan Lead” campaign at Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 aisrtrip continues, brought to you by Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and some of the same cast of evil grinning clowns that helped cover up MDOT Lead Poisoning  during the Flint Lead Poisoning Debacle time period!

It’s pretty clear in light of the massive volume of indisputable medical, scientific, and technological evidence that in Michigan “Lead Poisoning is INNOCENT until proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt!” Perhaps we should ask the parents of the PCCS School children with Autism Spectrum Disorder how they feel?

Sadly, the battle over the State of Michigan budget & spending bills do not address Governor Whitmer’s largest single veto and the one directly related to the roads — a proposed $375 million shift in discretionary general funds to the laughable $5 BILLION Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) transportation budget. The proposed MDOT budget contains the single largest waste of taxpayer dollars in the history of Michigan devoted to the hobby, sport, recreational pastime for MDOT employees, friends, family, third party contractors, Special Interests, Industry Lobbyists, Michigan Aeronautics Commission (MAC) and MDOT Administration members (html), many local in Plymouth and Canton!

There is absolutely ZERO visibility to the massive ongoing waste of taxpayer money carefully and skillfully hidden amongst $5 BILLION DOLLARS containing many bureaucratic driven pet projects, including many un-needed State of Michigan MDOT owned hobby, sport, recreational airstrips! A tragic waste of money that could be better invested in education, infrastructure, sustainability and the environment to fix Michigan’s almost irreparably damaged image and reputation on environment and sustainability.

This is a perfect example of the “Tail wagging the dog” [define]. Since the Flint Lead Poisoning Debacle in the not too distant past, NOBODY wants to talk or have ANY open conversation or even acknowledge Lead Poisoning from 100LL Leaded Aviation Fuel and continue to Acquiesce to the abundantly obvious and indisputable medical, scientific, and technological evidence while still contributing and blatantly increasing the level of continued Community Health Malpractice and Negligence.

The effects of the phony bloated MDOT budget can be felt stretching from the City of Detroit (Mike Duggan) in Wayne County (Warren Evans), to Dearborn, home of Ford Motor Company (Ford) and lifelong futurist on urban mobility and the environment Executive Chairman Bill Ford (Fontinalis) (Ford), Canton Township (Pat Williams), Plymouth Township (Kurt Heise) (Ford) (Rivian) (Rivian CEO & Founder RJ Scaringe), Ypsilanti (City| Township), and on to  Ann Arbor.

Henry Ford Health System Duped by Plymouth Township, Canton Township, & Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT)!

The Henry Ford Health System is a comprehensive, integrated, non-profit health care organization in Metro Detroit. The corporate office is at One Ford Place, Detroit, Michigan 48202, and operates many other locations such as 2799 West Grand Boulevard Detroit, Michigan 48202, Wayne County, Michigan, U.S. and has over 32,000 employees (2019), and includes 6,200 + nurses (2019).

An affiliation with Wayne State University Medical School (html) provides more than 400 medical students that train at the Henry Ford Hospital each academic year. One of the largest Health Systems in Michigan and one of the most highly rated in the county.

Wright L. Lassiter III (html) is the President and CEO of Henry Ford Health System, oversees the $7.5 billion health system comprised of six hospitals, a health plan and a wide range of ambulatory, retail, and related health services consisting of more than 250 locations and 32,000 employees.

Inconceivably Henry Ford Health has plans for a new Health center at former Plymouth Township Kmart at 40855 Ann Arbor Rd, Plymouth, MI 48170, and it’s not clear if senior management including Richard Chip Davis, PhD, EdM, Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Officer  (CEO), Henry Ford Health System South Market and Henry Ford Hospital, and Robert G. Riney, President, Healthcare Operations and Chief Operating Officer (COO) have been presented the real facts and really appreciate the magnitude of what’s going on? Whom would build a Medical facility practically right on top of a significant source of Lead Poisoning to children? What doctors and nurses would want to work there? And would anyone in the surrounding communities actually want to go there to get healthy? It would be great to hear the President and CEO Wright L. Lassiter III’s  opinion!

BTW: This is common knowledge and is well known in the aviation industry for almost a decade, and is well known by elected Michigan officials and MDOT bureaucrats, past and present, from the time of the Flint Lead Poisoning Debacle!

The MDOT Health, Safety, and Welfare threats also affect and influence other critical & important local businesses such as Art Van, Bosch, IKEA, Rivian, Webasto, Yazaki, and the list goes on . . .

University of Michigan Health System, Beaumont Health System, Trinity Health and All Other Michigan Health Systems Should be Notified of Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Lead Coverup!

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) continues to ignore, obscure, hide, and lie about the Effects of Leaded Aviation Fuel on Blood Lead Levels (BLLs) of Over 1 Million Children in Michigan (html), all while Plymouth-Canton Community Schools (PCCS) show a 47% increase in the number of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) students (html). MDOT actively implies, states, and maintains that there are safe levels of Lead!

The State of Michigan Constitution provides obligations to protect & warn taxpayers about the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Lead Coverup and related Health, Safety and Welfare effects including property damage. Shamefully Michigan Lawmakers and Departments, MDOT bureaucrats, County, and especially Local Plymouth Township and Canton Township Officials have done absolutely nothing to warn anyone at all.

Who can citizens and specifically our vulnerable populations count on for protection from Lead? The medical, scientific, and technological evidence is overwhelming and crystal clear. Lead is NOT acceptable for anyone at any level!

Health Systems across the State of Michigan should be alerted regarding any potential Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) related Lead exposure and poisoning to be on the lookout for Lead poisoning symptoms in children that they might not otherwise look for, suspect, recognize, or test for.

Four Prominent Michigan Health Systems:

  • University of Michigan Health System – Michigan Medicine – Excellence in Patient Care, Medical Education and Research. Michigan Medicine continues to deliver the Michigan Difference through cutting-edge research and premier patient care. According to U.S. News and World Report, we’re among the best in the nation in a broad range of adult and pediatric specialties. We’ve earned national recognition from other hospital-quality organizations, too.
    • University of Michigan | Michigan Medicine 1500 E Medical Center Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48109 (html)
    • Michigan Medicine | University of Michigan 7300 Medical Science Building I — A Wing, 1301 Catherine St. Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5624 (html)
    • University of Michigan | CS Mott Children’s Hospital | Michigan Medicine 1540 E Hospital Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48109 (html)
    • Canton Health Center | Michigan Medicine 1051 N. Canton Center Rd. Canton, MI 48187 (html)
    • Adult Medicine and Pediatrics Clinic at Canton Health Center | Michigan Medicine 1051 N. Canton Center Rd. Canton, MI 48187 (html)
    • General Medicine at Canton Health Center 1051 N. Canton Center Rd. Canton, MI 48187 | Michigan Medicine (html)
    • MLabs (Blood Draw Station) at Canton Health Center 1051 N. Canton Center Rd. Canton, MI 48187 | Michigan Medicine (html)
  • Beaumont Health System – Beaumont Health is Michigan’s largest health care system (based on inpatient admissions and net patient revenue) and provides patients with compassionate, extraordinary care, no matter where they live. With eight hospitals, 145 outpatient locations, nearly 5,000 physicians and more than 38,000 employees, Beaumont’s commitment to patient and family-centered care contributes to the health and well-being of residents throughout the community and beyond.
    • Beaumont Health | Determination Lives Here 44201 Dequindre Rd, Troy, MI 48085 (html)
    • Beaumont Professional & Medical Education, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine 586 Pioneer Dr, Rochester, MI 48309 (html)
    • Beaumont Medical Center – Canton | Beaumont Health 7300 N. Canton Center Rd. Canton, MI 48187 (html)
    • Beaumont Imaging Center – Canton | Beaumont Health 2050 N. Haggerty Rd., Suite 180, Canton, MI 48187 (html)
  • Henry Ford Health System – Henry Ford Health System is committed to improving the health and well-being of our diverse Michigan community and is comprised of hospitals, medical centers and one of the nation’s largest group practices, the Henry Ford Medical Group, which includes more than 1,200 physicians practicing in over 40 specialties. The System’s flagship, Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, is a Level 1 Trauma Center recognized for clinical excellence in cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, neurology and neurosurgery, orthopedics, sports medicine, multi-organ transplants and cancer treatment. With more than 30,000 employees, Henry Ford Health System is the fifth-largest employer in metro Detroit, and among the most diverse.
    • Henry Ford Health System | Henry Ford Health System – Detroit, MI One Ford Place, Detroit, Michigan (html)
    • Henry Ford Medical Center – Canton | Henry Ford Health System – Detroit, MI 6100 N Haggerty Rd, Canton,MI 48187 (html)
    • Henry Ford Medical Center – Plymouth | Henry Ford Health System – Detroit, MI 14300 N Beck Rd, Plymouth,MI 48170 (html)
    • HAP | Affordable Michigan Health Insurance | Michigan Health Insurance | HAP 2850 W. Grand Blvd. Detroit, MI 48202 (html)
  • Trinity Health – Livonia, Michigan (MI) –  Trinity Health (html) • 20555 Victor Parkway, Livonia, Michigan 48152 – Trinity Health is one of the largest multi-institutional Catholic health care delivery systems in the nation, serving diverse communities that include more than 30 million people across 22 states. Trinity Health includes 92 hospitals, as well as 106 continuing care locations that include PACE programs, senior living facilities, and home care and hospice services. Its continuing care programs provide nearly 2 million visits annually, with annual operating revenues of $19.3 billion and assets of $27 billion, the organization returns $1.2 billion to its communities annually in the form of charity care and other community benefit programs. Trinity Health employs about 129,000 colleagues, including 7,500 employed physicians and clinicians.
    • Saint Joseph Mercy Health System (html), A member of Trinity Health – Saint Joseph Mercy Health System is a health care organization serving seven counties in southeast Michigan including Livingston, Washtenaw, Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Jackson, and Lenawee. It includes 537-bed St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor, 443-bed St. Joseph Mercy Oakland in Pontiac, 304-bed St. Mary Mercy Livonia, 136-bed St. Joseph Mercy Livingston in Howell, and 133-bed St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea. Combined, the five hospitals are licensed for 1,553 beds, have five outpatient health centers, six urgent care facilities, more than 25 specialty centers; employ more than 15,300 individuals and have a medical staff of nearly 2,700 physicians.  St. Joe’s has annual operating revenues of about $2 billion and returns about $115 million to its communities annually through charity care and community benefit programs.
    • St Joseph Mercy Health Center Canton (html), 1600 S Canton Center Rd, Canton, MI 48188

Aggressive MDOT Airstrip Expansion Equals Plymouth Canton Community School System (PCCS) Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Double-Digit Increase

The dramatic double-digit increase of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) enrolled in PCCS Schools (html) Directly Corresponds with aggressive expansion at Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) owned Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip since 2010.

Out of control and costly to taxpayer expansion secretly, stealthily and almost unnoticed by the community doubled hangar foot print, which more than doubled aircraft including several twin engine aircraft that don’t belong there, several owners with multiple aircraft, many additional helicopters, which more than doubled yearly operations (take offs/landings), coupled with MDOT promoted and advertised Special Interest & Industry Lobbyist events including fly-in Boondoggles, Picnics & Pancake Breakfast Carnivals with expanded parking, free aircraft & helicopter rides, Swivel Chair (Swivel Chair Patrol) oops I mean Civil Air Patrol (CAP) meetings, events, outings, airplane and helicopter training classes still conducted in January 2020, etc.

The many busy MDOT sponsored activities include supporting a full-blown Industrial Helicopter Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO) Service, Private Executive Heliport, Helicopter Sales/Demo Office MI79. Airstrips, and especially Industrial Helicopter MROs have never been allowed embedded in any densely populated neighborhood anywhere else in the United States, except with MDOT sponsorship, approval and protection! It’s all MDOT friends, family, third party contractors, Special Interests & Industry Lobbyists, one big happy incestuous family!

Lest we forget, we’re all surrounded by tragic reminders of the constant dangers of Helicopter (html) (html) and Airplane (html) (html) Crashes in densely populated neighborhoods extremely close to schools:

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Withdraws Permission for the Collings Foundation Aircraft WWII-era bomber to Carry Passengers (html) | Flying Magazine – Prohibiting owner of WWII-era bomber from carrying passengers comes too late after crash and deaths due to ridiculous overzealous amateur hobbyist, recreational, sport clown activities that confuse maintenance by internet consensus with professional FAA airworthiness provided by truly regulated, certified organizations, mechanics & MROs. The risks to the general public are not acceptable in any scenario or use case, it’s just absurd. Major United States Aviation & Aerospace museums don’t entertain risky liabilities and misleading signing of waivers or responsibility. This is not to mention the huge environmental impact on Health, Safety and Welfare of communities from massive amounts of leaded 100LL Aviation fuel used emitting enormous amounts of Tetraethyl Lead. Additionally, the miniscule amounts of money raised have absolutely zero significance and aren’t enough to cover any real expenses and are strictly symbolic in nature, certainly not a reason or justification of any real ROI for the deaths, damage and mayhem needlessly caused by openly tolerated blatant negligence and malpractice.
  • National Transportation Safety Board Air Ambulance Helicopter Crash Meeting (html) – to determine the probable cause of a Bell 407 helicopter operated as an air ambulance. The helicopter was on a mission to pick up a patient when the crash occurred. All three occupants – the pilot, flight nurse and flight paramedic – died in the accident.
  • Videos show skydivers spiraling as they descend before impact (html).
  • Kobe Bryant, all others aboard helicopter died immediately in crash, autopsies show (html).  Autopsy Reports Reveal Horrifying Details Behind the Death of Kobe Bryant and Others in the Helicopter Crash (html) – EssentiallySports – Gianna was supposed to compete in the match and two of her teammates along with their parents were aboard the helicopter. Disaster struck when the pilot lost control after surging to a high-altitude. Due to extreme fog, the aircraft came crashing down at 184mph, descending at more than 4,000 feet per minute. The impact caused a crater and scattered debris all over the area. The reports by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office provides a perception of how grueling the crash was. Broken bones, dismembered body parts, and residue of fuel on the clothes. Bryant’s body was found on one side of the wreckage, and his daughter’s was found in a ravine on the opposite side.
  • Vanessa Bryant Files Legal Claim Over Release of Graphic Photos of Kobe’s Helicopter Crash (html). Vanessa Bryant files claim over crash-site photos (html).
  • Vanessa Bryant sues helicopter operator in Kobe Bryant crash – Los Angeles Times (html)
  • Bryant’s widow ‘devastated’ by report deputies shared photos – ABC News (html)
  • Kobe Bryant helicopter lacked recommended safety device – The San Diego Union-Tribune (html)
  • FAA overruled safety system that ‘could have helped’ in Kobe Bryant helicopter crash | NBC News (html)
  • Bodies of all 9 victims recovered from helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant, coroner says – ABC News (html)
  • Kobe Bryant, Wife ‘Would Never Fly on Helicopter Together‘: Source | PEOPLE.com (html)
  • Air Show Crashes (html) (html)
  • World War II aircraft & bomber crashes (html) (html) (html) (html)
  • Families sue helicopter company in deadly Kobe Bryant crash (html)
  • Canadian military helicopter crashes in sea off Greece; 1 dead, 5 missing (html) (html)
  • Harrison Ford piloting plane that wrongly crosses runway (html) (html) -The latest of several similar incidents for the 77-year-old actor. Most recently, he flew low over an airliner with 116 people aboard moments before mistakenly landing on a taxiway at another Southern California airport in 2017. In 2015, Ford was injured when he crashed his World War II-era plane on a Los Angeles golf course after engine failure
  • Small Plane Makes Amazing Emergency Landing Amid Traffic on Highway (html)
  • Michigan Selfridge AFB (html) won’t get F-35 aircraft now (html)
  • A-10 Warthog Emergency Landing (html) | Problems With the A-10 Warthog
  • One Police Officer dead,  one critically injured, in police helicopter crash (html) (html) – The police helicopter crashed into an apartment complex early Saturday, killing one officer and injuring a second. The officers were trapped inside the copter after it went down around 2 a.m. They literally had to cut the pilots out of the wreckage. The pilot who survived was “very banged up” and required immediate surgery.
  • Canada honors six killed in helicopter crash with COVID-19 measures in place (html)
  • Michigan Pilots, both dead, escaped ditched plane before it sunk in Lake Michigan (html)
  • Report: Halladay on drugs, doing stunts when plane crashed (html)
  • FAA says owner of World War II bomber that crashed at Bradley, killing seven, did not take safety seriously and can no longer carry passengers (html)
  • FAA says no passengers on Collings Foundation aircraft after deadly crash (html) -These planes weren’t safe when they were built, and aren’t safe maintained by overzealous idiotic hobbyists!
  • Collings Foundation evaluating options after FAA revokes permission to carry passengers on its historic WWII aircraft following deadly crash at Bradley (html)
  • Air Force Pilots Explain Why The A-10 Warthog Won’t Die (html)
  • Man hit and killed by plane on runway (html) – YouTube

All of this MDOT sponsored activity embedded in densely populated neighborhoods extremely close to 3 local schools with thousands of children, with many more schools in the local vicinity with the singular goal to increase State & FAA funding on behalf of local cronies. Truly sad behavior from a once proud Michigan department and the so-called Michigan Aeronautics Commission (MAC), another complete joke! Is this the price taxpayers pay for phony MDOT progress, expansion & growth with astonishing and seemingly fraudulent budgets & fictional ROI?

  • We All Might Be Flying in Planes Again Soon (html) – The Washington Post. With no reason to fly, a quick recovery for air travel seemed unlikely. Warren Buffett dumped his airline stocks, claiming that the “world has changed.”
  • Three killed in helicopter crash (html). The crash caused a five-acre grass fire and knocked out power to about 38,000 customers. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) the helicopter was a Bell 206 helicopter and had three people on board at the time of the crash.
  • Family Flying to Indiana for Funeral Killed in Plane Crash (html) | PEOPLE.com. Crash victims included two 6-year-old children flying in Piper 31T twin-engine turboprop aircraft. The children’s grandfather, 67, was flying the plane and received his pilot’s license in 2016, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. Georgia Plane Crash Kills 5, Including Two Children (html) – The New York Times.  Georgia plane crash kills family of 5 (html) | Today.
  • U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao Appoints Industry Leaders to Women in Aviation Advisory Board (html) | US Department of Transportation.
  • Home | US Department of Transportation (html). To improve the quality of life for all American people and communities, from rural to urban, and to increase the productivity and competitiveness of American workers and businesses. Three reports provide a previous positive glimpse into pre-COVID-19 National Transportation 2045 Outlook that is now considered bleak and will take several years to return to normal.
    • Beyond Traffic 2045 National Freight Strategy Framework (html) (pdf).
    • Beyond Traffic: 2045 Final Report (html) (pdf).
    • Beyond Traffic: Trends and Choices 2045 (pdf).

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – Reproducible Biomarker: Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel Tetraethyl Lead in Canton Township and Plymouth Township Neighborhoods, Schools and PCCS Students

Who poisoned Flint? No one held accountable after 4 years – mlive.com (html). Many understand what happened is shocking & criminal, but you have to make sure it’s the right people that are punished for this mess. However, equally important is testimony that revealed key facts regarding Lead Poisoning that should be very concerning to every Canton Township, Plymouth Township and Michigan parent.

A spokeswoman for Michigan Solicitor General Hammoud who declined to comment on the status of the solicitor general’s current investigation, mentioned that Hammoud herself said during the Shekter-Smith plea review that what happened in Flint was a crime.

“This court heard the testimony regarding lead and the impacts of lead poisoning, which can devastate health throughout a lifetime and may even alter DNA to affect future generations,” she said. “That’s what this crime is about.”

It seems that “Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel Tetraethyl Lead” is a reproducible, repeatable, demonstrable biomarker  [define], e.g. a measurable substance in an organism whose presence is indicative of some phenomenon such as disease, infection, or environmental exposure that is present in Canton Township and Plymouth Township Neighborhoods, Schools and PCCS Students. Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel Tetraethyl Lead has manifested itself and is repeating as shown in student enrollments in PCCS since 2010 in parallel with Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip expansion doubling since 2010.

Plymouth Canton Community Schools (PCCS) students and families right to “bodily integrity” has been and is still being violated under the U.S. Constitution.

A serious concern echoed by Dr. Doug Ruden, Wayne State University (html) (html) (html) (GoogleScholar) (LinkedIn), who leads a team of scientists who test blood samples to study the way lead impacts people. His team found that babies are impacted by moms who were exposed to lead. “The way you think about it is: if a mother is pregnant with a baby, she’s also carrying the baby’s children too” Ruden says.“It’s like Russian nesting dolls.”

When Dr. Ruden was asked if he could send one message to Detroiters based on what you know about Lead, what would you say? “All kids under the age of 6 should be tested for Lead.” High Lead levels may not show symptoms for awhile, but once you know lead is a problem, you can take steps to address it.

  • See Lead Safe Home: Fact Sheet (pdf)
  • In partnership with:
    • Detroit – Wayne County Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI)
    • Center for Urban Responses to Environmental Stressors (CURES) – Wayne State University (WSU)
    • Center for Urban Studies (html) :: Wayne State University (WSU)
  • Sponsored by:
    • The Kresge Foundation (html) | Expanding opportunities in America’s cities
    • CLEARCorps/Detroit (html)
    • Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice (html)
  • While Many Communities Openly Fight MDOT and Other Michigan Polluters
    • Michiganders find solidarity in fighting hazardous waste (html)
    • Sterling Heights seeks long-term sustainability (html) | macombdaily.com
    • Michigan Legislators unveil legislation to hold polluters accountable (html)

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Guidelines Have Changed

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has new guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of autism for the first time in 12 years. The changes are based on the latest research for early identification. AAP: Autism Treatment Should Be Early, Intense, and Family-Driven.

AAP also recommends ongoing surveillance, performed by pediatricians and primary care providers, through school age.

Dr. Susan Hyman, MD, of the University of Rochester in New York stated “One of the reasons we’re so strongly recommending screening is, it’s a structured way to listen to parents and their concerns.” She went on to say “In the absence of a Reproducible Biomarker that will let us know who is at risk for autism in infancy, the clinical diagnosis requires that human interaction that pediatricians have 13 times in the first three years of life in the context of well-child care.”

However, continuous local Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) increases show that a Reproducible, Repeatable, Demonstrable Biomarker is present: Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel Tetraethyl Lead in Canton Township and Plymouth Township Neighborhoods, Schools and PCCS Students. The State of Michigan should focus on eliminating Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel Tetraethyl Lead Poisoning caused by Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip!

Here is American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) 2020 updated recommendations report:

  • Full Report: Identification, Evaluation, and Management of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder (html) (pdf)| American Academy of Pediatrics. Susan L. Hyman, Susan E. Levy, Scott M. Myers and Council on Children With Disabilities, Section on Developmental And Behavioral Pediatrics, Pediatrics January 2020, 145 (1) e20193447; DOI: https://doi.org/10.1542/peds.2019-3447
  • Executive Summary: Identification, Evaluation, and Management of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder (html) (pdf) | American Academy of Pediatrics

Here is the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) previous 2015 recommendations report:

  • Early Identification and Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorder: Executive Summary (html) (pdf), PEDIATRICS Volume 136, Supplement 1, October 2015| American Academy of Pediatrics, PediatricsOctober 2015,  136 (Supplement 1) S1-S9; DOI: https://doi.org/10.1542/peds.2014-3667B
  • Early Identification and Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorder: Executive Summary (html) – PubMed – NCBI

Related Key Reports from the US Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC), US Department of Health & Human Services (USDHHS), USA.gov

  • 2017 IACC Strategic Plan for Autism Spectrum Disorder Research (html) (pdf) | IACC. Answers Essential Eight Questions for Parents.
  • International Portfolio Analysis 2016 (html) (pdf) (News Release) | IACC
  • Report to Congress – on Activities Related to Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Developmental Disabilities (html) (pdf) Thursday, April 11, 2019 | IACC
  • DRAFT Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC). IACC Strategic Plan for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) — 2018 Update (pdf). [MONTH] 2019. Retrieved from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee website

Essential Autism Resources

  • American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) – Autism Initiatives (html)
  • University of Michigan U-M (UMich) & Michigan Health System (html)
    • Autism Spectrum Disorders (html) – Mary A. Rackham Institute (html)
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) (html)
    • Autism Spectrum Disorders (html) | CS Mott Children’s Hospital (html) | Michigan Medicine (html)
  • Finding approved autism evaluation centers and licensed behavior analysts (pdf), Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) and Blue Care Network of Michigan (html), For Blue Cross PPO (commercial) and BCN HMOSM (commercial) members Revised January 2020
  • Autism spectrum (html) – Wikipedia
  • US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) (html) | Autism | National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD) | CDC
    • Recommendations & Guidelines (html) | Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
    • Community Report on Autism 2018 (html) (pdf)| Autism | National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD) | CDC
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder: What Every Parent Needs to Know (html): 9781610022699: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Amazon.com
  • National Autism Association (NAA) | Providing real help and hope for the autism community since 2003.
  • What is Autism? (html) | American Autism Association (MyAutism)
  • State of Michigan (SoM)
    • Autism – Autism (html)
    • Autism – Resources (html)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (html) – Michigan Alliance for Families (html)
  • Autism Alliance of Michigan (html). Navigating Autism Today!
  • Autism Society of Michigan (html)
  • Michigan Autism Conference (html), 8th Annual Michigan Autism Conference, October 8-9, 2020

Other Important Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Studies

  • More Guidelines than states: variations in U.S. lead screening and management guidance and impacts on shareable CDS development (html) (pdf)| BMC Public Health | Full Text | 29 January 2020 – Pediatric lead exposure in the United States (U.S.) remains a preventable public health crisis. Shareable electronic clinical decision support (CDS) could improve lead screening and management. However, discrepancies between federal, state and local recommendations could present significant challenges for implementation. Current variability across guidance poses challenges for clinicians.
  • Early Autism Screening: A Comprehensive Review (html) (pdf), 2019 Sep; 16(18): 3502. Published online 2019 Sep 19. doi: 3390/ijerph16183502 (html) (pdf)
  • Promoting early autism detection and intervention in underserved communities: study protocol for a pragmatic trial using a stepped-wedge design (html) (pdf), BMC Psychiatry. 2019; 19: 169. Published online 2019 Jun 7. doi: 1186/s12888-019-2150-3
  • Life After Lead: Effects of Early Interventions for Children Exposed to Lead
    • Life After Lead: Effects of Early Interventions for Children Exposed to Lead (html) (pdf) | IZA – Institute of Labor Economics. July 2017, Stephen B. Billings Kevin T. Schnepel, IZA DP No. 10872
    • Life After Lead: Effects of Early Interventions for Children Exposed to Lead (html) | Leeds School of Business (html) | University of Colorado Boulder (html)
    • Life after Lead: Effects of Early Interventions for Children Exposed to Lead (html) (pdf) – American Economic Association (AEA)
    • Life After Lead: Effects of Early Interventions for Children Exposed to Lead (html) (pdf) | Semantic Scholar
  • Optimizing Outcome in Autism Spectrum Disorders – Deborah Fein, Marianne Barton, Thyde Dumont-Mathieu, 2017, (html) (pdf), Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences 2017, Vol. 4(1) 71–78, © The Author(s) 2017, DOI: 10.1177/2372732216685098   https://journals.sagepub.com/home/bbs
  • Identification and Evaluation of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders (html) (pdf) | American Academy of Pediatrics, Chris Plauché Johnson, Scott M. Myers and ; and the Council on Children With Disabilities, Pediatrics, November 2007, 120 (5) 1183-1215; DOI: https://doi.org/10.1542/peds.2007-2361

Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) – Officials Covering Up Lead Poisoning NOT Immune, and Are Accountable!

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) – Officials covering up Lead Poisoning are NOT immune and can and should be held accountable!

The SCOTUS Justices turned away two appeals by City, State and Local officials of a lower court ruling that allowed lawsuits to move forward. The lower court rejected a demand for immunity by the officials, finding that they violated the residents’ right to “bodily integrity” [define] under the U.S. Constitution.

The cases center on the Constitution’s 14th Amendment guarantee of due process under the law, which can protect people from government-induced harm to their personal security or health, a legal principle known as “bodily integrity.” However, calling the water crisis a “government-created environmental disaster” in a 2019 ruling, the 6th Circuit green-lighted the constitutional claims and rejected immunity for the officials. SCOTUS confirmed.

The lawsuit claims the officials failed to protect residents from a foreseeable risk of harm from exposure to Lead. Everyone except MDOT seems to know that Lead really is poison, really it is. The lawsuit and others like it claim that the public has a constitutional right to “bodily integrity” that was duly violated.

  • Supreme Court won’t take case prompted by Flint water crisis – Detroit News (html), January 21, 2020
  • Supreme Court won’t take case stemming from Flint water crisis – Detroit Free Press (html), January 21, 2020
  • Supreme Court won’t hear case related to Flint water crisis – mlive.com (html), Jan 21, 2020
  • Supreme Court lets Flint, Michigan residents sue over water contamination – Reuters (html), January 21, 2020
  • Supreme Court allows lawsuit against Flint city officials to advance | The Hill (html), 01/21/20
  • Attorney says Supreme Court decision on Flint water brings federal trial closer to reality – mlive.com (html), Jan 21, 2020
  • Supreme Court Allows Flint Water Lawsuits To Move Forward, Officials Not ‘Immune’ : NPR (html), January 21, 2020

Relevant SCOTUS and Sixth Circuit Court Lead Poisoning Legal Documents

  • SCOTUS Petition (pdf) Questions Presented:
    • Whether the 14th Amendment’s constitutional right to “bodily integrity” extends to encapsulate a right to be protected by state regulators from a foreseeable risk of harm from exposure to contaminants in public drinking water, or to be free from allegedly false statements by an agency spokesperson.
    • If so, whether such a bodily-integrity right was clearly established at the time the defendant officials were fulfilling their official duties.
    • Whether mere alleged mistakes and regulatory inaction by state regulators, or allegedly false statements by an agency spokesperson, are sufficiently “conscience shocking” to strip a government official of qualified immunity.
  • SCOTUS Motion for Stay docket to review Sixth Circuit Court Decision, Dated: June 7, 2019 (pdf)
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit (html) Appeal from the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan at Ann Arbor. No. 5:16-cv-12412—Judith E. Levy, District Judge. Argued: June 6, 2018, Decided and Filed: January 4, 2019 (pdf)
  • Bodily Integrity 14th Amendment Claim Allowed by 6th Circuit Court (html) Friday, March 8, 2019 | The National Law Review (html)
  • Environmental Injustice/Racism in Flint, Michigan: An Analysis of the Bodily Integrity Claim in Mays v. Snyder as Compared to Other Environmental Justice Cases (pdf) Pace Environmental Law Review (html), Volume 35, Issue 1 Fall 2017, September 2017, Article 3

Approximately 25,000 people have sued over the Flint Lead Poisoning Crisis, in which a change in the source of the city’s water resulted in lead contamination. The lawsuit and others ‘like it’ are expected to go forward in lower courts. In principle Lead Poisoning from 100LL Leaded Aviation Fuel is basically the same, the contaminants are not in water but in soil & air, and it’s some of the same evil clowns doing the same thing all over again. One major difference is that Officials have known of Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel Lead Poisoning for almost a full decade!

MDOT Negligence, Malpractice & Sad Pathetic Recycled Special Interest & Industry Lobbyist Excuses

MDOT Nefarious Actions, Dastardly & Repugnant Deeds:

  • MDOT Secretly Doubled 1d2 Airstrip activity
  • MDOT hid study of 1,000,000 (1M) Michigan Child BLLs linking Lead to Airports
  • Double-Digit ASD/ADHD Increase at PCCS Schools
  • MDOT response: “based on soil-lead concentrations observed, there does not appear to be a health risk to site workers or the public under the current site use conditions.”

A patently false bold-faced lie! MDOT is just a mouthpiece for Special Interests and Industry Lobbyists that much is clear. MDOT regurgitates the same old tired worn out, ‘nobody really believes this crap anyway’ Special Interest & Industry Lobbyist boilerplate mumbo-jumbo garbage. These MDOT clowns really think the public is stupid, and that vulnerable populations have no intrinsic value.

BTW: there are so many things wrong here, for starters MDOT Lead testing (if you can even call it that) was done in the completely wrong part of the year with very limited ops. Michigan just had the wettest water year in 119 years of records (html). Anyone could see samples taken in standing water, anyone within .5 km could see that MDOT hired teams armed with highly advanced precision fence post augers mounted on the back of old model rusty pickup trucks that were literally dripping mud & water! Just ask the third-party service that performed the MDOT’s highly technical sounding field work. This was not high-end certified laboratory work with people in white lab coats like in the movies, quite an amateur operation at best.

Additionally, Lead testing is NEVER a single isolated event by any stretch of the imagination as MDOT would have you believe! Besides MDOT has zero Lead testing history at this site, or in the local vicinity ever! In fact, MDOT does not track Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel Tetraethyl Lead Poisoning at ANY airport in Michigan whatsoever! There is no public history or logs to show any MDOT sustainable activity regarding Lead Poisoning inventories performed or Lead evaluations anywhere in the entire State of Michigan period.

However, there is a very long and rich future schedule and documented history of MDOT sponsored & advertised Fly-in activities including picnics, parties, barbecues and other useless boondoggles. This includes more never-ending meaningless and totally bogus MAC meetings to wax philosophic about Non-existent Pilot Shortages and how it affects the overall aviation hobby, sport, recreation outlook with Special Interests, Industry Lobbyists and MDOT’s own MAC ‘Living Legends’ all while arguing about the next gourmet menu for future Fly-in Picnics & MAC coffee klatsch’s to celebrate their own highly touted but imagined and totally fictional contributions to the corpus of Aviation, Aerospace & Defense knowledge & industry market outlook in such places as Traverse City, truly pathetic!

This (typical Lead Poisoning coverup verbiage) is common knowledge and is well known in the aviation industry for almost a decade, literally nobody in the industry believes any of it for a second! What else is perfectly clear:

  • MDOT does not have medical, scientific, or technological qualifications to render such a public opinion, misleading, fraudulent, would be met with a cease & desist order in the real world, people would be fired immediately for implying and defending Lead is safe in any form/quantity/concentration.
  • MDOT does not provide data, evidence, or proof that Lead is NOT a health risk under ANY conditions or even stated conditions using descriptions specifically by Special Interests & Industry Lobbyists. Of course, these descriptions are worded by very skillful wordsmiths.
  • MDOT opinion is diametrically opposed to a voluminous amount of contradictory medical, scientific, and technological data, testing, measurements, substantial evidence and proof from many expert SME sources worldwide that Lead IS a known health risk at any concentration level or amount. Clearly PCCS kids have been sickened and damaged
  • MDOT clearly has multiple conflicts of interest

It appears that the Flint Lead Poisoning Debacle is just warming up! These same MDOT clowns and anyone that is complicit, colluded or conspired with MDOT will be held accountable for double digit increase of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) at PCCS Schools! There is absolutely no excuse for a totally preventable disaster like this.

MDOT is Clearly Responsible, but Whom Else is Accountable as ‘Officials’?

The SCOTUS response to an appeal filed on behalf of City, State and Local officials and basically stated that anyone acting in an official capacity, an agency spokesperson [define], an agent [define] or representative cannot claim immunity to violating the PCCS students “bodily integrity”.

The term ‘official capacity’ could be construed to include those that provide MDOT Subject Matter Expert (SME) consulting, testing services, providing data, measurements, public statements or endorsements (implied or otherwise), verification or validation of safety, authenticity, operate or conduct business on behalf of MDOT, e.g. third-party contractor with titles such as Airport Manager (Mgrs), Assistant (Asst) Managers listed on official MDOT document ‘Airport Manager and Fixed Base Operators (FBO)’ list showing contact names and numbers in the Michigan Airport Directory (pdf) or Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 documents current (pdf) previous (pdf).

NOTE: phony non-State of Michigan Mettetal email address used to fool, confound and mislead the public for the last 20 years! The mettetalairport.com domain was originally owned by a Special Interest / Industry Lobbyist, MDOT never clarified when it was official and when it was transferred, the link to MDOT was added later when they were caught in the act, go figure! Additionally http://mettetal.com/ resolves to Special Interest & Industry Lobbyist (html), how convenient, sneaky and deceptive! MDOT has been aware and taken advantage of both of these overlooked little details meant to fool the public all along. MDOT has never clarified these details to this day.

Given that, the list of people and groups responsible for violating PCCS students “bodily integrity” gets really interesting, and could include past & present officials, elected or otherwise:

  • State of Michigan Elected Officials: Governor, Lt. Governor, MIAG, Senator (Canton pilot & aerospace engineer), Representative (Canton)
  • Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT)
    • Michigan Aeronautics Commission (MAC) (Plymouth)
    • Michigan Department of Transportation Administration (html) (Canton)
    • Agents or spokespersons, e.g. third-party contractors hired by MDOT to operate a State of Michigan owned airstrip on behalf of MDOT, and could include specific members of local flying clubs (html) (html) (html) and/or Special Interests & Industry Lobbyists (html) (html) (html) (html) working as Assistant Managers listed on official MDOT contact information. Cell phone bills & other expenses submitted to MDOT via third-party contractor blanket contract, favors, labor & materials for special events, common keys and access to any equipment & tools including high-end front-end loader, tractors, trucks, etc. not available to the public will show direct MDOT connections and influence
  • Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (MDHHS)
  • Wayne County Airport Authority (WCAA) including Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) and Willow Run Airport (YIP) officials
  • Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy (EGLE) previously called the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ)
  • Michigan State Police (MSP) (html) – after hours and weekend drop offs and pickups at private heliport, appeared to be MDOT or other State of Michigan employees, Michigan Aeronautics Commission (MAC), confidential logs will show details
  • Industrial Helicopter Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO) Service, Private Executive Heliport, Helicopter Sales/Demo Office performing MDOT (FAA) licensed, regulated or controlled work or activities, for favors, preferential treatment, off hours and special access provided to MDOT, Michigan Aeronautics Commission (MAC), or other State of Michigan employees, e.g. Michigan State Police (MSP), not available to the general public.
  • Civil Air Patrol (CAP) (Swivel Chair Patrol) – local bullies, community morons & smart alecks [define], and military wannabes [define] special treatment, favors, etc.
  • Wayne County employees and Commissioner (Plymouth)
  • Canton Township Officials
  • Plymouth Township Officials
  • Basically, any person, organization, commercial entity, business concern, or operation that traded favors, received preferential treatment, incentives of any kind, etc. to increase growth, utilization, or colluded with MDOT at any airstrip to coverup Lead Poisoning, or violated PCCS students “bodily integrity”. Looks, feels, and sounds like a First Class Class Action suit [define] to many people

Again, must keep in mind, Lead Poisoning from Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel is well known by many people and organizations listed above, and is considered common knowledge and is well known in the aerospace & aviation industry for over a decade!

Almost all of the above have multiple conflicts of interest with literally zero incentive to eliminated Lead Poisoning from Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel whatsoever.

The four key questions going forward will be:

  • Who is considered an Official?
  • What did Officials know?
  • When did Officials know it?
  • What did Officials do?

None of them can claim ignorance, kids are damaged and sick and continue to be damaged and sickened due to their actions or inaction of some of the people listed above, and NONE of these people are IMMUNE to criminal prosecution or civil litigation!

How Do We Stop MDOT’s Leaded 100LL Tetraethyl Lead Poisoning Epidemic Against our Neighborhoods, Families, and Children!

When will people stop playing with the Health, Safety, and Welfare of our communities, neighborhoods, families and especially our children?

MDOT: let’s just keep doing what we’re doing, there is no proof that it’s us, so we’re ok!

MDOT: just stands back and keeps repeating “Where’s the proof?”, simply parroting Special Interests and Industry Lobbyists.

A true textbook example of negligence, malpractice, and abuse of power all the way from the ‘Living Legends’ at the top of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission (MAC) food chain, to the many bottom feeders, and petty bureaucratic MDOT administrators (html) protecting their turf and defending existing phony budgets & ROI squawking as quickly as they can spending money on anything before budgets expire and evaporate.

Perhaps the next logical step is to find someone that can stand up to MDOT, Special Interests & Industry Lobbyists to protect children. Vulnerable populations could use the help of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the ACLU of Michigan (html) (html) is needed now more than ever! Or perhaps a Global Law firm that specializes in fighting Poisoning and Chemical Contamination Bullies like MDOT with backing from employees with Special Interests & Industry Lobbyists connections & multiple conflicts of interest.

That help could come in the form of a Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Class Action Suit on behalf of PCCS Students? Vulnerable populations could really benefit from help with Environmental Counseling & Litigation (html) from a global law firm with the reach, influence and clout needed to take on MDOT and their Special Interests & Industry Lobbyist bully pals.

PFAS Update 2019: Emerging Contaminants – What’s New, and What’s Next? (pdf), April 24, 2019, by Stephanie R. Feingold (html) and Drew Cleary Jordan (html), © 2018 Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP – global law firm (html). This report shows Modern Theories of Liability Being Pursued to include:

  • Violation of “bodily integrity”
  • Public Nuisance and Private Nuisance
  • Trespass
  • Negligence & Malpractice
  • Abnormally Dangerous/Ultra Hazardous Activities
  • Failure to Warn
  • Design Defect
  • Declaratory Judgment Actions (for, e.g., indemnity, remediation, studies)
  • On the horizon? – Fraud
    • State Statutory Consumer Protection Statutes & Other State Codified Analogs of Common Law Claims – Conspiracy
    • Infliction of Emotional Distress
  • Claims for both Property Damage and Personal Injury/Medical Monitoring
  • Aiding and abetting [define] – generally allows a court to pronounce someone guilty for aiding and abetting in a crime even if they are not the principal offender, perpetrator, or defendant.

The most likely high-level defendants in a class action lawsuit on behalf of PCCS Students whose “bodily integrity” was violated resulting in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) would be:

  • Elected officials: State, Wayne County, Canton Township, Plymouth Township (the usual suspects so far)
  • Michigan Aeronautics Commission (MAC) (Plymouth)
  • Top MDOT Administrators (Lansing, Canton Township)
  • Third Party Contractor hired by MDOT as 1d2 Manager and their sub-contracted Assistant Managers
  • Industrial Helicopter MRO/Sales/Exec Heliport and many of their ‘way too cozy’ connections in ‘way too many’ State of Michigan Agencies
  • Any other commercial or business concern related to 1d2 that benefited or profited at the expense of the Health, Safety and Welfare of PCCS students

Of course, we can’t make any legal determination here. But maybe it’s time for these MDOT clowns and whomever enabled, acquiesced, colluded, conspired, helped or is complicit in any way with MDOT to ‘lawyer-up’ as they say, if they haven’t done so already!

Ok, Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is Reckless & Negligent, Now What?

Most believe that Michigan has the money to fix roads, it’s just being used for personal MDOT purposes, preferences and direction for the benefit of the few, while the many must pay their own way.

Poll show: Michigan voters say the State has enough money to fix roads (html). Compare 2019 millage rates in Michigan (html) and it’s obvious that taxpayers are paying way too much for way too little in return with no visibility or accountability from MDOT whatsoever. This is MDOT’s huge ‘shell game’. Taxpayers are paying their share for the roads in their local communities all across Michigan while MDOT continues to waste massive amounts of money on ridiculous airstrips like Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 that benefit the few while destroying the Health, Safety and Welfare of the communities, neighborhoods, schools and vulnerable populations, e.g. the many.

MDOT is this huge lumbering behemoth who’s used to getting their own way, now with what appears to be openly fraudulent behavior that goes unpunished! The MDOT ‘stink’ seems to stick to everything they touch.

MDOT is so used to getting their own way, even with what appears to openly fraudulent behavior, all without any repercussions whatsoever! Negative headlines regarding Michigan Agency Officials & Spokesperson malpractice & negligence is getting more and more common:

  • Senator blasts MDOT’s handling study as ‘outright fraud’! Group wants audit of MDOT’s role in study, Lobbyist steered MDOT report (html) (html) (html)
  • A former Supervisor of the Wayne County Airport Authority (WCAA)
    • Federal Authorities Lock up Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) boss James Warner for 25 years, feds say (html), January 22, 2020 – Detroit News
    • Detroit airport employee gets 10 years in prison for $6M kickback scheme (html) | Detroit Free Press
    • Ex-Detroit Metro official sentenced to 10 years for bribery (html) | Detroit News
  • ‘Despicable’: Internal Emails Reveal Contractor Knew About Lead Risks in Months Before City’s Public Confirmation (html) | Common Dreams News

MDOT & Lead Coverup Conspirators Conclusion: Prosecute, Litigate, Punish

The glaring fact is NONE, not a single one of these people involved with MDOT have publicly said one SINGLE word to investigate or protect vulnerable populations from Lead Poisoning, and in fact several went way out of their way to NOT mention it at all, completely ignoring any mention of Lead Poisoning hoping the problem would just go away.

Victims: hundreds of PCCS students for sure, perhaps thousands, and many more victims across Michigan that could have been prevented or minimized to some extent! Lead poisoning from Leaded 100LL Aviation fuel at Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 is ridiculous, totally unnecessary and preventable.

We all know airstrip users should pay for their own airport & aircraft activities and pay again to clean up the Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel Tetraethyl Lead mess already there, and the mess they are knowingly & actively continuing to create. They cannot be allowed to continue shrugging their shoulders and laughing all the way, oh well we get a ‘pass’ this time as it’s not technically illegal!

What’s now called the ‘Flint Effect’, or hiding behind outdated laws, rules, and regulations, is really sick & selfish, MDOT just stands back and keeps repeating “Where’s the proof?” over and over again enabling the Child Lead Poisoning Epidemic to continue. MDOT has perfected what many are now calling the ‘MDOT Mettetal Effect’ or ‘MDOT Clown Effect’ both named in honor of MDOT. E.g. continuing to hide behind outdated laws, rules, and regulations for their own benefit knowing it’s evil.

Every person involved in this senseless violation of PCCS students “bodily integrity” should feel the wrath of communities, neighborhoods, families, and especially the parents of affected PCCS students and be met with:

  • Rigorous Robust Criminal Investigation & Prosecution
  • Vigorous Civil Litigation
  • Generous Punishment, to the maximum extent of the law!

The State of Michigan should be Embarrassed, humiliated, and ashamed of MDOT performance at this point – this is truly ethically devoid and morally bankrupt?

Next Steps: Who Cleans Up Lead After MDOT Negligence and Malpractice?

After taking care of yet another major MDOT Clown Patrol Brain Fart (and there are more to come) now is time to think about cleaning up the Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 Airstrip. It’s pretty clear that NONE of these people will take responsibility for their legacy Lead Poisoning mess left behind for future generations to deal with. The problem is who is going to pay for  a new green space for already financially strapped surrounding communities stuck paying for their own roads?

Maybe this is where the shiny brand new & fully empowered Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy (EGLE), previously called the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) comes in. Help could come from the EGLE Redevelopment Team (html).

The EGLE Brownfield Redevelopment Program – Brownfield properties are those in which the redevelopment or reuse of the property may be complicated by the presence or perception of contamination.  Revitalizing and redeveloping these properties protects the environment, reuses existing infrastructure, minimizes urban sprawl and creates economic opportunities.

The Remediation and Redevelopment Division provides financial and technical assistance including grants, loans, tax increment financing and free site assessments to facilitate the redevelopment of brownfield properties.

Contact 1-517-284-5113 or email at EGLE-Brownfields@Michigan.gov for more information and assistance. #mibrownfields (html).

There are many Michigan Resources & Respected Groups fighting toxic pollution and chemical contaminants such as Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel Lead Poisoning:

  • Michigan Environmental Council (MEC)
  • Sierra Club (National) (Michigan) (SE Michigan) (HuronValley)
  • US EPA Environmental Info for Michigan (html) | EPA in Michigan (html) | US EPA (html)
  • US EPA Contact EPA Region 5 Illinois, Indiana, Michigan (html), Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin | About EPA (html) | US EPA (html), US EPA Region 5, 77 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL 60604, 800-621-8431 or 312-353-2000
  • Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), (EGLE – Air), EGLE – Environmental Assistance Center (html)
  • Watered Down Justice – Socio-demographics and Violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units (PEHSU)
    • Lead – PEHSU (html) – LEAD RESOURCES
  • Detroit Sustainability Action Agenda  2019 (pdf)

New EPA Rules Directly Threaten Child Lead Poisoning Prevention Efforts

In the article by Professor Gabriel Filippelli, Ph.D. (html), Department of Earth Sciences (html), Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), Purdue School of Science (html), Director of the Center for Urban Health (html), [National Academy of Sciences] [TheConversation] [Wikipedia]:

  • EPA’s proposed ‘secret science’ rule directly threatens children’s health | The Conversation (html)
  • Column: EPA’s proposed ‘secret science’ rule directly threatens children’s health ⋆Michigan Advance (html)
  • EPA’s proposed “secret science” rule directly threatens children’s health | Salon.com (html)

the author agrees with the rest of the world that childhood Lead exposure is a public health hazard of epidemic proportions. The impacts from any Lead exposure are permanent and lifelong. It is absolutely critical to identify and eliminate sources of Lead exposure before Lead exposure symptoms are recognized, usually by that time children are already poisoned.

Lead poisoning symptoms don’t appear until blood lead levels are high, so reducing exposure is the only effective way to prevent permanent damage.

One challenge is that public health officials & researchers don’t have adequate environmental measurements for Lead sources. Only fine-scaled results revealed by human health data seems the best way to identify sources, and thus inform policies to protect children. Blood samples from pediatric health screenings can provide valuable data for public health research.

If the new Secret Science rule is adopted, EPA officials will have to pretend that this kind of research doesn’t exist, since the patient records that it draws on can’t be made public.

Many believe this will leave hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of children across the U.S. at risk of a lifetime of avoidable harm from lead poisoning and other types of pollution that researchers analyze using private medical data.

This appears to be how the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) operates now as they continue to acquiesce, ignoring public health concerns, issuing no warnings and conducting their business as usual.

Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) encourages, endorses, and supports Special Interests and Industry Lobbyists to bring unwanted unnecessary pollution and disruption into communities, avoiding any disclosure of potentially harmful public Health, Environmental, Safety, and Welfare impacts of Hobby, Sport, Recreational activities using Leaded Aviation fuel 100LL with EDB, PFAS and other pollutants.

Due to new EPA rules and many other complications Legal experts say Flint water crisis trials could be delayed for years ⋆Michigan Advance (html), more to come on this.

Further reading see:

2019 – 2020 Lead Poisoning Updates

It’s time to stop MDOT using Michigan Children’s Blood Lead Levels (BLLs) as sensors to detect their Tetraethyl Lead (TEL), Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), Ethylene Dibromide (EDB), and other Endocrine Disruptor Chemicals (EDC), toxins, poisons, and pollutants!

The Social Cost of Leaded Gasoline (Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel): Evidence from Regulatory Exemptions

SocArXiv Papers | The social cost of leaded gasoline (Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel): Evidence from regulatory exemptions (html) (pdf) 92 pages, submitted September 22, 2019, last edited: October 23, 2019. DOI 10.31235/osf.io/rdy6g

The social cost of leaded gasoline (Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel): Evidence from regulatory exemptions | Semantic Scholar (html) (pdf)

Leaded gasoline is still widely used in the United States for aviation (Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel)  and automotive racing. Exploiting regulatory exemptions and a novel quasi-experiment, we find that leaded gasoline increases ambient lead concentrations, elevated blood lead rates, and elderly mortality. The estimated effects indicate the social cost of a gram of lead added to gasoline is over $1,100.

Our results are the first causal estimates linking adult mortality to leaded gasoline (Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel), highlight the historic value of banning on-road leaded gasoline, demonstrate the costs of continued regulatory exemptions, and provide policy-relevant cost estimates of lead emissions at the lowest ambient levels to date.

A Toxic Truth: Lead Exposure Problems Linger In Soil, Air

A study, by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, published in Economics & Human Biology (html) – Journal (html) – Elsevier (html), found adverse effects on the boys from exposure to lead even in counties with levels of lead concentration in topsoil that are considered low according to guidelines from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state agencies that address these issues.

“These findings strengthen our understanding of the adverse effects of lead exposure on children’s cognitive development,” says Edson Severnini, assistant professor of economics and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College, who was part of the study. “They are concerning because they suggest that lead may continue to impair cognition.”

“Our study provides new evidence of the damaging effect of lead on cognitive development, even in areas with low lead concentration,” notes Karen Clay, professor of economics and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College, who coauthored the study. “This indicates the need for further monitoring of soil in urban areas and suggests that the EPA should revise its standards for acceptable levels of lead in soil.”

  • A Toxic Truth: Lead Exposure Problems Linger In Soil, Air (html), Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) News, August 23, 2019
  • A toxic truth: lead exposure problems linger in soil, air (html) (pdf), phys.org, August 26, 2019
  • Higher lead in topsoil boosts probability of cognitive difficulties in five-year-old boys, (html), MedicalExpress, April 10, 2019
  • Lead exposure found to affect fertility rates (html) Medical Express, May 22, 2018
  • In Cities, Lead Exposure Is Lowering Fertility – CityLab (html), July 5, 2018
  • Pollution That Discriminates by Gender – WSJ, May 2, 2019 (html)
  • Toxic Truth: Lead and Fertility, National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Working Paper No. 24607, Issued in May 2018, Revised in June 2019, (acknowledgments) (html) (pdf) (cloud)

Professor Karen Clay (cv) (html) (html) (NBER)
Assistant Professor Edson Severnini (html) (html) (NBER)
Magarita Portnykh (html) (NBER)
Scott Barsotti (html)

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) (Heinz)
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

The Legacy Lead Deposition in Soils and Its Impact on Cognitive Function in Preschool-Aged Children in the United States

Economics & Human Biology | Vol 33, Pages 1-224 (May 2019) | ScienceDirect.com (Issue html) (article html) PubMed (html)

EconStor: The Legacy Lead Deposition in Soils and Its Impact on Cognitive Function in Preschool-Aged Children in the United States (html) (pdf), February 2019

The Legacy Lead Deposition in Soils and Its Impact on Cognitive Function in Preschool-Aged Children in the United States | IZA – Institute of Labor Economics (html) (pdf), February 2019

The legacy lead deposition in soils and its impact on cognitive function in preschool-aged children in the United States. | Semantic Scholar (html)

The Legacy Lead Deposition in Soils and Its Impact on Cognitive Function in Preschool-Aged Children in the United States by Karen Clay, Margarita Portnykh, Edson Severnini :: SSRN (html) (pdf), Posted: 9 Mar 2019

The Concurrent Decline of Soil Lead and Children’s Blood Lead in New Orleans

The concurrent decline of soil lead and children’s blood lead in New Orleans | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) (html) (pdf), October 29, 2019, https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1906092116. Other researchers, however, have indicated that Pb contamination of soil from TEL (Tetraethyl Lead) is at least as important, if not more so, than lead-based paint as a source of children’s Pb exposure.

Study finds topsoil is key harbinger of lead exposure risks for children (html) – ScienceDaily, October 14, 2019

Study finds topsoil is key harbinger of lead exposure risks for children | Tulane News (html) (pdf), October 14, 2019

Howard W Mielke, PhD, Research Professor (html) | Medicine

Tulane University (TU)
School of Medicine (Medicine)
1430 Tulane Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70112

Lead’s Urban Legacy (html) -“Lead’s Urban Legacy” deals with lead, a pervasive environmental pollutant that alters the biological signals in the human nervous system. The adverse effects of lead on brain health and function have been known since the Roman Empire.

e.hormone (html) at Tulane University is part of the Environmental Signaling Network, a multifaceted program that aims to integrate the vast interdisciplinary signaling field by fostering communication and promoting scientific advancements. Environmental signaling encompasses the many ways plants and animals use chemical signals to communicate life-driving information, to respond to physical or biological stimuli, and to talk to each other.

Lead poisoning in the 21st century, Dr. Jerome Paulson, MD, Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics (FAAP)

Lead poisoning in the 21st century, Dr. Jerome Paulson, MD, Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics (FAAP) (html) (html) (html). Physicians who maintain their FAAP designation make an ongoing commitment to lifelong learning and advocacy for children.

Protecting Children from Environmental Dangers is not easy – when something in your environment makes your child sick, it can be hard to know where to turn.

Physicians, toxicologists, social workers and nurses are part of a national network that focuses on environmental health for children. They help families learn the causes of your child’s illness and achieve the best health outcome.

Lead exposure remains an urgent health problem that requires action, not just calls for more evidence!

Lead poisoning in the 21st century video (html) | Children’s National Health System (html) Dr. Jerome Paulson, MD, FAAP, Medical Director, Child Health Advocacy Institute (CHAI), shares his insights on the dangers of lead poisoning.

Aspects of Children’s Environmental Health (pdf) | National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), Dr. Jerome A. Paulson, MD, FAAP

  • Professor of Pediatrics & Public Health, George Washington University
  • Medical Director for National & Global Affairs, Director, Mid-Atlantic Center for Children’s Health & the Environment, Child Health Advocacy Institute, Children’s National Medical Center
  • Chairperson, Executive Committee of the Council on Environmental Health (html) (html) (pdf), American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Council on Environmental Health. Prevention of Childhood Lead Toxicity (html) (download pdf) (open pdf). Pediatrics. 2016;38(1):e20161493 | American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

Dr. Jerome Paulson (html) | Milken Institute School of Public Health | GW

George Washington University (GW)
2121 Eye Street, NW
Washington, DC 20052

Milken Institute School of Public Health (html)
Environmental and Occupational Health (html)
950 New Hampshire Ave. NW, 4th Floor
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About Us (html) | Mid-Atlantic Center for Children’s Health and the Environment (MACCHE) | School of Nursing and Health Studies (html) | Georgetown University (GU)

  • Jerome A Paulson, MD, FAAP, Medical Director, PEHSU East, American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
  • Laura Anderko, PhD, RN
  • Maryann Mazer-Amirshahi, MD, PharmD, MPH, Toxicologist Consultant
  • Katie Huffling, RN, CNM, Reproductive Health Consultant
  • Lois Wessel, RN, Family Nurse Practioner (FNP), FNP Consultant
  • Stephanie M. Chalupka EdD, RN, PHCNS-BC, FAAOHN, Professor and Coordinator of the Master of Science in Nursing Program at Worcester State University, Visiting Scientist
  • Kelly Jones, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • Emma Pennea, Center Manager

Home – Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units – PEHSU– Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units (PEHSU), are a network of experts in reproductive and children’s environmental health. An interconnected system of specialists located throughout North America who respond to questions from public health professionals, clinicians, policy makers, and the public about the impacts of environmental factors on the health of children and reproductive-age adults. There is a total of 10 Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units across the country with each region dedicated to children’s environmental health issues.

The Children’s Environmental Health (html) | Great Lakes Center (html) Region 5 | University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) – Is one of 10 Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units (PEHSUs) across the country dedicated to children’s environmental health issues.‌‌ Our primary area of focus is Region 5, which includes the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. A PEHSU has experts in pediatrics, toxicology, occupational and environmental medicine, reproductive health, and other specialties. PEHSUs are a source of medical information and advice on environmental exposures influence reproductive and children’s health and work with an array of people, such as parents, schools, and state agencies, to address children’s environmental health issues.

The Region 5 PEHSU published a spectacular guide book, Investigating Environmental Contamination: A Guide for Communities (pdf), June 2019, Great Lakes Center for Children’s Environmental Health University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Public Health. The guide is for community members who are concerned about their environmental exposures in their neighborhood. It covers outdoor pollution in the air, soil, and water and offers resources specific for Region 5 states. It also includes a power mapping example to help community members advocate for change and take their environmental concerns to legislators. A printer-friendly version is also available.

  • Susan Kaplan, JD Research Assistant Professor (html)
  • Susan Buchanan, MD, MPH, Director, Great Lakes Center for Children’s Environmental Health Region 5 Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit (html) (html)
  • Emily Szwiec, MPH, Coordinator, Great Lakes Center for Children’s Environmental Health Region 5 Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit (html)

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)
Great Lakes Center (html)
School of Public Health
1603 W Taylor St, Chicago, Illinois 60612

Dr. Jerome “Jerry” Paulson – Professor Emeritus of Environmental & Occupational Health – The George Washington University- Milken Institute School of Public Health | LinkedIn (html)

Time to Step Up Efforts to Protect Children from Climate Change (html)

HealthyChildren.org (html) – From the American Academy of Pediatrics – The AAP Parenting Website

Home – Jerome A. Paulson MD, EnviroHealthDoctor (html)
1113 N Howard St.
Alexandria, VA 22304

The State of Public Health Lead Policies: Implications for Urban Health Inequities and Recommendations for Health Equity

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2019; 16(6):1064 – IJERPH | Free Full-Text | The State of Public Health Lead Policies: Implications for Urban Health Inequities and Recommendations for Health Equity (html) (pdf), Received: 21 February 2019 / Revised: 18 March 2019 / Accepted: 20 March 2019 / Published: 24 March 2019

The State of Public Health Lead Policies: Implications for Urban Health Inequities and Recommendations for Health Equity. – PubMed – NCBI (html)

The State of Public Health Lead Policies: Implications for Urban Health Inequities and Recommendations for Health Equity (html) (pdf)

Screening for Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Children and Pregnant Women,  Updated Evidence Report and Systematic Review & Recommendation Statement

Lead exposure remains an urgent health problem that requires action, not just calls for more evidence!

There are many proven best practices that involve taking action to prevent exposures, screening of high-risk children, and then referring families who have children with elevated blood lead levels to risk assessors and others who are trained and licensed to identify, quantify, and remediate exposure.

Screening for Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Childhood and Pregnancy: Updated Evidence Report and Systematic Review for the US Preventive Services Task Force (html), April 16, 2019 | Guidelines | JAMA | JAMA Network, PubMed – NCBI (html) (html)

Screening for Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Children and Pregnant Women: US Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation Statement (html) (pdf), April 16, 2019 | Guidelines | JAMA | JAMA Network, PubMed – NCBI (html)

Final Recommendation Statement: Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Children and Pregnant Women: Screening (html) – US Preventive Services Task Force

Screening for Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Children and Pregnant Women: Recommendation Statement – U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (html) (pdf) – American Family Physician

Screening for Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Childhood and Pregnancy: Updated Evidence Report and Systematic Review for the US Preventive Services Task Force (html) — Oregon Health & Science University

Lead screening update from the US Preventive Services Task Force (html) (pdf) – The Journal of Pediatrics (html), DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jpeds.2019.07.011

Screening for Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Childhood and Pregnancy: Updated Evidence Report and Systematic Review for the US Preventive Services Task Force (html) | Semantic Scholar, Published in JAMA 2019, DOI:10.1001/jama.2019.1004

National Toxicology Program – Health Effects of Low-level Lead, June 13, 2012!

The National Toxicology Program (NTP), part of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, part of the National Institutes of Health – Health Effects of Low-level Lead (html), June 13, 2012!, Although reductions in lead exposure for the U.S. population have resulted in lower blood lead levels over time, epidemiological studies continue to provide evidence of health effects at lower and lower blood lead levels. The NTP Monograph on Health Effects of Low-level Lead (pdf) was developed to summarize the evidence for lead-associated health effects in children and adults at these low exposure levels. The evidence provides support for adverse health effects in both children and adults at blood lead levels below 10 μg/dL, and, for some effects, below 5 μg/dL.

The panel agreed with the draft NTP overall conclusions on cardiovascular, renal, and immune health effects associated with blood Pb levels <10 μg/dL. The panel recommended changing the draft summary conclusion for neurological effects in children and for reproductive effects in adult women from sufficient evidence of an association at blood Pb levels <10 ug/ dL to sufficient evidence of an association at blood Pb levels <5 ug/dL.

January/February 2019 – Volume 25 – Issue : Journal of Public Health Management and Practice – Supplement 1, Lead Poisoning Prevention

January/February 2019 – Volume 25 – Issue : Journal of Public Health Management and Practice (html)  – Social issues dedicated to Lead Poisoning. Here are several articles:

Lead Elimination for the 21st Century : Journal of Public Health Management and Practice (html), Journal of Public Health Management and Practice: January/February 2019 – Volume 25 – Issue – p S3-S4, PubMed – NCBI (html) – Now is the time to eliminate lead from children’s environments.

Over time, scientific evidence has accumulated and no safe level of lead for children has been identified. Why then has the elimination of lead hazards in the environment not been more of a priority for society as a whole? Lead poisoning is the longest-lasting childhood epidemic in the United States and has never been treated as one.

Using Medicaid Data to Improve Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program Outcomes and Blood Lead Surveillance (html), Journal of Public Health Management and Practice: January/February 2019 – Volume 25 – Issue – p S51-S57, PubMed – NCBI (html)

Integrating Childhood and Adult Blood Lead Surveillance to Improve Identification and Intervention Efforts (html), Journal of Public Health Management and Practice: January/February 2019 – Volume 25 – Issue – p S98-S104, PubMed – NCBI (html) (pdf)

CDC’s Lead Poisoning Prevention Program: A Long-standing Responsibility and Commitment to Protect Children From Lead Exposure (html), Journal of Public Health Management and Practice: January/February 2019 – Volume 25 – Issue – p S5-S12, PubMed – NCBI (html) (html) (pdf)

Lead Poisoning Prevention: The Unfinished Agenda (html), Journal of Public Health Management and Practice: January/February 2019 – Volume 25 – Issue – p S1-S2, PubMed – NCBI (html) (pdf)

The Flint Water Crisis: A Coordinated Public Health Emergency Response and Recovery Initiative (html), Journal of Public Health Management and Practice: January/February 2019 – Volume 25 – Issue – p S84-S90, Perri Zeitz Ruckart, MPH, Adrienne S. Ettinger, ScD, MPH, MS, Mona Hanna-Attisha, MD, MPH, Nicole Jones, PhD, Stephanie I. Davis, MSPH, and Patrick N. Breysse, PhD, PubMed – NCBI (html) (pdf)

Causes for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Are Complex & Many

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a brain disorder that affects social skills, communication and behavior control. In the United States, it affects one in 59 children, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Studies show that about one in four children with autism goes undiagnosed.

What causes autism? (html) | NICHD – Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

One in four children with autism goes undiagnosed, study finds (html), January 10, 2020 – UPI.com

Autism Spectrum Disorder Fact Sheet (html) | National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)

Noteworthy Lead Poisoning Related Books

Toxic Truth: A Scientist, a Doctor, and the Battle over Lead: Lydia Denworth (html): 9780807000328: Amazon.com: Books (html), Toxic Truth Site (html)

What the Eyes Don’t See: A Story of Crisis, Resistance, and Hope in an American City: Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha (html) [Wikipedia]: 9780399590832: Amazon.com: Books (html)

Miscellaneous Lead Poisoning Updates

  • Poisoned by their homes: how the US is failing children exposed to lead | US news | The Guardian (html) Wed 26 Jun 2019 – “We are currently doing things backwards [by] using children’s blood as detectors of environmental contamination,” said Dr Mona Hanna-Attisha, the pediatrician who famously uncovered elevated levels of lead in her pediatric patients and linked it to a new water source in Flint, Michigan. “The screening that needs to happen is in the environment before children are ever exposed.”
  • This Lead Is Killing Us: A History of Citizens Fighting Lead Poisoning in Their Communities (html) | U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)
  • U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, (USDHHS), US Center for Disease Control (CDC) – Lead – CDC’s Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (html), part of National Center for Environmental Health, (NCEH), Division of Environmental Health Science and Practice (EHSP)
  • Exploring the long fight against lead poisoning in the United States (html) – The Washington Post, November 9, 2019
  • ‘Troubling’ audit reveals state failure to test millions of babies for toxic lead | CalMatters (html), January 7, 2020 – “Because we know that lead has such harmful effects on kids and the impacts last a lifetime, the state [California] has a responsibility to want to eliminate all exposures so kids are not exposed in the first place,” said Dr. Jill Johnston (html), assistant professor of preventive medicine in the Division of Environmental Health at the USC Keck School of Medicine (html)
  • Environmental Chemicals Are Stealing IQ Points from American Children and Costing Trillions to the Economy – Citizen Truth (html), January 18, 2020
  • The Pediatrician Who Woke America Up to the Lead Crisis | Discover Magazine (html) November 13, 2019. Crisis – Thanks to one man’s perseverance, we know even small doses of lead can permanently harm growing kids
  • Recent Increases in Air Pollution: Evidence and Implications for Mortality (html), National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Working Paper No. 26381, Issued in October 2019
  • Get the Lead Out – Center for American Progress (html) January 17, 2019 – Lead poisoning is completely preventable. But, because lead has no smell, taste, or color, communities and public health officials have significant challenges finding and measuring the presence of the toxic metal. Lead Exposure Activity Detection (LEAD) Innovation Fund – to be managed by the National Science Foundation, would accelerate the development of next-generation approaches to lead detection and monitoring. Specifically, it would focus on approaches that are smarter and cheaper and that better meet benchmarks set by federal agencies such as the EPA and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Lead Poisoning Prevention: The Unfinished Agenda (html) (pdf), 2019 January 25, J Public Health Manag Pract.
  • United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Urban Technical Note No. 4, January 2018 – Urban Soils in Agriculture – (pdf) Studies have found that 57 to 100 percent of the trace metals, e.g. Lead, found in storm-water are from atmospheric deposition
  • Lead (Pb) Bioaccessibility and Mobility Assessment of Urban Soils and Composts: Fingerprinting Sources and Refining Risks to Support Urban Agriculture – Sharp – 2017 – GeoHealth – Wiley Online Library (html) (pdf)
  • Case studies and evidence-based approaches to addressing urban soil lead contamination – ScienceDirect (html) (pdf), Applied GeochemistryVolume 83, August 2017, Pages 14-30
  • Report Highlights Effective State Strategies to Improve Lead Screening and Treatment in Children – The National Academy for State Health Policy (html), A Publication of the National Academy for State Health Policy, State Strategies to Improve Childhood Lead Screening and Treatment Services under Medicaid and CHIP (pdf), April 2018, National Academy For State Health Policy (NASHP)
  • Early lead exposure and outcomes in adulthood, IFAU – Institute for Evaluation of Labour Market and Education(2017) (html) (pdf)
  • The Deadly Biology of Lead Exposure – Science in the News, Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (html), June 27, 2016
  • Linking Source and Effect: Resuspended Soil Lead, Air Lead, and Children’s Blood Lead Levels in Detroit, Michigan | Environmental Science & Technology (html) (sample statistics pdf), February 21, 2013, PubMed (html)
  • Lead Exposure and Lead Poisoning (html), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
  • Learn about Lead | Lead | US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (html)
  • American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) – Home4601 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 630 | Arlington, VA 22203. To Contact your local Poison Control Center: 1-800-222-1222, Help – PoisonHelp.org, Call 1-800-222-1222 or Get Help Online – Poison.org

Michigan Map Looks Like a Waterproof, Stain Resistant, Fireproof, Non-stick PFAS Mitten with a Secret Tetraethyl Lead (TEL) Lining That MDOT Just Happened to ‘forget’ to Tell ‘anyone’ About! How Convenient!

Elevated levels of PFAS found in water in Miami, New York, Philadelphia, other major cities (html) – UPI.com– The latest EWG study tested for 30 different PFAS compounds, but there are currently 600 PFAS compounds currently being used by various industries. Most of these aren’t well studied, so their potential toxicities aren’t understood.

Per and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) (html) | US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – The FDA states there are nearly 5,000 types of PFAS, some of which have been more widely used and studied than others.

Part of the problem is that researchers working to study the safety of these compounds and their prevalence in the environment can’t keep up with their production by industrial sources, who are not required to report the development of new PFAS compounds and are reluctant to share trade secrets.

In Europe, PFAS compounds are banned — not so in the U.S.

Previous testing has found extremely high levels of PFAS in water samples collected near U.S. Navy and Air Force bases.

Hmmmm, sounds familiar, surely MDOT knows something, like Grand Rapids Michigan airport (GRR) (KGRR) (html), MDOT will deny, hide, obfuscate, and won’t tell anyone for sure. Seems like a common repeating pattern of behavior?

“People tend not to care about cleaning up after there is an aviation accident,” Rediske said. “They’re just trying to put out the fire and save people’s lives.”

PFAS Contamination – Michigan’s Biggest Environmental Crisis in Decades (html), May 28th, 2019 – Michigan Green Consortium (MGC)

PFAS in Michigan: What we know and what we need (html) – Michigan Environmental Council (MEC)

Research on Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) (html) | Safer Chemicals Research (html) | US EPA (EPA)

What About Exposure to Multiple Toxins Together: Tetraethyl Lead, PFAS, EDB?

PFAS Contamination of Drinking Water Far More Prevalent Than Previously Reported (html), EWG.org, Wednesday, January 22, 2020 – “The most significant factor, from a toxicology standpoint, is that certain ones stick to proteins in our blood,” Rediske said. “DDT and pesticides go in to our fat. Lead goes into our bones. Mercury goes into muscle. Because PFAS are carried around in our blood and aren’t discarded, they naturally concentrate over time. And they attach to the proteins that carry antibodies, cholesterol and hormones, that’s why you get so many different health effects caused by these compounds.”

The technical (real) answer is – even the SMEs do not know and can’t predict or isolate any particular health outcome(s). The marketing answer – MDOT is looking into it!

MDOT Continued Lead & PFAS Silence Threatens Recovery & Growth of Southeast Michigan

This MDOT silence not only threatens the recovery and growth of Southeast Michigan, it threatens the reputation of the entire State of Michigan on the national and international stage! What a needless pity caused by a handful of Lead loving clowns wagging the dog with no regard for the community or environmental sustainability!

Even while Ann Arbor was rated a top #3 tech hub in the nation, retaining and growing a tech hub in Southeast Michigan with so much competition worldwide should be a significant worry for Michigan business leaders at Michigan Business Aviation Association (MBAA), Ann Arbor SPARK, Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG), Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC| MiPlace| PlanetM), Michigan Venture Capital Association (MVCA), American Center for Mobility (ACM), and Pure Michigan the Official Travel & Tourism Website for Michigan which is a ‘nice marketing’ view but sadly currently does NOT reflect the true environmental and sustainability status and record of the State of Michigan!

The Brookings institute released a report Monday December 9, 2019, The case for growth centers: How to spread tech innovation across America (html) (full report pdf) (Exec Summary pdf) (Press release pdf) (Appendices pdf) that basically states:

What’s happening: “Most notably, just five top innovation metros — Boston, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle and San Diego — accounted for more than 90% of the nation’s innovation-sector growth during the years 2005 and 2017,” per the report. NOTE: these cities have a proven record of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The report goes to say that “That’s not to say other metro areas didn’t see some growth in this sector. Cities like Denver, Atlanta and Salt Lake City increased their share, but their gains were smaller than those in the top five. Most metros have stayed relatively flat or lost innovation-sector share.”

Detroit-Warren-Dearborn, MI or basically SE Michigan, lost a notable percentage of jobs, but potential for growth is there (USNews) (Reuters) (Wired) if MDOT ignorance and belligerence doesn’t destroy our chances.

Every person in Michigan should remember that Detroit is only 5 years out of bankruptcy. Tuesday December 10th marks the Detroit’s bankruptcy 5 year anniversary. While great strides have been made, can Detroit avoid another one? (FreePress) Can Michigan ever shed the Lead Poisoning and Bankruptcy mantle? Can Michigan survive an economic recession or even a downturn? (MMTC) (SaveMICity) (MetroTimes)

The chance that Michigan will have continued weak economic fundamentals is one of the highest in the nation. In fact, Michigan’s state coincident index’s growth rate was negative in July all but confirming that its economy is on shaky grounds (Lendingtree). As MDOT squanders taxpayer money for pet projects and politicians fight over the bureaucratic ‘pork barrel’ budgets it should come as no surprise Michigan still has a long recovery road ahead:

  • After 10 years of steady growth, Michigan’s economy faces headwinds (html) | Bridge Magazine
  • Outlooks continue to show slower growth ahead for Michigan, U.S. economies (html) | MiBiz
  • The Era of Fed Power Is Over. Prepare for a More Perilous Road Ahead (html) | WSJ

With the looming shortage and challenge of finding and retaining talent required for the next decade of Michigan growth (html), it’s clear that nobody wants to live, work, play, shop, or raise a family anywhere in Southeast Michigan with MDOT obscuring, hiding, accepting, encouraging, endorsing, sponsoring, and even directly misrepresenting and openly lying about known unsafe levels of Lead as safe which amounts to Lead Poisoning! This is common knowledge and is well known in the aviation industry for almost a decade.

MDOT has historically expended zero time, money or effort to truly address or even acknowledge Chemical contamination and Lead Poisoning. This is just the tip of the MDOT iceberg of chemical poisoning and contamination coverups that will affect Michigan’s future for years to come.

Michigan Residents Tired of the MDOT Tail Wagging the Dog and Demand Action

Taxpayers demand Michigan Lawmakers & Elected Officials remove all helicopters and airplanes from our Canton Township and Plymouth Township Michigan Neighborhoods, near our Schools, School Children & our Homes.

MDOT – the Michigan Department of Transportation has betrayed the public trust by promoting and protecting Special Interests & Industry Lobbyist agendas, wasting tax payer dollars, and withholding vital information regarding Health, Safety, and Welfare of vulnerable populations include pregnant women, babies, and school children.

MDOT, Special Interests, & Industry Lobbyists have misled, misrepresented, obscured, hidden, and outright lied to taxpayers about Public Health, Safety, & Welfare dangers from these helicopters and airplanes.

  • 9 of 12 extended family members dead in plane crash, 3 seriously injured. (NPR) (USAToday) (ChicagoTribune).
  •  7 dead , including whole Family of 5 including three young children and two newly wed friends when small plane slammed into the ground and was ‘completely destroyed’ (People) (TorontoSun) (AVWeb) (DailyMail).
  • 3 dead after failed emergency landing, aircraft found completely demolished on sidewalk and street (CNN) (USAToday).
  • Flight risk worries preceded deadly medical helicopter crash, NTSB reports – News – The Columbus Dispatch – Columbus, OH (Cinncinati.com) (ColumbusDispatch). Pilot and two flight nurses on the Survival Flight dead. A 53-page report NTSB report indicates that multiple people expressed concern about pressuring pilots to take flights. Several testified they were recipients of or witnessed a pilot being reprimanded or challenged for declining a flight. One medical crew member recounted the chief pilot calling pilots who declined flights, yelling at them with expletives and belittling insults.
  • Two people dead, Air filter found displaced in fatal Michigan plane crash
  • 3 People Dead, 3 Critically Injured, Deadliest on Record in Lansing Michigan. (People)(DetroitNews)(LansingStateJournal)(USAToday)
  • Seven Killed, many critically injured in World War II-Era Plane Crash. Nobody should be be flying 70-year-old planes! (USAToday)(WSJ)(YouTube)(WBUR)(LATimes)(ChicagoTrib)(Courant)(People)(Time)
  • Helicopter wheel falls through ceiling of Home, Owner says she’s ‘been dreading this’ (ChicagoSun)
  • Air show 2019: Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Snowbird plane crashes during Atlanta air show (AAS). Pilot forced to eject from aircraft shortly before air show performance, aircraft crashed in an area with huge plumes of smoke behind shocked onlooker’s homes. The rest of the annual air show cancelled following the crash. Video show fiery crash site miles away from air strip. – (CBSNews) (11Alive) (WSBTV) (Wikipedia)
  • Plane propeller cuts off woman’s arm and foot in grisly accident | (MiamiHerald) (OrlandoSentinel) (ABCNews) (NYPost) (FOXNews)
  • New details of B–17 crash emerge (AOPA)
  • NTSB releases preliminary report on fatal B-17 plane crash (Task&Purpose).
    The plane hit approach lights about 1,000 feet prior to the runway, then landed 500 feet before reaching it, according to airport surveillance video and witness statements collected by federal investigators. The plane then veered off the runway before colliding into a deicing fluid tank and vehicles bursting into flames.

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) budget contains the largest single waste of taxpayer money in the history of Michigan all while Michigan students and schools are completely ignored and neglected.

  • Study: Michigan ranks last in school funding growth over 20 years (Crains)
  • Michigan ranked 44th nationally in higher education spending in 2019 (TheMichiganDaily)
  • Fewer students, tepid state funding roil Michigan public universities (BridgeMagazine)
  • States with the best (and worst) schools. Few state school systems report worse achievement metrics than Michigan.  (USAToday)
  • National Education Association (NEA) Rankings of the States 2018 and Estimates of School Statistics 2019, NEA Research April 2019 (PDF)
  • Man hit and killed by plane on runway (html) – YouTube
  • How Airlines Park Thousands of Planes (html) – YouTube – The coronavirus has devastated the airline industry. U.S. air travel has dropped 95% compared to last year and the number of flights scheduled globally is down by 63%. More than 16,000 of the world’s commercial aircraft are grounded. These planes can’t just sit idle, they need routine maintenance and a place to be stored. And when you suddenly have thousands of planes with nowhere to go it becomes a logistical nightmare. Here’s a look at how airlines parks thousands of planes and the outlook for the grounded fleet.

It is absolutely unconscionable, and embarrassing as residents that the State of Michigan has not made any public statement regarding Public Health, Safety, and Welfare regarding Tetraethyl Lead (TEL) Poisoning, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) at Plymouth Canton School System (PCCS), nor has any other responsible authority for that matter!

Some Recent Lame MDOT Activity History

2019 Week 43 Monday October 21, 2019 thru Sunday October 27, 2019. Busy MDOT weekend with Special Interest & Industry Lobbyist event complete with helicopter & airplane rides in a carnival like event giving community pregnant women, babies, school children & neighborhoods the middle finger!

The PCCS School Season began long ago and planes and helicopters are still buzzing in and out indiscriminately. The third-party contractor hired by the State of Michigan allows the right people to enjoy their Labor Day vacations and summer & fall time off flying over PCCS Schools and Plymouth and Canton Township neighborhoods. Hangar A2 is one such privileged hangar renter that gets the nod-nod wink-wink and enjoys toxic time over our schools and community. That is after this very well to do person’s additional extra or spare green car stored in the hangar is moved out the way, what a scam and insult to parents and taxpayers!

It’s all about the money, connections, Special Interests and Industry Lobbyist friends, family, contractors and MDOT employees. What a complete joke! The State of Michigan can’t seem to control this toxic Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 mess either, and continues to cater to these vindictive & vengeful clowns while the Health, Safety, and Welfare of our most vulnerable populations continues to be ignored, go figure.

The State Owned Hobby, Sport, Recreational Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 sneaky airplane and helicopter airstrip traffic continued for their summer and now fall vacations. Since there is NO “Closed” sign anywhere to be seen, for all intents and purposes 1d2 appears to be still “Open for Business” as usual, smugly and defiantly offering flying classes & training, helicopter & airplane rides, aviation rental storage units, and even boasting tours and class trip type visits for school age children. Wow, go figure!

Yes, the airstrip is still  “Open for business as usual”, flying classes still advertised, take-off & landing from 6:30am to 10:00pm, many less than 200 feet over dangerously close neighborhoods, homes, schools, and retirement, nursing & rehabilitation centers. Now a commercial entity that owns ~7 helicopters from Oakland/Troy Airport (VLL) is offering Helicopter rides & classes like a side show carnival, nobody seems to take this seriously at all.

This is easily shown in 3D radar data sets used in typical NTSB & FAA aircraft & helicopter accident & crash investigation & reconstruction, e.g. using data from FAA & USAF Joint Surveillance System (JSS) RADAR station at Geddes & Michigan avenue (4.76 mi, 7.65 km, 4.13 nmi from 1d2) used for DTW, YIP, and others. See J-62, Z-397, Canton, MI, ARSR-4, 42°16′36″N 083°28′27″W, EADS, AGL Great Lakes. Or FAA Terminal Radar Approach Control Facilities (TRACON) Detroit LocID D21. The only people these morons at 1d2 are fooling is themselves!

The whole month of July – September was “open for business as usual” with the regular cast or morons including N1522VN17177,  N94891N99MQ, and N6902T. However, more troubling is N992CP Civil Air Patrol [CAP] and N513RS Yankee Air Museum [YAM] [YAM], both performing prohibited dangerous touch-n-go’s on a tiny airstrip directly over schools, homes, and the many local assisted care living & rehabilitation facilities! What a sad state of affairs, it’s people at companies and organizations like these that are the perfect example why “we can’t have nice things!

The Civil Air Patrol Inc, 105 S Hansell ST, Maxwell AFB Alabama 36112 (CAP) [Facebook] [Michigan Wing] (Satellite) [DOD Maxwell-Gunter AFB] [Facebook] seems to endorse, condone, support, sponsor, and or otherwise approve of Lead Poisoning of vulnerable populations like nearby school kids and the entire community with clowns like N992CP (Monday July 8, 2019 10:65am) at Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip. CAP is a non-governmental non-profit organization that many believe has lost their respect along the way, e.g. many make comments like “Looking back, it didn’t really benefit in any way, and the grown up side is just a [pathetic] flight club for [arrogant] people that want to pretend they are/were military.” It’s no surprise Why CAP Members Are Leaving either, while there are some good people left, the local  groups seem to be stuck with some of the “bottom of the barrel” seen in their frequent lapses in management decisions and judgment. Quite disturbing, sad and very disappointing . . .

The Yankee Air Museum (YAM) obviously has some problems of their own, don’t think they need increased bad press with jerks like Red WACO Biplane N513RS on July 6, 2019 between 12:00 Noon and 12:30pm treating Canton Township neighborhoods  to an Oshkosh like thrill show, demonstrating reckless, careless, erratic, aerobatic flight maneuvers [AOPA] [FAA] [US GPO] [eCFR], swooping unnecessarily low over neighborhoods, extreme changes of altitude, speed, with obviously observable unsafe and dangerous flight characteristics, that easily appear on local FAA Air Traffic Control radar [ATC], over many homes, close PCCS schools, and assisted care living & rehabilitation facilities. The FAA [FAA] cannot seem to manage or control ANY of these out of control clowns, and neither can MDOT or even the State of Michigan!

These clowns really believe they are “above the law” and can do whatever they want whenever they want and continue to give the surrounding communities the big middle finger!

MDOT does not seem to care or can’t control anything at this airstrip. What a complete waste of taxpayer dollars. There is zero sense of urgency, Michigan residents deserve better!

Mission Statement

NOTE: The single mission of close1d2.org is to eliminate Lead Poisoning of children in PCCS Schools and Plymouth & Canton neighborhoods from 100LL Leaded Aviation Fuel used at State of Michigan MDOT owned Hobby, Sport, Recreational – Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airport!

As part of our mission one goal is to Inform, Expose and Eliminate Michigan Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) Best Kept Secret: Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel Lead Poisoning of Michigan children!

Kids are sick and damaged, and continue to be sickened and damaged! MDOT and their Special Interest & Industry Lobbyist cronies continue to profit & benefit from unfettered, unfair, and unjust access to State of Michigan resources, funding, visibility, advertising & endorsement express or implied on State of Michigan web sites, undue political leverage, preferences & favoritism, protection & pandering [define] to Special Interest & Industry Lobbyist agendas and goals, and other benefits & perks as well.

Lead poisoning of Children from Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel remains an urgent health problem that requires action, not just calls for more evidence from MDOT, Special Interests & Industry Lobbyists!

This site is NOT against Aerospace & Defense, love of country, or patriotism by any means. Lead Poisoning of children has nothing to do with any of these topics!  On the contrary, we salute the many fine Airmen & Airwomen protecting our country every single day! Some of the close1d2.org volunteers & contributors thrive in the excitement of the Aerospace & Defense Industry! Please see About page for further information.

National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

  • US Center for Disease Control (CDC) – National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week (html)
  • EPA Kicks Off National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week | U.S. EPA News Releases | US EPA (html)
  • National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week | Lead | US EPA (html)
  • National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week | National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) (html)
  • National Safety Council (NSC) Lead Poisoning Prevention – Lead Poisoning Is a Real and Present Danger (html)
  • World Health Organization (WHO) | International lead poisoning prevention week of action (html)
  • HUD.gov / U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week (html)
  • U.S. National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week (NLPPW) (pdf) was October 21, 2018 thru October 27, 2018.

Please, don’t forget to Tell MDOT to Stop Poisoning Children 100LL leaded aviation fuel!

  • Tell MDOT to STOP poisoning our children with 100LL leaded aviation fuel NOW!
  • Tell the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services  (MDHHS) Childhood Lead Exposure Elimination Commission (CLEEC) to STOP the MDOT Lead Poisoning of children NOW!
  • Tell Governor Whitmer to STOP MDOT from lead poisoning our children NOW!

MDOT Says Tetraethyl Lead is Harmless, No Threat to Public, Yeah Right!

April / May 2019 Update: Survey & Soil Boring Activities at Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip and May 9, 2019 MDOT Response says Tetraethyl Lead is Harmless, No Threat to Public.

Throughout April / May 2019 what appears to be a full topographical survey and many precisely located soil borings were conducted at Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip. Many in the community were hoping this was the start of environmental brownfield planning and development for a sustainable green space for the entire surrounding community. But tragically, that is NOT the case. Here is the reply from MDOT standing firmly and sadly behind antiquated FAA leaded aviation fuel rules: MDOT May 9, 2019 Response regarding decades old common knowledge and well known facts in the aviation and aerospace industry, and was totally expected from a subjective biased source. MDOT might be legally protected (CYA), but ethically and morally MDOT sure is lacking and in complete denial.

MDOT seems more concerned and focused on:

  • Making fraudulent and misleading statements defending Lead as Harmless, No Threat to Public
  • Defending phony budgets and astronomical economic impact & community ROI at Canton Plymouth Mettetal  1d2 as $16 Million Dollars yearly, divided by 12 months or $1.3 Million dollars per month! That’s $1,333,333.00 of THE most outrageous bunch of fictional garbage MDOT economic impacts ever inflicted on taxpayers thus far.
  • Defending cronies at specific local Special Interests & Industry Lobbyists. This site has never mentioned any Special Interests & Industry Lobbyists by name anywhere. As everyone knows many groups do some important work like the rest of community, but anybody’s ‘good work’ has nothing to do with Tetraethyl Lead Poisoning of children whatsoever.

The comments in MDOT response are all personal opinion & personal agenda and has nothing to do with Taxpayers whatsoever.

MDOT should act on the Community Health, Safety and Welfare issues instead of defending ridiculous opinions that have nothing to do with protecting most importantly children from MDOT inflicted Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel Tetraethyl Lead Poisoning and MDOT ‘collateral damage’ to surrounding schools, communities, neighborhoods, families.

Elimination of Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel Tetraethyl Lead Poisoning is important for local Canton & Plymouth, Southeast Michigan, and State of Michigan families, neighborhoods, and schools, but also has positive Health, Safety, & Welfare impacts for vulnerable populations across the entire United States.

Many in the aviation, airspace & defense industries strongly disagree with decades old FAA & EPA rules (and MDOT hiding behind them) and related Federal gridlock to change specifications that everyone in aviation and aerospace industries knows are inaccurate and woefully out of date with respect to Health, Safety, and Welfare of nearby vulnerable populations. Many medical, governmental, professional, and technical facts and opinions to the contrary are presented here regarding 100LL leaded aviation fuel which is a serious problem for anyone near it, period. MDOT please do your best to join the 21stcentury with respect to 100LL lead exposure, especially with regards to the three very close schools!

“All of the EPA [FAA] lead standards are grossly inadequate and need to be updated to respect the science of ‘no safe level’ of lead exposure [CDC]. Only then will we as a nation [State] be able to fully protect the potential of our children from this preventable neurotoxin.”

Every effort will made to get the MDOT Lead Testing results and the defined tolerances for human exposure, including those used for vulnerable populations such as children, that were used for measurement and comparison. See MDOT Toxic Emissions Inventory at Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 for details.

However, the independent testing was done by what appears to be the closest approved / contracted, and a respected engineering company just doing their job for MDOT:

The C&S Companies [LinkedIn][Facebook] [Twitter] – Quality Engineering, Architectural, and Construction Services with offices located at: 38777 Six Mile Rd. Suite 202, Livonia, MI 48152, +1-734-953-2571.

The C&S Companies recently handled the Detroit Metro Runway 4L-22R Rehabilitation. C&S also handles many Environmental projects that help transform blighted properties into integral, vibrant parts of a community, catalyzing revitalization of entire neighborhoods. With specialization in brownfield planning and development, helping individuals, municipalities, and corporations tackle even the most vexing brownfield and contaminant issues. The C&S team’s brownfield expertise includes:

  • Area-wide and site-specific brownfield planning
  • Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Site and remedial investigation
  • Remedial evaluations and cost estimating
  • Remediation oversight
  • Public outreach

C&S has conducted a number of successful brownfield projects, ranging from small gas stations to large abandoned industrial sites. Their team of engineers, geologists, biologists, and planners have significant technical expertise that allows them to understand the issues inherent in brownfield redevelopment projects and give insight into the regulatory and administrative framework of the various state and federal brownfields programs. They also provide site layout, planning, and conceptual future development for brownfield redevelopment projects. The C&S Companies avidly support Sustainability (pdf), and are members of The American Council of Engineers, New York Section (ACEC NY).

Governor Whitmer will be attending the 2018 Michigan Infrastructure Conference (MIC)(details), jointly hosted by the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) [Wikipedia] of Michigan (ACEC MI) and the Michigan (ASCE MI) Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) [Wikipedia].

Michigan Infrastructure Report Card

The ASCE Michigan Section released the Infrastructure Report Card for Michigan in March. The report covers 13 categories of infrastructure including: aviation, bridges, dams, drinking water, energy, navigation, rail, roads, schools, solid waste, stormwater, transit and wastewater. The report card for the State of Michigan was rated a totally embarrassing summary  D+!

Michigan Infrastructure | ASCE’s 2018 Infrastructure Report Card
Full 2018 Michigan Infrastructure Report Card (html) summary D+
2018 Report Card for Michigan’s Infrastructure Executive Summary (pdf)
2018 Report Card for Michigan’s Infrastructure Full Report (pdf)

As Beverly Watts [Detroit Riverfront Conservancy] who is Director of Public Services that includes the Environmental Services Group for Wayne County, and served on former Gov. Rick Snyder’s 21st Century Infrastructure Commission states in Crain’s Detroit Wayne County running out of Band-Aids for local roads (html) that “what’s scariest is that most people still don’t understand how dramatically the rate of deterioration is outpacing investment. People tell me every day how poor the roads are in Southeast Michigan, and they are right. But they don’t realize just how quickly they will get worse, requiring major reconstruction, or how much more expensive it becomes each year we fail to invest adequately.”

MDOT seems to need help from the State of Michigan, Wayne County, and Local elected officials and agencies to invest taxpayer dollars in long term sustainable, community friendly, transportation infrastructure NOT Hobby, Sport, Recreational Canton Mettetal 1d2 airstrip for a handful of well to do people. Aside from the many Health, Safety, and Welfare related issues (MDOT is really in denial) at 1d2 airstrip, spending any tax dollars to keep the 1d2 airstrip in operation is not only outrageous, but should be embarrassing for the entire Southeast Michigan Region!

Executive Summary

There are #6 key takeaways regarding Lead Poisoning of the Canton Plymouth Community and PCCS Schools in this Executive Summary below. See Lead Poisoning page for more detailed supporting information.

# – 1 – PEW– The Health Impact Project, a collaboration of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Pew Charitable Trusts, produced a set of recommendations entitled 10 Policies to Prevent and Respond to Childhood Lead Exposure: An assessment of the risks communities face and key federal, state, and local solutions, August 30, 2017. The 144 page (pdf) report goes on to say that by “Eliminating lead from airplane fuel would protect more than 226,000 children born in 2018 who live near airports, generate $262 million in future benefits, and remove roughly 450 tons of lead from the environment every year.”

The report also goes on to say: “In 2012, the FAA estimated that phasing out leaded fuel would take 11 years. According to a recent federal task force report, the FAA is working to identify unleaded alternative fuels for most piston engine aircraft by 2018 [FAA delayed until mid-2020 described below], and under section 231 of the Clean Air Act, the EPA is evaluating whether lead emissions from aviation fuel “cause or contribute to air pollution that may reasonably be anticipated to endanger public health or welfare.” Based on the results of its investigation, the EPA could help to expedite the elimination of lead in aviation fuel by using its authority under the act to issue an “endangerment finding,” indicating that leaded aircraft fuel emissions are polluting and harmful to public health. Such a ruling would trigger the FAA to issue standards.

However, given the extremely protracted timelines for ANY federal action, the report suggests that states should take steps to address the problem directly, by, for example, requiring all general aviation airports to provide unleaded gas or establishing fees or taxes on airports serving piston engine aircraft to support the cleanup of the soil in parks, near homes, schools, and child care facilities.” The https://close1d2.org/lead-poisoning team suggests a far more expedient solution which is to promptly close an unneeded, unwanted, non-commercially viable State owned hobby/sport/recreational airstrip located in densely populated neighborhoods very close to many schools thereby eliminating the continuous stream of lead poisoning immediately and completely, saving money for the taxpayer at the same time.

# – 2 – Myths & Realities of Leaded Aviation Fuel, prepared by Center for Environmental Health for Friends of the Earth, funding provided by The New York Community Trust, reinforces the relationship between children’s blood lead levels and the proximity of their schools and homes to airports such as 1d2 that exclusively use 100LL leaded aviation fuel for all of the piston engine aircraft and helicopters based there. Lead is highly toxic and causes a variety of adverse health effects; at low exposure levels, it can cause learning disabilities, lower IQ levels, increased blood pressure and nerve damage; at high levels of exposure, it can lead to brain damage and death. Lead puts children at especially high risk because they absorb larger amounts and are more sensitive to lead-induced toxicity. Lead exposure presents a particular danger to the development of children’s nervous systems.

Additionally, many national and international groups, including the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE), International Network for Epidemiology (IJPC-SE), plus many others, join the Call for Action for Global Control of Lead Exposure to Eliminate Lead Poisoning (html) (pdf) (Epidemiology).

# – 3 – Lancet Medical Journal – While many might view the Flint Water Crisis as a tragic but isolated incident, a recent study in the medical journal The Lancet, Low-level lead exposure and mortality in US adults (pdf) March 12, 2018, found that exposure to low levels of lead contributes to as many as 412,000 premature deaths of residents across the United States each year.

This figure is approximately 10 times higher than what previous studies suggested, and places premature death from lead exposure almost on a par with deaths caused by smoking, which takes 483,000 American lives each year. Heart disease and Cancer are the leading cause of deaths in Michigan. Around the world everyone is realizing Lead is even deadlier than we feared as the full extent of its toxic effects are revealed. However, people must realize that Fixing America’s costly lead problem could yield billions more in benefits.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), notes children are most susceptible to the harms of lead exposure; their developing bodies absorb the toxic chemical in higher amounts and their brains and nervous systems are more sensitive to lead. Lead exposure in children may cause developmental, behavioral, and learning problems, as well as anemia, hearing problems, and irreversible damage to almost all parts of their growing bodies.

The Lancet is a weekly peer-reviewed general medical journal. It is one of the world’s oldest and also one of the best known general medical journals. In the 2014 Journal Citation ReportsThe Lancet was ranked second among general medical journals, (with an impact factor of 45), after The New England Journal of Medicine (impact factor of 56).

# – 4 – The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Health hazard evaluation report #20042888  Exposures to LEAD and other metals at an aircraft repair and flight school facility (pdf) found that:

  • Tetraethyl Lead [toxnet manual search]  dust was found on toys and a baby walker in the work area.
  • Lead was detected in blood samples collected from all facility personnel. The hangar area had the highest surface concentrations of lead; lead was also found on the steering wheel of an employee’s car.
  • Employees should use disposable shoe covers and on-site laundering for work clothes to reduce the potential for take-home lead contamination. Investigators also advised that children not be allowed in work areas. Employees were encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly before eating and drinking, before and after putting on gloves, and before leaving the facility.
  • Do not eat or drink in the hangar area.
  • In homes with a family member exposed to lead, care must be taken to prevent “take home” of lead, that is, lead carried into the home on clothing, skin, hair, and in vehicles. Lead-contaminated surface dust represents a potential source of lead exposure, particularly for young children.
  • NOTE: keep in mind the CDC has since eliminated the term “blood lead level of concern” used in this report and declared there is NO safe level of lead in children’s blood.

A related May 2003 (!) Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University [wikipedia] thesis Controlling Lead Exposure During the Process of Cleaning Aviation Spark Plugs (html) (pdf) explores controlling the lead bromide particulate matter after it is removed from the spark plug electrode. Various control methods and/or procedural changes are discussed that may be employed to control the spread of lead bromide dust throughout the shop environment and the prevention of employee exposure to lead.

# – 5 –  OSHA Safety Data Sheets (SDS) & American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Specs show LEADED 100LL aviation fuel is NOT like automobile gas at all, it’s Tetraethyl Lead [toxnet manual search] mixed with many other toxic chemicals!

100LL leaded aviation fuel, or avgas, is also known as 100 octane aviation fuel, is a petroleum based fuel designed for reciprocating aircraft and helicopter engines. 100LL leaded aviation fuel adheres to ASTM Specification D 910, and contains 2.12 grams of Tetraethyl Lead [toxnet manual search] per gallon. Again, 100LL leaded aviation fuel contains many toxic chemical additives and is NOT like automobile gasoline at all. It’s a synthetic blend of chemicals, including xylenetoluenebenzene, & tetraethyl lead. The toxicity hazards of these additive chemicals are well documented.

# – 6 – FAA and EPA Delay Process of Identifying and Mandating Unleaded Fuel Alternative for Piston Engine Aircraft & Helicopters, June 21, 2018.

An update on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) website indicates that the 2018 date for identifying an unleaded fuel alternative for piston engine aircraft has now been delayed. Per the FAA, “Based on current projected activities and timelines, the testing completion date for the PAFI program will be mid-2020.” See Aviation Gasoline: Unleaded Avgas Progress Update for details regarding toxic tetraethyl lead used in 100LL aviation fuel.

NOTE: FAA delays were originally: announced June 4, 2018 – push December 2018 to December 2019, now announced September 7, 2018 – push December 2019 to mid-2020!

Additionally, Regulations for Lead Emissions from Aircraft from the EPA based on  Endangerment Findings on Lead Emissions from Aircraft fuel has been postponed by the current administration in Washington.

The EPA originally scheduled to issue a proposed finding on the question of endangerment in 2017. This proposed finding would then undergo public notice and comment. After evaluating comments on the proposal, the EPA had plans to issue a final determination in 2018. It remains uncertain as to if and when this action will be pursued.

The use of unleaded aviation fuel cannot be mandated until an endangerment finding by the EPA is issued. NOTE:  this means that for the foreseeable future, certainly years, the Plymouth-Canton Mettetal 1d2 airstrip, aircraft, and helicopters have free reign to continue subjecting vulnerable populations to the toxic effects of lead pollution from 100LL aviation fuel.

See Lead Poisoning page for more detailed supporting information.
See UPDATE: May 2019 – PCCS Schools Still Being Covered with 1d2 Lead Dust for additional supporting information.

It’s interesting to note, that there does not seem to be ANY objective taxpayer voice at 1d2 Canton Plymouth Mettetal at all, everyone is a third party contractor, friends or family of a third party contractor or MDOT employee, and/or a member of one or more Special Interest or Industry Lobbyist groups that do not seem to prioritize the Health, Safety, and Welfare of the schools and community at all, go figure.

Protect the PCCS Schools & Canton Plymouth Community from Lead Poisoning

The State of Michigan has a responsibility to the taxpayers to shut down 1d2 & MI79 to Protect the Health, Safety, & Welfare of the community, densely populated neighborhoods, and schools from lead poisoning, especially the schools that are close and have many students, including Hulsing Elementary, Plymouth Christian Academy, East Middle School, Smith Elementary, and Plymouth Canton Educational Park (PCEP) described below.

  • Hulsing Elementary School 8055 Fleet St., Canton, MI  48187 (Directly across the street, ~200 meters, ~270 steps from 1d2 Mettetal lead poisoning!)
  • Plymouth Christian Academy, 43065 Joy Rd, Canton, MI 48187 (Directly across the street, ~190 meters,  ~248 steps from 1d2 Mettetal lead poisoning!)
  • East Middle School 1042 South Mill St., Plymouth, MI  48170 (Just down the street, ~950 meters, ~1230 steps from 1d2 Mettetal lead poisoning!). Google satellite shows East Middle School [Facebook] with over 75 – 100 PCCS school busses parked next to playground area, which is only 450m from Fairground Park [Facebook], and 850m from Kellogg Park Music in the Park [Arts] [City] [Concerts] [DDA] [Facebook], Downtown Plymouth [Facebook] [Twitter] [PureMI], and other Plymouth Michigan Parks & Events [Events] [Parks] [PureMI] [Weddings].
  • Smith Elementary School 1298 McKinley St., Plymouth, MI  48170 (Just down the street, ~1500m, ~2040 steps from 1d2 Mettetal lead poisoning!)
  • Plymouth Canton Educational Park (PCEP), and the three High schools located there which is just down the street, ~2300m, ~3100 steps from 1d2 Mettetal lead poisoning.

Hulsing Elementary School – 8055 Fleet St., Canton, MI  48187 Directly across the street, ~200 meters, ~270 steps from 1d2 Mettetal lead poisoning

Hulsing Elementary School Google Maps (street|satellite) views show the hobby, sport, recreational Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip in the lower right and also shows Plymouth Christian Academy, East Middle Schools, Smith Elementary, and PCEP, all in very close proximity, obviously these schools are too dangerously close to toxic lead poisoning from 1d2 Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip.

It’s 2020, Didn’t the State of Michgan Learn Anything from Flint Lead Poisoning Debacle?

According to the EPA Lapses at all levels of government made the Flint Lead Poisoning crisis worse. The EPA needed to act more quickly. Even though the medical, scientific, and technological problems of lead poisoning are clear, government, at all levels, are still slow, don’t act at all, and get caught in the ‘analysis-paralysis’ of ‘whom is responsible’ loop hoping the problem will go away. Recognizing Lead Poisoning for what it is, constitutes a failure at all levels of government, including Local, County, and State showing severe management gaps and weaknesses. Canton Plymouth Mettetal 2018 1d2 Lead Poisoning appears to be just like the Flint Lead Poisoning Debacle all over again.

After the Flint Lead Poisoning debacle the EPA must strengthen lead poisoning oversight.“EPA needs to learn from Flint and this report,” said Mona Hanna-Attisha, the Flint pediatrician whose research in late 2015 first documented dangerously high lead levels in children’s blood. “All of the EPA lead standards are grossly inadequate and need to be updated to respect the science of ‘no safe level’ of lead exposure. Only then will we as a nation be able to fully protect the potential of our children from this preventable neurotoxin.”

Mona Hanna-Attisha (Hurley) (MSU) (MSU) (html) (html) (html) (html), who is director of pediatric residency at Hurley Children’s Hospital, is leading a group of experts including pediatricians, epidemiologists, developmental specialists, toxicologists, educators, geographers and county and state health officials. She went further to state “We cannot sit back and wait 20 years to see the consequences of lead poisoning in our schools and in our criminal justice system.”

Virginia Tech engineering professor Marc Edwards, a national authority whose Lead tests exposed the extent of Flint’s lead poisoning, told The Washington Post (2016, 2018): “People have realized they’ve been lied to, and EPA knew about this, and the state knew about this. What you really have as it spun out of control is a total loss of trust in government, which failed [residents] miserably. They don’t believe a word that anyone tells them.” Wow, this is starting to sound really familiar . . .

Marc Edwards surely knows and understands the importance of truth-seeking for scientists and engineers first hand. Professor Marc Edwards has received the Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award, and been honored as Virginia Tech’s University Distinguished Professor, additionally the EPA has provided a $1.9 million grant to  research lead poisoning where residents are struggling to get help from their governments.

Sadly, new accounting figures from July 2018 show the State of Michigan has spent nearly $25 million on attorneys handling cases involving the Flint lead crisis. Some of this money could have been better spent to protect  the Health, Safety, and Welfare of babies, young children, students, families, nursing & pregnant mothers, retired & elderly at the many local assisted care living & rehabilitation facilities from Lead Poisoning by aircraft & helicopters using 100LL Leaded Aviation Fuel at Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip & Helicopter MRO MI79.

Official EPA Reports Regarding Flint Lead Poisoning Debacle

The official EPA reports are available here:

EPA OIG finds management weaknesses delayed response to Flint water crisis
Recommends strengthening Safe Drinking Water Act oversight, revising Lead and Copper rule, July 19, 2018

Report: Management Weaknesses Delayed Response to Flint Water Crisis | EPA’s Office of Inspector General | US EPA

Management Weaknesses Delayed Response to Flint Water Crisis, Report at a Glance (pdf) (1 pg, 50 K)

Management Weaknesses Delayed Response to Flint Water Crisis, Report at a Glance, Full Report (pdf) (74 pp, 1 MB)

Environmental Health Perspectives A Decade Old

Environmental Health Perspectives (ISSN 1552-9924 and ISSN-L 0091-6765) is a monthly open access journal published with support from the National Institute of Environmental Health SciencesNational Institutes of HealthU.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

As previously mentioned, Lead Poisoning from leaded 100LL aviation fuel is common knowledge and is well known in the aviation industry for over a decade! Here are two from many examples worth noting, one from 2011 and another 2008, a full decade ago!

-1- Research | Environmental Health Perspectives | Vol. 119, No. 10, A Geospatial Analysis of the Effects of Aviation Gasoline on Childhood Blood Lead Levels (pdf), First Published:13 July 2011, that notes:

  • Blood lead screening data were available for 125,197 children in the study counties, including 13,478 children living within 2,000 m of an airport.
  • The analysis indicates that living within 1,000 m of an airport where leaded aviation fuel 100LL is used has a significant effect on blood lead levels in children.
  • The results further suggest that the impacts of avgas are highest among those children living closest to the airport.
  • NOTE: keep in mind the CDC has since eliminated the term “blood lead level of concern” used in this report and declared there is NO safe level of lead in children’s blood, as would be found within 2,000 m of an airport like Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip.

-2- Review | Environmental Health Perspectives | Vol. 116, No. 10, Lead Exposures in U.S. Children, 2008: Implications for Prevention (pdf), First Published:19 May 2008, that notes:

  • Not all sources of lead are listed in the U.S. EPA TRI. Some sources of lead poisoning such as Propeller aircraft using aviation gasoline (avgas) are [conveniently] exempt from reporting, fell below reporting quantities, or choose not to report; nonetheless, they can contaminate surrounding communities. For example, at one airport where many airplanes used avgas, average and maximum air lead levels were 0.030 and 0.302 μg/m3, respectively, versus background levels of 0.007 and 0.018 μg/m3 (Environment Canada 2000). Another study showed that even at an airport with few planes using avgas, air lead levels were higher downwind than upwind (Illinois Environmental Protection Agency 2002).
  • Lead binds tightly to soils, and eight decades of leaded gasoline combustion and past industrial emissions have left a legacy entrained in soil.
  • NOTE: keep in mind the CDC has since eliminated the term “blood lead level of concern” used in this report and declared there is NO safe level of lead in children’s blood.

Current Updates On Childhood Lead Poisoning

The Effect of Leaded Aviation Gasonline [sp] on Blood Lead in Children (html) (pdf) by Associate Professor Shawn P. McElmurry (html), Wayne State University (WSU), Detroit, Michigan et al. First published in August 2014 right in the middle of the Flint Lead Poisoning crisis / debacle as it was unfolding. It certainly makes anyone wonder WHAT did then Governor Snyder, and now MDOT and MDHHS know and WHEN did they know it. Many in the community believe that this looks like part of the same or perhaps yet another attempted Lead Poisoning related coverup. As they say, when something walks like a duck, quacks like duck, and looks like a duck, it probably IS a duck. It is so surprising that highly respected Michigan based research results and reporting using official BLL data from over 1 million Michigan children (!) supplied by the State of Michigan would go unnoticed by so many for so long. Unfortunately, only the Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (MIAG) or maybe the Michigan Auditor General Doug Ringler (MAG) have the power and access required to really uncover the truth! This is way beyond our pay grade!

An updated version was published in the Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (home): Vol 4, No 2, April 11, 2017 (html) (https://doi.org/10.1086/691686).

To address an EPA request for more evidence, the authors constructed a novel dataset that links time and spatially referenced Blood Lead Level (BLL) data from 1,043,391 children to hundreds of nearby airports in Michigan, as well as a subset of airports with detailed data on the volume of piston-engine aircraft traffic. The Michigan Department of Community Health, Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Project [State of Michigan]  provided the blood Tetraethyl Lead data used in this study, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars  Program (home) provided financial support. Additional Michigan Lead Poisoning Prevention resources [WayneCounty] [WayneCounty] [Oakland County] [Washtenaw County] [Detroit] [Detroit] [Detroit] [Ingham County].

The evidence shows that Piston Engine Aircraft (PEA) (including helicopter) traffic imposes a substantially higher burden on children within 2 km of an airport, as compared to children living beyond 2 km of an airport. More precisely, the likelihood of a child’s BLL exceeding 5 μg/dL for a standard deviation in PEA traffic is higher for children residing <2km relative to children residing >2km from an airport. Additionally, damages from [exposure to Tetraethyl Lead and other chemicals] were calculated to be at least $10 per gallon, which can be compared to a pump price [at the time] of about $6 per gallon. BTW: 2 kilometers is over 6500 feet, this amounts to a moderate walk for ~20 minutes in any direction. Additionally, NOTE: that the CDC now states that there is NO safe BLL for Tetraethyl Lead in children, period!

An article in Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Volume 18, Issue 3, September 2017, Pages 181-192, An Update on Childhood Lead Poisoning (pdf), found that:

  • Children’s exposure to sources of lead contamination, including leaded 100LL aviation fuel (avgas) continues to be an important public health concern.
  • Lead has no biological role in the body, and any detectable lead level is abnormal.
  • There is indisputable scientific evidence that blood lead levels (BLL) below 10 µg/dL are associated with adverse effects in infants and children.
  • Each lead-exposed child costs an estimated $5600 in medical and special educational services.
  • Lead exposure-related cognitive impairments cost an estimated $50.9 billion annually in lost US economic productivity.
  • Studies of children with higher BLLs have consistently demonstrated lower IQ scores, more language difficulties, learning disorders, attention problems, and behavioral issues.

The American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Environmental Health, July 2016, VOLUME 138 / ISSUE 1, article Prevention of Childhood Lead Toxicity [PubMed] (pdf) found that:

  • Primary prevention should be the focus of policy on childhood lead toxicity.
  • Low-level lead exposure, even at blood lead concentrations below 5 μg/dL (50 ppb), is a causal risk factor for diminished intellectual and academic abilities, higher rates of neurobehavioral disorders such as hyperactivity and attention deficits, and lower birth weight in children.
  • No effective treatments ameliorate the permanent developmental effects of lead toxicity.
  • Still, in some communities, such as those surrounding airports, airborne lead is an important source of lead exposure. Airborne lead is ingested primarily after it settles in house dust and soil where children play. Current sources of airborne lead include piston engine aircraft . . .
  • The contributions of airborne lead to children’s blood lead concentrations are proportionately greater at the lower levels of exposure than at higher levels.

The Journal of the American Medical Association, March 28, 2017, Vol 317, No. 12, Pages 1191-1286, article by Reuben A, Caspi A, Belsky DW, et al., Association of Childhood Blood Lead Levels With Cognitive Function and Socioeconomic Status at Age 38 Years and With IQ Change and Socioeconomic Mobility Between Childhood and Adulthood, (pdf) JAMA. 2017;317(12): 1244–1251. (doi: 10.1001/jama.2017.1712) [PubMed][JAMA][NCBI] found that the devastating effects of childhood lead exposure could last a lifetime.

What makes this study stand out, however, is that children were found to experience long term harm after even modest levels of exposure. The conclusion was that childhood lead exposure was associated with lower cognitive function and socioeconomic status at age 38 years and with declines in IQ and downward social mobility. As the entire world seems to realize, the medical, scientific, and technological problems of lead poisoning are clear, childhood lead exposure, no matter how small, may certainly have long-term ramifications that are not obvious and observed immediately.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) [LinkedIn][twitter][Wikipedia] is a peer-reviewed medical journal published 48 times a year by the American Medical Association (AMA) [twitter][Wikipedia]. It publishes original research, reviews, and editorials covering all aspects of the biomedical sciences.

Plymouth Canton Community Schools (PCCS), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Tetraethyl Lead (TEL) Poisoning Cause & Effect

Even the most simplistic “Cause and Effect” relationship of Tetraethyl Lead (TEL) Poisoning of vulnerable populations and its connection to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is often overlooked and sometimes it even appears to be ignored [purposely] by Local, County, and State officials. This is even in light of the massive volume of accumulated medical and scientific evidence.

For instance it should be noted how the Alarming Increase in Autistic Students Creates Challenges for School Districts as reported in [HomeTownLife]. Locally, this means the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools (PCCS) District faces a staggering 47% increase in the number of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) students enrolled in the PCCS School District since 2010.

NOTE: Representative Matt Koleszar is hosting an Education Town Hall to provide an opportunity for parents and students to learn about legislative issues impacting our neighborhood schools.
When: Monday, Sept. 23, from 6:30 to 8 p.m.
Where: Eriksson Elementary, 1275 N. Haggerty Road in Canton (google map).

State Representative Matt Koleszar with Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha

State Representative Matt Koleszar with Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, whose research exposed the Flint Water Debacle

Of course, the following abbreviated list represents just a tiny sampling and NOT an official or thorough survey of the tidal wave of accumulated medical and scientific evidence linking Tetraethyl Lead (TEL) Poisoning to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD):

  • Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Lead Poisoning: Diagnostic Challenges and Management Complexities (html). Hauptman, M., Stierman, B., & Woolf, A. D. (2019). Clinical Pediatrics58(6), 605–612.  [PubMed html]. https://doi.org/10.1177/0009922819839237.
  • Baby Teeth Link Autism and Heavy Metals (html) 2017, NIH study suggests | National Institutes of Health (NIH).
    • Fetal and Postnatal Metal Dysregulation in Autism (html) (pdf) 2017 | Nature Communications.
  • Long-Lasting Effects of Childhood Lead Poisoning (html) 2017 – Consumer Reports.
  • Environmental Chemical Exposures and Neurodevelopmental Impairments In Children – Bellinger – Pediatric Medicine (html) (pdf) doi: 10.21037/pm.2018.11.03, Bellinger DC. Pediatr Med 2018;1:9.
  • Blood Lead Concentrations and Children’s Behavioral and Emotional Problems: A Cohort Study | Anxiety Disorders | JAMA Pediatrics | JAMA Network  (html) (pdfJAMA Pediatr. 2014;168(8):737-745. doi:10.1001/jamapediatrics.2014.332, Journal American Medical Association (JAMA) (PubMed html) (PubMed pdf).
  • Childhood Lead Exposure and Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms: A Meta- Analysis, 2018, Walden University ScholarWorks, Walden Dissertations and Doctoral Studies Collection (html) (pdf)
  • The Association between Lead and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Systematic Review, 2019, (html) (pdf) (PubMed html) (PubMed html) (PubMed pdf).
  • Screening for Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Children: A Systematic Review for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force – PubMed – NCBI  (PubMed html). Evidence Synthesis Number 174. Prepared for: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality https://www.ahrq.gov. (PubMed html) (PubMed pdf) AHRQ Publication No. 18-05245-EF-1 April 2019.
  • Screening for Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Pregnant Women: A Systematic Review for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force – PubMed – NCBI  (PubMed html). Evidence Synthesis Number 175, Prepared for: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality https://www.ahrq.gov. (PubMed html) (PubMed pdf) AHRQ Publication No. 18-05245-EF-2 April 2019.
  • Children and ADHD: What you need to know| MIBluesPerspectives (html). Michigan Blue Cross & Blue Shield, April 1, 2019. Despite extensive research, any exact cause(s) of ADHD is still inconclusive. However, evidence strongly suggests links to genetics and environmental factors such as lead poisoning. The latest Health of America Report (pdf) from Blue Cross Blue Shield has more data (xlsx) on ADHD and its growing impact on children and adolescents. Read the full report here, that presents statistics that everyone in Michigan should be concerned about.
  • Early Childhood Lead Exposure and Academic Achievement: Evidence from Detroit Public Schools, 2008–2010 (PubMed html) (PubMed pdf).
  • Lead (Pb) Toxicity: What Are the Physiologic Effects of Lead Exposure? (html) (pdf) | Center for Disease Control (CDC), Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) – Environmental Medicine & Environmental Health Education – Case Studies in Environmental Medicine (CSEM).
  • Lead poisoning – Symptoms and causes – Mayo Clinic (html). Lead poisoning occurs when lead builds up in the body, often over months or years. Even small amounts of lead can cause serious health problems. Children younger than 6 years are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning, which can severely affect mental and physical development.

It seems that when you put Tetraethyl Lead on pregnant women, babies, and school children, or any vulnerable populations for that matter, this is what happens. What are these people thinking? Tetraethyl Lead doesn’t disappear or go away by itself, right “Captain Obvious”?

Dayna Polehanki, Matt Koleszar, Melissa Daub

Labor Day Parade with State Senator Dayna Polehanki, State Representative Matt Koleszar, Wayne County Commissioner Melissa Daub

See more references on page “1 million Michigan Child BLLs Show MDOT Lead Poisoning Coverup” for further evidence directly linking Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Tetraethyl Lead (TEL) Poisoning.

When anyone sees the overwhelming mountain of medical and scientific evidence, it appears the only conclusion is that MDOT’s main purpose & sole mission is to promote & protect the MDOT Flying Club Special Interest & Industry Lobbyist Clique and NOT Michigan’s vulnerable populations, go figure.

Tetraethyl Lead (TEL) and Ethylene Dibromide (EDB) Used in 100LL Aviation Fuel, PFASs and Dioxane Are All Endocrine Disruptor Compounds (EDC) Extensively Used in Aviation Related Activities.

Tetraethyl Lead (TEL) and Ethylene Dibromide (EDB) used in 100LL Aviation Fuel and Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) and Dioxane are all Endocrine Disruptor Compounds (EDC) used extensively in Aviation related activities.

A research report by the Swiss Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and communications DETEC, Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA, Aviation Policy and Strategy Environmental Affairs, titled “Aircraft Piston Engine Emissions Summary” (pdf) brings up another dirty little aviation secret that is all but ignored, obscured, and most likely hidden on purpose.

Leaded 100LL aviation fuel contains a similar amount of ethylene dibromide (EDB), usually a 1:1 ratio, e.g. 2.12 grams of Ethyl Bromide are combined with 2.12 grams of Tetraethyl Lead AKA Pb(C2H5)4 (CAS # 78-00-2) per gallon of aviation fuel. Ethyl Bromide AKA Bromoethane AKA  CH3CH2Br (CAS # 74-96-4) is used to remove (scavenge) lead deposits from the combustion parts of the engine. Otherwise spark plugs can be destroyed and deposits on valves can obstruct their proper operation. Ethyl Bromide, or the scavenger, is an environmentally harmful substance, believed to be carcinogenic, is an EDC and contributes to stratospheric ozone depletion (EPA EDB Hazard Summary 106-93-4) (EDB was banned under International Rotterdam Convention) (IRC home).

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDCs), and heavy metals in amniotic fluid: a case-control study (09 January 2019) | Molecular Autism | (html) (pdf) Existing studies of autism suggest that prenatal metal exposure may be related to autism. Exposure to Pb (Lead) during neurodevelopment has significant effects on neurobehavioral and intellectual performance, also resulting in attention, hyperactivity, and learning disorders. Lead poisoning has been suggested as a possible risk factor for autism, as Pb (Lead) blood levels of autistic children have been reported to be significantly higher than those of healthy children. Previous studies have shown that perinatal exposure to Mn, Pb (Lead), and Cd from air pollution increased ASD risk. In this study, the authors observed that As and Pb (Lead) levels in AF tend to be positively associated with ASD risk, suggesting the possible role of prenatal exposure to toxic metals in the ASD development.

The study summarized that environmental endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), such as PFAS, some metals (including Lead), and their biological activities can be detected in amniotic fluid, indicating that EDCs can cross the placenta and increase the potential fetal exposure to these environment contaminants. EDCs might modify ASD risk by influencing the hormone receptor function.

Early Life Exposure to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Childhood Obesity and Neurodevelopment, 2016 Nov 18, (html) (pdf). EDCs may increase the risk of childhood neurodevelopmental disorders by interfering with early life thyroid hormone signaling or metabolism. Thyroid hormones play a critical role in neuronal migration, synaptogenesis, and myelination during gestation and childhood. Even clinically non-significant variations in maternal thyroxine or thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) levels during pregnancy are associated with reduced cognitive abilities, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms, and increased autism risk.

A couple of key points of several noted:

  • Endocrine disrupting chemicals may increase the risk of childhood neurodevelopmental disorders or obesity by disrupting hormonally-mediated processes during critical periods of development.
  • The developing fetus, infant, and child may have enhanced sensitivity to environmental stressors like EDCs and greater exposure to some EDCs because of developmentally appropriate behavior, anatomy, and physiology.

Of course, the following abbreviated list represents just a tiny sampling and NOT an official or thorough survey of the tidal wave of accumulated medical and scientific evidence:

  • Higher lead in topsoil boosts probability of cognitive difficulties in five-year-old boys, (MedicalExpress), April 10, 2019
  • Pregnant Moms’ Air Pollution Exposure May Affect Babies’ Health | The Scientist Magazine® (html), Sep 23, 2019
  • Call to Action on Neurotoxin Exposure in Pregnant Women and Children | Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders | JAMA | JAMA Network | (html)
  • The Emerging Clinical Neuroscience of Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Review | Autism Spectrum Disorders | JAMA Psychiatry | JAMA Network | (html)
  • U.S. Air Quality Was Improving. Now It’s Getting Worse, and data shows more people are dying (PBS) (APNews) (Bloomberg) (WashingtonPost)
  • PFAS Chemicals: EDCs Contaminating Our Water and Food Supply | Endocrine Society (html)
  • Experts warn PFAS endocrine-disrupting chemicals may drive obesity, osteoporosis (html)
  • A restatement of the natural science evidence based on the effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals on wildlife | Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences (html) (pdf)
  • Clinical Epigenetics | Home page (html)
    • Pollution and epigenetics (html)
  • Air pollution-induced placental alterations: an interplay of oxidative stress, epigenetics, and the aging phenotype? | Clinical Epigenetics | (html) (pdf)
  • Ethylene Dibromide (EDB) – EveryCRSReport.com, (html) (pdf) Ethylene Dibromide (EDB) IP0280E, Congressional Research Service, The Library of Congress, 01-31-1985!
  • Dirty Dozen Endocrine Disruptors | EWG (html)
  • What is Endocrine Disruption? | Endocrine Disruption | US EPA (html)
  • Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals EDCs | Hormone Health Network (html)
    • Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals | Hormone Health Network (html)
  • WHO | Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) (html)
  • The Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids Michigan claims ‘water is safe,’ but won’t say where – Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. This seems to be typical Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), behavior, e.g. avoiding, obscuring, and even hiding the truth from taxpayers when confronted (html)
  • Endocrine Disruptors (pdf), National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
  • Endocrine Disruptors: from Scientific Evidence to Human Health Protection, March 2019 (pdf) This research paper was requested by the European Parliament’s Committee on Petitions and commissioned, overseen and published by the Policy Department for Citizen’s Rights and Constitutional Affairs.
  • Critical Windows of Development Timeline — The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (html)
  • Home — The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (html)
  • PFAS Update 2019: Emerging Contaminants – What’s New, And What’s Next?
    By Stephanie R. Feingold Drew Cleary Jordan, April 24, 2019 (pdf), states that many different Theories of Liability Being Pursued: Public Nuisance and Private Nuisance, Trespass, negligence, Abnormally Dangerous/Ultra Hazardous Activities, Failure to Warn, Claims for both Property Damage and Personal Injury/Medical Monitoring, and possibly Fraud and or State Statutory Consumer Protection Statutes & Other State Codified Analogs of Common Law Claims.

Important 2020 Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) updates:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) | Autism (html) | National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD) |Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • 2020 Community Report on Autism (html) (pdf) | Autism | NCBDDD | CDC
  • Key Findings: CDC Releases First Estimates of the Number of Adults Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the United States (html) | Autism | NCBDDD | CDC
  • National and State Estimates of Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (html) | SpringerLink
  • Autism (html) | HHS.gov
  • NIMH » Autism Spectrum Disorder (html)
  • CDC Releases New Prevalence Rates of People with Autism Spectrum Disorder (html) – Autism Society
  • U.S. Autism Rates Up 10 Percent in New CDC Report (html) – 2020 – News Releases – News – Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School Public Health
  • CDC estimate on autism prevalence increases by nearly 10 percent, to 1 in 54 children in the U.S. (html) | Autism Speaks
  • NIMH » Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Please check back for updates.

Why Isn’t the State of Michigan Stopping the Lead Poisoning of PCCS Schools & Canton Plymouth Community from a Completely Unneeded State Owned Hobby, Sport, Recreational Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 Airstrip?

Wow MDOT non-sense has been going on almost 3 Years, since demanding our State of Michigan Elected Officials and  Departments (#1 April 2017 & #2 September 2017 , #3 January 2019 to Governor Whitmer, #4 April 2019, more emails to be published soon) protect the Health, Safety, and Welfare of babies, young children, students, families, nursing & pregnant mothers, retired & elderly at the many local assisted care living & rehabilitation facilities from Lead Poisoning by aircraft & helicopters using 100LL Leaded Aviation Fuel at Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip & Helicopter MRO MI79.

Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip is still “Open for Business As Usual” for over two years. When is the State of Michigan going to take action to protect our vulnerable populations from MDOT Lead Poisoning?

There is NO end in sight and NO protection of the Health, Safety, and Welfare of PCCS Schools, Canton, Plymouth, and surrounding neighborhoods, and the community at large, including babies, young children, students, families, nursing & pregnant mothers, retired & elderly at the many local assisted care living & rehabilitation facilities!

See  UPDATE: May 2019 – PCCS Schools Still Being Covered with 1d2 Lead Dust for details

NOTE: Million $ Personal Helicopters, Staudacher S600F Professional Stunt Planes, Cirrus SR-22s starting at $539,000+, owners with multiple airplanes, it’s all about money and Special Interests & Industry Lobbyist influence enabled by MDOT – The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) at a State of Michigan (SoM) owned Hobby, Sport, Recreational Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip located in densely populated Canton & Plymouth neighborhoods & PCCS Schools at the expense of the Health, Safety, and Welfare (MDHSS) of the most vulnerable populations subjected to a continuous stream of Lead Poisoning. MDOT– the Michigan Department of Transportation, a State of Michigan Department that prioritizes their Hobby, Sport, Recreational activities while ignoring Community Health, Safety, and Welfare is not only unethical and shameful, it’s just plain disgusting, Michigan deserves better!

The unethical, greedy, self-centered, MDOT, Special Interest, and Industry Lobbyist actions are unfair to FAA budgets and cheat the other 25,000 airports all across the country that have legitimate budget requests and really require positive funding & support in their respective communities. Additionally, MDOT, Special Interests, Industry Lobbyists, and individual aircraft owners and pilots at Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 have betrayed the public trust, and have damaged the reputation and integrity of the Aviation, Aerospace, & Defense community at large with past & continued hostile, immature, selfish behaviors with total disregard of schools, neighborhoods, & community. A very sad waste of taxpayer hard earned dollars!

MDOT officials should be held accountable for the obvious, well known, common knowledge of foreseeable lead poisoning personal injury, property damage, and cleanup costs just as a Federal Judge reinstates previous Michigan Governor Rick Snyder as defendant as new evidence was presented that show many believe ‘He covered it up‘ as the Flint Lead Poisoning Debacle lawsuit proceeds. This new move now puts his personal wealth at risk.

It does not matter where the toxic lead comes from, Ann Arbor Public Schools are monitoring high lead levels in an effort to protect students, the Ann Arbor School System realizes that lead is toxic even at low levels of 5 parts per billion, why isn’t PCCS Schools and Plymouth & Canton monitoring for toxic lead to protect our students too regardless of where the lead originates? Ann Arbor school officials have immediately laid out a response plan for lead in schools.

Shortly after announcing the initial plan the Ann Arbor School System is quickly and wisely increasing the response to any child lead exposure levels. Most recently, the city of Ann Arbor has agreed to release information under Michigan’s FOIA law about past and present lead component locations that may require additional replacements due to potential lead contamination concerns. Ann Arbor is trying to stay ahead of the curve re water testing and filtering.

The demands for Community Protection under law are reasonable, & simple really:

  • Taxpayers demand protection of our schools & community from lead poisoning
  • Non-flying Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to pay for several dozen well to do pilots to use Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 Airstrip as excess capacity exists more appropriately elsewhere all while taxpayers are forced to pay for Roads with a 20 year millage increase! This is after Canton Township siphoned $10 million from the township’s general fund — money that could have been better spent — to complement cash-strapped Wayne County, which has jurisdiction over township roads, but lacks the money to fix the problem. Michigan DOT spends $154 per capita vs Pennsylvania spend of $530 per capita which costs Michigan residents $865 vs $377 per capita nationally!

2020: Time for NEW Canton Township Leadership, & Flush Three More Stooges!

2020 is the time for Knowledgeable, Responsible, and Accountable Canton Township Leadership from someone like Ann Marie Graham-Hudak [Canton] [Canton] [Crains] [Crains] [PlymouthVoice] [Ford Facebook]. Canton Township needs a respected Leader that will stand up for our Community and actively promote and protect the Health, Safety, and Welfare of our most vulnerable populations including many nearby school children, babies, adolescents, families, nursing & pregnant mothers, retired & elderly at the many local assisted care living & rehabilitation facilities from Lead Poisoning from Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel used at Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip!

  • Anne Marie for Canton Supervisor – Home (html) | Facebook.
  • Anne Marie Graham-Hudak For Canton Township Supervisor (html). Moving Canton Township, Michigan Forward – We can choose to protect our natural beauty, manage infrastructure and growth, and attract the jobs of tomorrow; but, not if we keep doing what we’ve always done. It’s time for a change! Vote Anne Marie Graham-Hudak For Canton Township Supervisor!
  • Home | MovingCantonForward (html).

2020 is also the time to flush three more stooges, clowns, and blowhards not to mention self-proclaimed Lead Poisoning experts: Pat Williams [Canton] [Canton], Michael Siegrist [Canton], and John Anthony [Canton]! The Community cannot afford to let these three almost comedic bozos to continue to schlep around and drag our community and its community health and reputation down with their combined and continued efforts to knowingly remaining silent (acquiesce) adding to sum of the Community Health Malpractice & Negligence.

Collectively, taxpayers, and the Plymouth Canton Community School System (PCCS) can thank all three of you for your combined and continued efforts to knowingly remaining silent (acquiesce) adding to the “Community Health Malpractice & Negligence” for failing to do anything to protect the Health, Safety, and Welfare of babies, young children, Plymouth Canton Community School System (PCCS) students, families, nursing and pregnant mothers, retired and elderly at the many local assisted care living and rehabilitation facilities, our most vulnerable populations, from toxic effects of lead pollution from 100LL aviation fuel used by aircraft, and helicopters at Plymouth-Canton Mettetal 1d2 airstrip.

Larry, Moe & Curly, er I mean Pat, Michael & John thank you, thank you very little for doing absolutely nothing to avoid a Leaded 100LL Aviation Fuel Lead poisoning coverup, SEE: 1 million Michigan Child BLLs Show MDOT Lead Poisoning Coverup.

There has not been a peep from Kurt “Beavis” Heise. Why doesn’t the leader of Plymouth Township take a stand especially in an election year to protect the local communities and schools from Tetraethyl Lead poisoning? BTW: so, if Heise is “Beavis”, guess what? That means that you know who is “Butt-Head right? Yup, it’s Pat “Butt-Head” Williams. Their most recent conversation was overheard discussing the upcoming 2020 election:

Beavis (Kurt): Heh, heh, heh…
Butt-Head (Pat): Uh-huh-huh, uh-huh-huh…

Around the Canton Township Michigan Offices, the so-called Canton Township Clerk Michael A. Siegrist is known as “Shoes”. Many people ask why would anybody be referred to simply as just “Shoes”. The answer is actually quite trivial, almost obvious, mundane in fact:

It seems as Pat “Butt-Head” Williams, the current Canton Township Supervisor, quickly scurries [define] or schleps [define] around the township hall offices, Siegrist is seen following so close behind that if Williams abruptly stops too quickly, all that you see are the “Shoes” sticking out! Thus the moniker [define] “Shoes” was realized and applies to this day, true visual artistry! A couple of Clowns looking for any needy Carnival Sideshow [define] that will have them! Good luck with that! More Canton & Plymouth Follies.

None of could in good conscience vote for “Shoes”, so we all voted for a “write in candidate” that we described on the ballot as “Any PCCS Fifth Grader”!

  • Lawsuit against Canton police claims traffic stop, arrests unlawful, April 3, 2020 (html) | Home Town Life.
  • Public safety director sues Canton Township Michigan over pension pay (html) | Home Town Life.
  • Canton Township Michigan, public safety director part ways after lawsuit (html) | Home Town Life.
  • Canton Township Michigan in no hurry to fill vacant public safety director position. Yeah right, there’s no money left! (html) | Home Town Life.
  • Lawsuit: Canton complex evicted tenants in addiction recovery program (html) | Home Town Life.
  • Judge rules Canton tree ordinance unconstitutional in court case, July 20, 2020 (html) | Home Town Life.
  • Canton Township brothers’ businesses are focus of “Trees” lawsuit, June 18, 2019 (html) | Joshi, attorneys + counselors.
  • Township’s Tree-Cutting Ban Violates Landowners’ Rights, May 1, 2020 (html)  – Michigan Capitol Confidential. Judge calls it an ‘unconstitutional regulatory taking’. The requirement is so onerous that the cost of complying with it could exceed the value of the property itself and is not justified by its alleged contribution to the township’s quality of life.
  • $25 million lawsuit filed against Canton Township (html) | Home Town Life. Legal fees for two lawsuits filed against Canton to be paid from police and fire funds. Thank you again Pat Williams!
  • Charges Dropped Against 10-Year-Old Playing Dodgeball (html) | Canton, MI Patch. A Canton boy was in legal trouble after a game of dodgeball gone wrong, but his mother said the victim’s medical condition is to blame.
  • Police called after campaign staffer videos man taking election signs (html) | Home Town Life. Pat Williams said that several of his campaign’s yard signs placed with permission on private property have been swiped, along with larger, more-expensive six-foot banners. “All I want is for my private property to be returned,” Pat Williams said. “I’m not going to press charges.” “Considering that radical leftists want to destroy America’s history, censor opposing views on social media, and shout down any form of debate, stealing yards signs seems par for the course,” said Whittney Williams. “With half-baked ideas such as defunding the police and the green new deal, it’s no wonder why the left would rather silence their opposition instead of allowing voters to make informed decisions.”
  • Union Democrat (radical leftist) Caught Stealing Pat Williams Yard Signs On-Camera (html) – YouTube.
  • About Pat “Butt-Head” Williams | Elect Pat Williams for Canton Township, MI Stupidvisor 2016 (html) | WOW! What a historical Mistake!
  • Pat “Butt-Head” Williams, Canton Township, MI Stupidvisor – Home | Facebook.
  • Elect Pat “Butt-Head” Williams for Canton Township, MI Stupidvisor 2020 NOT! (html).
  • Meet several candidates running for Canton Township trustee.  Primary Election 2020: Canton Township Board of Trustees democrats, July 27, 2020 (html) | Home Town Life. Primary election 2020: Plymouth Township Trustees republicans, July 28, 2020 (html) | Home Town Life.
  • Parent sponsored graduation party at Plymouth Canton campus raises concerns (html) | Fox2 Detroit. “I don’t think we’re ready to go back to school or have a lot of events either” at Plymouth Canton Community Schools (PCCS).
  • Slows food truck canceled in Canton due to possible COVID case, July 30, 2020 (html) | Home Town Life.
  • Kurt “Hissy Fit” Heise For Plymouth Township, MI Stupidvisor (html). Kurt “Hissy Fit” Heise for Plymouth Township, MI Stupidvisor – Home (html) | Facebook.
  • Fostering local Plymouth Michigan Area government collaboration & team work, it appears that Beavis & Butt-Head have friends:
    • Kurt “Hissy Fit” Heise Meltdown: Plymouth Township, MI Stupidvisor tells Citizens to “STOP using Facebook” (html) – YouTube 525 views.
    • Plymouth Michigan mayor, manager apologize after accused of lying to DDA board (html) | HomeTown Life.
    • Incorrect statements prompt apology from Plymouth Michigan city manager, mayor (html) – Plymouth Voice.
    • Time’s up Mr. City Manager (html) – Plymouth Voice.
    • Conzelman And Starr Are A Bad Fit for Plymouth Township, July 18, 2020 (html) | Plymouth, MI Patch. A very interesting thing is happening in the Plymouth Township election for the Board of Trustees. It seems that a group of extremely left leaning people have suddenly decided that they want to take over Plymouth Township government. The Plymouth Township Clerk decided that the comments of township taxpayers shouldn’t be reflected in the minutes of the Board of Trustees meetings. Canton Township Clerk Michael Seigrist does the exact same thing. We are all believers in transparency, so let’s be transparent. See Canton Township Refuses (Williams & Seigrist) to Publish “Public Comment” Regarding Lead Poisoning Info (html).

Stay tuned for more on the Adventures of Beavis & Butthead as they Do Plymouth-Canton Community & Schools . . .

Take Action to Protect PCCS Schools & Canton Plymouth Community from Lead Poisoning from State Owned Hobby, Sport, Recreational 1d2 Canton Plymouth Mettetal Airstrip

The only way to protect the community from lead poisoning from 100LL leaded aviation fuel is to demand the shutdown of:

State of Michigan Owned
Hobby, Sport, Recreational only
Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip
CANTON, MI 48187
Private Executive Heliport,
Helicopter Sales/Demo Office, &
Industrial Helicopter MRO MI79
CANTON, MI 48187


The community must make as many calls, send as many emails as you can, to as many recipients on the Contacts page as possible to demand closure of the State of Michigan Owned Hobby, Sport, Recreational Canton Plymouth Mettetal 1d2 airstrip and Private Executive Heliport, Helicopter Sales/Demo Office, & Industrial Helicopter MRO MI79, only then will our Elected Officials and State of Michigan departments react!

While financial considerations are secondary to protecting Health, Safety, & Welfare of vulnerable populations, there is a also mandatory requirement to reorganize MDOT to remove the stranglehold of the MDOT bureaucracy on infrastructure essential to the Future of Michigan and place control back in the hands of Taxpayers and their elected officials!

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOTBureaucracy, as with all public servants, must abide by the highest standards of the State of Michigan (SoM) set forth by Governor Whitmer [PressRelease] [html] [pdf] [Ethics] and be held accountable for knowingly remaining silent (acquiesce) while contributing to the sum of Community Health, Safety, & Welfare negligence & malpractice, financial waste, misuse of taxpayer funds and the consequences of public funding abuse (html)!

See Lead Poisoning page for more detailed supporting information.
See UPDATE: April May – PCCS Schools Still Being Covered with 1d2 Lead Dust for additional supporting information.

Lead Poisoning of Canton Plymouth Community Continues Unabated!

It’s time to take back our community! All across the country people are realizing that old airstrips like 1d2 Canton-Plymouth Mettetal that start out in a rural area and are now embedded in densely populated neighborhoods are a thing of the past. The eventual closure of 1d2 is just a matter of time based on many factors affecting the community.

1d2 Canton-Plymouth Mettetal is a serious community health concern as a major source of  highly toxic lead pollution, is unsafe and very dangerous, a hostile, unfriendly environment to anyone outside of the 1d2 clique, was never required or needed, is still not and never has been economically viable, is a huge tax burden, and is a real, concrete  deterrent to education, business, and technology progress & development locally.

1d2 is a complete duplication of three very close, much better equipped, and more appropriate airport/runway facilities. 1d2 is a complete frivolous waste of taxpayers hard earned time and money! 1d2 has been a focal point of continual dissension since the ’70s. Now is the time to take action and #DT1D2A “Drain the 1d2 Airstrip” and as a community come to our senses and finally close 1D2 once and for all!

1d2 is strictly a personal hobby, recreational, sport venue airstrip, there are no other jobs other than third party management company jobs minimally cleaning the 1d2 facilities, lawn cutting, and snow plowing. There is no economically viable business that is dependent on this location. 1d2 has no local relevance, has no regional relevance, and has never been considered critical infrastructure to anyone except MDOT employees.

1d2 is a 25 year old State of Michigan owned dilapidated, worn out, failed experiment on “taxpayer life support” and taxpayers are sick and tired of paying for the convenience of several dozen hangar renters, and a couple minor business concerns headquartered in other communities taking advantage of taxpayers via State and Federal handouts. There is NO tangible or demonstrable reason to the majority (99.97%) of the taxpayers in local communities, surrounding counties, or of the entire State of Michigan, that they can see to pay for 1d2 to be there at all!

There are 22 airports within 50 miles of 1d2 that receive 51.4% of the total MDOT/FAA NPIAS 2017-2021 budget for the entire State of Michigan. This amounts to $365,600,480.00 out of $714,881,838.00. With rapidly decreasing personal pilot/aircraft numbers and shrinking demographics, the surrounding 22 airports can easily absorb any and all activities from 1d2.

Not surprisingly, 1D2 is operated by a third party management company that does NOT appear to be beholden, accountable, or controllable by the State of Michigan, MDOT, or the FAA.

But, firstly, the major challenge is to help the most vulnerable and defenseless, our children. We need to protect & defend them from the devastating effects and impact from continuous toxic lead poisoning right here in our own backyard at 1d2. This is described in detail in the section on lead poisoning via piston engine aircraft using 100LL leaded gasoline at 1d2. BTW this includes piston engine helicopters, which are without question some of the largest toxic lead emitters based on their highly inefficient operation and huge fuel consumption.

Secondly, the additional major goals of this web site to close 1d2 are to:

  • Share – knowledge, information, and skills regarding contacts, laws, regulations, processes, procedures, gleaned from the collective experience of everyone of our volunteers, stakeholders, and the community so everyone can be accurately informed, completely up to date, and learn how, where, and who to report 1d2 complaints and problems to. Lets all get on the same page!
  • Unite – all stakeholders, including families, neighborhood homeowner associations (HOAs), schools, the ACLU of Michigan, universities, colleges, churches, hospitals, government agencies,  businesses, and all interested parties that want to save the larger community from continued 1d2 lead poisoning  and prolonged damage.
  •  Protect & Defend – our children, families, and the community, whether it’s Canton, Plymouth, or the whole tri-county area, including Westland, Northville, Novi, Livonia, and surrounding areasWe are all ONE community in unity against 1d2 lead poisoning!
  • Gather –  all feedback and pay it forward. Especially from people that have complained repeatedly over the years and have not heard or seen any consistent visible or tangible results or that have been subjected to 1d2 arrogance, hostility, harassment, or discrimination, whether in person, in the skies above our homes, or online. 1d2 complaints have been completely ignored, discarded, never recorded anywhere, and reported to no one so no historical records exist. Everyone we talk to feels  that there is a lot of relevant feedback just waiting out there.  Up to now nobody could find a suitable responsible party, or more accurately anywhere to report complaints to. Please help or contribute anyway that you can as this effort requires as much  community feedback and participation as possible to finish the job at hand!
  • Promote – a healthier, safer, community and properly utilize the full 63 acres of property at 1d2  for the mutual benefit of everyone not just commercial and special interests and a privileged few. Let’s use everyone’s time and efforts to convert the 1d2 nightmare into something useful for all to generate high tech jobs, tax revenues, and a new vibrant community “green space” together as a community family and team.
  • Donate – please volunteer any time and/or donate resources via Paypal to support a joint community effort to close 1d2 that will make a real impact for our children. While the costs are low, there are still costs nonetheless. All donations over and beyond the actual costs plus a small operating reserve will be provided to Canton Township to support student scholarships, provide assistance for battered and abused women via National Domestic Violence HOTLINE, help service members via the USO, or help fund the Yankee Air Museum (Yes! we are proud as some of our fathers helped build Willow Run!) as the Township Supervisor sees fit. Thank you so much to everyone for the generous donations that have helped thus far, it is greatly appreciated!

Also available at:

http://closemettetal.org describes mettetal airport at 8550 North Lilley Road, Canton Michigan, 48187

keywords and local features impacted by lead poisoning and safety issues at “1d2”: the recognized “airport code” for 1d2 Canton-Plymouth Mettetal airport in Canton Township, Michigan, and Plymouth, Michigan is “1d2” and will used throughout the web site for brevity. PCCS is abbreviation for Plymouth Canton Community Schools. June 18, 2017, annual father’s day pancake breakfast fly-in at 1d2 canton-plymouth mettetal airport, regarding lead poisoning, lead exposure, Tonquish Creek, flying Lessons, Mettetal Airport History, Mettetal Airport Open House, Willow Creek, Shuart Drain, Sheldon Road Wetlands, Huron-Clinton Metroparks, Lower River Rouge Recreational Trail, Morton Taylor Mountain Bike Trail, Lower River Rouge Trailhead, Environmental Toxicity, environmental disaster, Canton Township, Michigan Trail System Overview, airport near canton mi, flying club, airwave, aero, landing at canton-plymouth mettetal (1d2), aviation, 8550 North Lilley Road, Canton Michigan, 48187, Airport & FBO info, parking info, drone no-fly zone, aircraft charter, photos, weather, MDOT, Michigan Department of Transportation, helicopter charter. 26th Annual Canton Township Michigan Liberty Fest at Heritage Park, Thursday June 15 thru Saturday June 17, 2017, behind the Canton Administration Building and the Canton Public Library, just west of Canton Center Road between Cherry Hill and Summit Parkway, 46000 Summit Parkway Canton, MI 48188. Wetlands environmental impact, Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast at Mettetal Airport in Canton, Plymouth – Canton-Plymouth Mettetal Airport fun place to fly, Mettetal airport flying lessons, flight school, flight instruction, Plymouth Canton Mettetal airport. University of Michigan Mcity, American Center for Mobility at Willow Run, focus on autonomous vehicle technology and other high technology companies. Plymouth Michigan art in the park, Old Village Restaurant Crawl, a Taste of Plymouth, Friday Night Music in the Park, historic Plymouth’s main street, Kellogg Park, Kellogg Fountain, city of Plymouth Michigan 150th birthday, 150th anniversary, Plymouth Community Band, Plymouth Downtown Development Authority, Plymouth Historical Museum, Plymouth-based Michigan Philharmonic orchestra, Kiwanis Club, the Plymouth Historical Museum, the Penn Theatre, Penn Theater, Plymouth Recreation & Arts Complex, the Plymouth DDA, the city of Plymouth Michigan, the Plymouth Community Chamber of Commerce, the Plymouth District Library and the Old Village Association,  http://www.plymouthmich.org or http://www.downtownplymouth.org, Mayflower condominium, historic Plymouth, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha. Plymouth 150th Anniversary Celebration with a Fourth of July parade and an ice cream social, annual ice festival, Daisy Air Rifle factory. Michigan’s second largest art fair, Canton “grub crawl”. Plymouth Old Village Restaurant Crawl, Annual Plymouth Fall Festival, Mettetal Airport picnic. The Starkweather Lofts, situated between the city’s historic Old Village area and Hines Park. Plymouth International Ice Sculpture Festival.  Plymouth Ice Festival – Plymouth Rocks! – Plymouth Michigan – Presented by the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce – Great things to do in Plymouth Michigan – http://www.plymouthmich.org/Plymouth-Ice-Festival_ET908S34.html. An experimental “flying car” aircraft crashed on Friday during a test run at Willow Run (YIP) Airport, injuring the male pilot and prompting an FAA investigation Friday December 16, 2018. The Experimental Amateur Built (E-AB) N112SD flying car was built at Canton Plymouth Mettetal (1d2) airport, the FAA is investigating further. The experimental flying car unexpectedly goes airborne, and crashes at Willow Run. Somehow, the plane took flight and then crashed. The owner/pilot was the only person on the aircraft. He was taken to the University of Michigan Hospital by paramedics. City of Plymouth Wins 4-Star Rating for Economic Development. Shopping Near Me | You’ll Find it on Ford Rd in Canton MI https://www.shopcanton.org/, Concours d’Elegance 2019 coming to Plymouth Township, Michigan.